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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Safe Career Switches = Proposal 3 Singapore’s business is to help job seekers with their concerns -- which is why we braved the hostile waters and pushed through with our safe career switches project. We’re now on the third.

From Marcomms/Industrial Relations/Sales to Media & Advertising

The industry of Media & Advertising is relatively young but it's one of the stablest industries in the country. If you are from the industries of Marcomms, Industrial Relations, and Sales, chances of you succeeding after transferring to Media & Advertising are very high. Srikanth Ramachandran, Director of @Life, a popular digital outdoor media company, tells JobsDB Singapoore that sales professionals who know how to sell new media, content crafters with experience on writing advertising content, IT trained operations specialists, and strategical technologists are the ones most likely to meet success in this promising industry.

Why it is safe to reset your career in the Media & Advertising industry...

Media & Advertising industry has a very broad source of profit. That's what makes it very stable. Referring to his company's clientele, Ramachandran tells us, “Our wide and diverse clientele includes many established retailers, restaurants, and also advertisers. We have also worked with clients from different industries such as tourism, entertainment, sports, government and many more”. Of course, other Advertising companies have as much clients as @Life.

We’ll be posting more proposals soon. As usual, stay tuned.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Industry Profile: Marine

The Marine industry is as "wide" as F&B when it comes to offering of jobs. Contrary to common notion, this industry doesn't just employ sea travel junkies -- it's also open to electricians and engineers that specialize in ships. If you're a fan of ships and would want to earn your money in the company of ships, well, do we even need to mention here that the marine industry is where you belong? The marine industry is also home to engineering professionals who have the passion to improve the field of sea transport.

Just how exciting it is to be working in the marine industry? Singapore once featured Sembcorp Marine, the leading marine and offshore engineering group in Singapore, for Industry Focus. We found out a lot of interesting things about this industry when we did this interview. A Project Engineer, Kelving Kang joined Jurong Shipyard, a subsidiary of Sembcorp Marine in 2007. When we asked him what attracted him to join the marine industry, he replied quite happily: "I enjoy engineering and have always been fascinated with the way things work. In the marine and offshore industry, you work with mega-machines and structures. The rigs, jack-ups, and Floating Production Storage and Offloading(FPSO) , are engineering marvels and I knew it would be extremely challenging and rewarding to work in such an industry. "

Ang Joo Hock joined Sembawang Shipyard, another subsidiary of Sembcorp Marine, in 2001. Like Kelvin, he went on to lead his career with Sembcorp because of his interest with mega-machines and ships. When he asked him what inspired him to join Sembawang, he told us: "I have always been interested in and fascinated by engineering. Ships, rigs and offshore platforms are like floating factories with specialized functions. It is also a place where people work and live in."

Marine jobs? We have lots of those in our database. Visit us @ to look for a marine career opportunities.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Career Success Strategy

They say that the fastest way from "A" to "B" is a straight line. While this has been proven to be the most effective strategy to remedy most situations, when it comes to achieving career success, it's not the right to take, unfortunately. Why is that? Simple reason: there would be no inviting prospects in the future, if there had been no effort on career development. In today's corporate environment, the rate at which you update yourself must be equal or at least close enough to the growing needs of your company. In other words, an outdated list of qualifications and skills won't lead you to anything pretty in the future.

We bet you're asking how, now. You have lots of options, actually. Skills trainings and career workshops are constantly being offered here and there -- why don't you start frequenting such events? Singapore is always offering career development solutions to those who are looking to update their resumes --it has two career advancement arms:

Career Events has many tailor-made training courses and programmes to help you develop yourself professionally and achieve optimum career success. JobsDB Career Events only features industry experts to give you the best training and knowledge.

Stress and Wellness Management is the latest seminar offering of Career Events. If you're interested to know more about this seminar, please see our Jan 25 post or go to Career Events' website.
is the management training and development arm of Established in 2002, has acquired a reputation of presenting the best international and locally thought leaders and stellar speakers in their respective fields of specialty.

