Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Got a sweet tooth? Then how about being a Pastry chef

A JobsDB Special Report on Pastry Chefs

The Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) has recently been emphasizing on the need for workers to upgrade their skills. The importance of skills upgrading is because –
Employers are looking for workers with the right skills. Many job opportunities are skills based.Skills advancement is important to stay employable. Learning a new skill can help to advance one’s career.

One such WSQ certified training provider in the dynamic Food & Beverage industry is Baking Industry Training Centre (BITC), Singapore - Asia’s premier baking academy. We chat with Mr Fabian Doh, principal of BITC, about the job prospects for a pastry chef.

"For those who are willing to work hard and are passionate about being a pastry chef, there are abundant opportunities to succeed. In fact, I believe in the 3 Ds – Dedication, Determination and Discipline. The hospitality industry is always steady and growing each year, and so is the demand for pastry chefs.
One can choose to work in hotels, cafes, resorts, cruise ships – all really exciting and pleasant working environments. Furthermore, being a pastry chef is a skill that enables you to work anywhere in the world. For those who wish to set up their own business, being a pastry chef provides the perfect platform to do so."
- Fabian

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