Training Categories
SPUR Funded Courses
- WSQ Service Excellence
- WSQ Singapore Employability skills system
- WSQ Human Resource

Microsoft Office 2003 Courses
Microsoft Office 2007 Courses
Management & Leadership
Customer Relations
Sales & Marketing
Communication Skills
Personal Development
Finance has 11 seminars scheduled for the month February. For more information, visit now.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Report Writing Essentials

Today's corporate world screams competition. Most of the time, you'll need to present your ideas in a form of a report in order to make them heard. We know that writing reports isn't easy and so we bring to you this:'s Report Writing Essentials with Jolynn Chow will teach you tips on how to put together an effective report.

This program aims at helping participants to:

  • Appreciate the various functions of reports and how they should be approached.
  • Reduce writing time and improve the quality of your finished reports.
  • Make your report relevant and persuasive by stating a clear purpose.
  • Craft a report that meets your reader's needs without excessive or unnecessary details.
  • Inspire your reader to action by selecting the most effective and persuasive approach.
  • Determine the most effective style by understanding your target audience.
  • Use appropriate report-writing language and common language conventions.
  • Lead your reader effectively through your report by creating logical flow in your writing.
  • Maximise the visual elements to make your report reader-friendly and more interesting.
  • Learn the common conventions in using and referring to visuals in your report.

The workshop will be tackling ways to plan reports, tips to energise your writing style and the secrets to making reports visually attractive. Jolynn Chow has over 25 years of operational experience in many industries -- she really knows her stuff.

For more information, please contact Lynn at 6861 1000 or email to

Report Writing Essentials -- Producing reports that are clear and create an impact

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stress and Wellness Management

Stressed out? Then do something! Stress is really bad because it can damage your career prospects. There are many ways in which you can minimize stress, after all. One effective way to minimize stress is by being organized. This one doesn't even come with a price.

Managing is a key to handle stress. "The ultimate goal is a balanced life, with time for work, relationships, relaxation and fun", according to Career and Management Coach Sandra Sandu-Reeves.

Stress and Wellness Management from Career Events will help you to understand stress, its common causes and how to deal with it. It will follow an experiential approach in teaching stress management techniques and so, attending will be worth it. "Participants will practise hands-on exercise and techniques on how to relieve, relax and reduce stress. On top of the exercises, participants will also learn how to increase body wellness by improving nutrition intake and thinking in the right manner." The workshop will be tackling the following:

  • What causes stress?
  • Effects of stress
  • Ten stress busting techniques
  • Relaxation breathing
  • Energy flow release
  • Practice self massage techniques
  • Stress management strategy just right for you
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Correct nutrition
  • SMILE, be healthy and happy

For more information, please call Pei Yan or Linc at 6861 1000 or email us at

Stress and Wellness Management

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Monday, January 25, 2010

For Many Children in Singapore, Family Comes First

Normally, we would expect kids to answer tales of fantasies when asked questions involving their future. Anyway, it's a societal stereotype that kids are more interested in "the birds and the bees" than bites of reality. What's surprising here is that a survey of children conducted by Adecco Singapore, a popular recruiter in Singapore, revealed a result that's exactly the opposite of this "norm" all of us grew up with. We adults don't understand what our children are cooking inside their minds, after all. Said survey had a result that most Singapore children (93% percent of the children surveyed), aged 7-14, actually thinks that in life, family comes first.

The complete report of the survey, which is posted in JobsDB Singapore's website, revealed that the most moving answers came from the question, “What is more important – to make lots of money or to spend time with your family?” The website listed down the following answers as the top 4:

  1. Without our family, we are nothing
  2. My family cares for me and loves me. Money has no heart
  3. Money is not important to me. I am happy as long as I have my family with me
  4. Family comes first

The survey also made it clear that our children give their futures a heavy thought, contrary to common notion. The most popular career choices of Singapore's youth, according to the survey, were becoming a Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher and joining the Singapore Police Force.

According to the survey, many children also wanted to help others to maintain a safe Singapore if they were fortunate enough to become the Prime Minister. The website listed these answers:

  • Upgrade computers in schools
  • Ensure that everyone has a job
  • Find more ways to reduce global warming
  • Use my money to help those in need

Expect Singapore to keep on posting relevant articles like this for the days to come.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Advice For HR Practitioners: Preparing For The Upturn

HR Practitioners need to focus on two key areas in order for them to be able to seize all the benefits of the upcoming economic upturn, according to Mark Lim, Web Editor of Singapore in his HRM Asia article.

1: Building of talent pool
"It’s important to ensure that you are able to get access to the best talent for the right jobs in your company", Mark says. According to him, the best ways to build up talent pool are Networking (e.g. attending industry conferences), Online Networking (via sites like LinkedIn and Facebook), and Keeping contact details of past job applicants.

2: Streamlining of hiring processes
"In these competitive times, it’s crucial for companies to get the best value for every advertising dollar that HR spends on job advertisements", Mark says. This is why using online recruitment portals, like, is very advantageous -- not only do they offer cost-effective solutions but also provide wide job ad coverage.

JobsDB Singapore

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Friday, January 22, 2010 SG is hiring! Singapore is currently looking for talented individuals to add to its dynamic family. We are currently in need of Sales Executives and a Web Designer/Web Master.

For the Sales Executive position, we are looking for individuals that have a passion to do things on the internet and basic IT skills. It will be great if you have at least a Diploma. We are comfortable if you have several years of working experiences but without the necessary education qualification. Candidates with minimum 'O' Level with no experience may also apply as on-the-job training will be provided.

For the Web Designer position, candidates must have the following qualifications:
  • Minimum Diploma in Computer Science, Information Systems or equivalent
  • At least 1 year of relevant working experience will be preferred
  • Knowledge in CSS, HTML, DHTML, FTP Clients
  • Knowledge in design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver
  • Knowledge in web development such as Javascripts, ASP, .NET, XML, ActionScripts
  • Experience/Knowledge in SEO, Analytics
  • Able to work independently and in a team
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills and good interpersonal skills
  • Must have portfolio in your CV

For more information about these openings, please proceed here.

Interested candidates are expected to e-mail their detailed resume with enclosed photograph, stating current salary to

JobsDB Singapore
Singapore's finest resource for jobs Career Expo 2010 is Now Accepting Exhibitors

Singapore's only paperless career and education exhibition is back! Career Expo 2010 is now open for exhibitors. Open to both corporate and education institutions, Career Expo 2010 is designed to help you tap thousands of competitive jobseekers in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

For corporate instutions, Career Expo 2010 is a great opportunity to speed up hiring. It will be a gathering place of top-caliber candidates.

For education providers, Career Expo 2010 is a prime event that will lead you to jobseekers who are looking to upgrade their qualifications. The expo will be your guidepost to a large pool of interested candidates.

Why participate?
Two things: It's a great opportunity to gain exposure and joining is a sure-win investment. Career Expo 2010 will be an excellent stage to present your brand to a large audience. The event's designed to be more than just a regular career exhibition. It will allow you to do all sorts of marketing campaigns. You will be given maximum exposure to jobseekers even before the career expo starts. What's more, the expo's strategies have been successful for two years in a row. The expo has a more than impressive track record to boast for.

How to apply?
Simply go to the expo's main website and fill-in the Exhibitor Registration form. If you have questions, contact the organizers @ 68861 1000 or email to Career Expo 2010 will be on March 26-28 2010, from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Venue will be Suntec Singapore, Halls 602 & 603, Level 6.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Banking Career Advice from a DBS Professional

One of the largest banks in Asia, DBS is the dream workplace of many Banking & Finance Services professionals in the country. JobsDB Singapore's business is to provide jobseekers with the resources they need for their careers; we interviewed a DBS professional to give you an overview on how things go at this bank. In said interview, Pearlyn Phau, the current managing director of DBS treasures, described the working environment at DBS and she also shared tips on how to ace a DBS job.

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, she replied, "My role allows me to understand market trends and its impact on our customers’ financial well-being. The ability to then craft solutions for our customers and at the same time, meet corporate objectives is most challenging and rewarding."

If you are currently looking for a Banking and Finance job or will be graduating this year with a degree in said field, this interview will surely help you with your career plans. DBS jobs and Pearlyn's complete interview are available @

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Steps in Career Transition (You Need to Read This if You're Nearing Graduation)

Scheduled to graduate this year? Take it easy! This year's fresh graduates are actually quite lucky. Because the economy has already shown signs of improvement, Singapore is pretty sure that "supply exceeds demand" is not the theme of this year's employment drama, which means job hunting may be a little more easier compared to last year. We're posting this article, nonetheless, because we want you to make your transition as spotless smooth as possible. A typical transition is somewhat predictable in the process of job hunting, says William S. Frank from The Career Advisor. We've decided to post here his steps for your reference.

William listed down 11 transitional steps:

1) Graduation (or job loss for non-fresh grads)
2) Focus
This will be the time that you'll be thinking about which field to work in. The best thing to do while at this step is to read career resources and ask for help from experts.
3) Resume
In order to get a job, you'll need to compile your qualifications in a piece of paper. We've always said that resume writing is critical and so we want you to continue reading career resources while at this step.
4) Cover Letters
You'll need to write letters to respond to want ads. During this time, you'll need to be patient.
5) Networking
No matter how good you are, you'll need to call contacts to increase your chances of getting job offers faster.
6) Job Search
7) Interviewing
One advice: take interviews seriously.
8) Disappointment
Patience, our friend, is a virtue.
9) Job Offer
10) Salary Negotiations
If you are presented a chance, then do negotiate. It's for your own good.
11) New Beginnings
Send your thank-you's to everyone who've helped.

William has his own notes for each step. You might want to read them too. The full article is available @

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Safe Career Switches = Proposal 2

Our economy’s still regenerating – it’s still not safe to make daring career moves. But we decided to push through with our safe career switches project anyhow, and here’s our second proposal.

From Any Industry to Retail
The thing with the Retail Industry is, it’s open to all specializations. You don't have to be a holder of “this” or a graduate of “that” to succeed in it. Director of Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS), Lee Tong Nge, shares with Singapore, "One main distinguishing factor that separates the Retail Industry from others is that it’s very open and accessible to everyone from all walks of life. Meaning, you could previously be working as a PMET (Professional, Manager, Engineer and Technician) in a different industry, or even a housewife who aspires to return to the workforce, and there will be job opportunities that are available for you." What does the Retail Industry need from you then? It’s passion, our friend. Nge emphasizes that what's important in this industry is your attitude. Marie-Louise Jacobsen, Managing Director of Retail Management Solutions (RMS) explains the point further, "[the retail industry] can offer a fast track-career for anyone that has creative flair, strong awareness of fashion and lifestyle trends as well as natural interpersonal and team-work skills for starters." If you are keen to learn new skills and have a positive attitude, success will come to you easily in retail.

Why it is safe to reset your career in the retail industry

First, the Retail Industry doesn't ask for educational distinctions or awards. Meaning, you can start your career in this industry right away, no need to further your studies or attend seminars. Second is, this industry isn't seasonal -- it will always be there no matter the economic climate. Jacobsen points out, "The retail industry is ALWAYS looking for fresh new talent who are creative, innovative, hard working and passionate about their work." Take note the emphasis on the word "Always".

We’ll be posting more… stay tuned.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Think You Deserve A Pay Increase? Read This.

Many people are afraid to ask for a pay increase when there's really nothing wrong with doing it. If you are unsatisfied with your current pay rate and believe that you deserve to earn more, don't hesitate to discuss the matters with your boss. Trust us, you won't make your boss think lowly of you if you do it PROPERLY and LOGICALLY. In what ways can you make your negotiations proper and logical, you ask? Adecco, a popular recruiter in Singapore, shares these pay negotiation tips to Singapore.

-Research to know your REAL worth. We don't want you to take your current salary as your baseline of what to ask. Find out how much people in the same profession as you are earning.

-Take advantage of counter-offers. You might want to consider being open about your job offers from other companies with your current company, but don't bluff. "You might be surprised with the counter offer that they come back with", says Adecco.

-Remain flexible. Be willing to accept a small increase. "Accepting a smaller increase could also include a guaranteed bonus or other forms of compensations that would boost the final number", says Adecco.

Simply put,

The key is to present a logical argument as to why you deserve a pay raise. And of course, to have a firm standing that backs up your compelling reasons for the request.

To get more tips to ask for a pay increase, please visit our Career Advice section.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

JobsDB Singapore's Interview Tips

We posted our first resume writing article December last year. That's one month ago; this article has been on queue for so long! Anyway, what does Singapore has to say to job seekers with interview queries?

Think this: getting interview invites means that you did your resume quite impressively. You deserve kudos for that; however, you've just passed the first stage of the employment drama. All your efforts in polishing your resume will come to waste if you mess up during your interviews. Interviews are where you'll finally be able to tell your potential employers those small details about you that didn't earn a place in your resume but could do wonders. You have to take interviews seriously too, as such affairs are where you can sell yourself more, it goes without saying. But, how? You will find yourself rid of uncertainties and worries by dealing with your interviews in three steps…

Before the interview
Preparation is very crucial. "If you want to make a good impression, preparation is necessary", says Kelly Services. Your homework is to find as much information as you can about the employer who called you. Doing so will give the interviewer the impression that you're really interested to devote your strengths and skills for the company.

You have to dress to impress -- plan what you're going to wear. "Avoid clothing that is ill-fitting, revealing, casual or unprofessional", reminds Kelly Services. Ask for tips from others you know in that profession. If you don't know anybody that can give you a cue, go for safe clothing. Smart casual will do.

Get a folder where you can put your resume, certificates, and other important documents in file. Doing so will get you to present them at ease.

Be prepared mentally. Although nervousness comes naturally after receiving an invite for interview, you can at least lessen your mental stress by researching tips to ace interviews on the internet. This will help you imagine positive scenarios and see yourself doing well at the interview. "Visualise yourself succeeding at the interview and being happy with how you performed", says Kelly Services.

Timing is important. Have an early night, if you have a morning interview. If yours is scheduled on the afternoon, avoid doing anything stressing 2 hours before the interview so you can be relaxed.

During the interview
Be nice to everyone and act professional. Do not touch anything in the interviewer's office, for instance. You must watch your body language as well -- for example, crossing your arms will give the impression of impatience. Also be prepared to wait. "Some employers may make you wait on purpose to see how you react to those around you and if you get impatient", Kelly Services tells us.

During the Q&A, remember to reply clearly and concisely and be honest. Do not be afraid to sell yourself!

Contrary to common notion, asking questions actually gives a good impression. "If an interviewer asks you at the end of the interview if you have any questions – always reply Yes!”, says Neen, a Global Productivity Expert. Ask questions about the company and what it does.

After the interview
Be aware of your space to avoid getting lost. "It is difficult when you are in a new space but learn to orientate yourself to the environment quickly so that you do not look 'blur' or lost", says Kelly Services. Also, don't forget to send a thank-you note. "Use the thank you note to reiterate your interest and to emphasise your specific qualifications for the position", Louise Giordano, a career counselor at Brown University tell us.

Put these suggestions into practice for your next interviews. Hopefully, these will help make them as smooth-flowing as possible.

For more interview tips, please see our Career Advice section.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Resume Writing Tips from JobsDB SG (because one article is not enough...)

In the resume editing article we posted one month ago, we said that errors in resume could leave lots of damage to one's career prospects. "Your resume is your personal sales tool for success in business", according to Adecco, a popular recruiter in Singapore. A troubled resume wouldn't get you the attention from employers that you desire as a job seeker, of course. That's why in said article, we insisted that job seekers must take resume writing as a serious affair.

Resume writing is so critical that there is not a single career help website online that doesn't have resume writing tips in its features. Singapore just recently uploaded an article about resume writing from Adecco, in fact. In this article, Adecco gave basic tips to prevent errors from striking your resume; consider yourself lucky as we've decided to outline it for you here.

When it comes to font

- use a font size that is no smaller than 10pt to avoid having your reader strain his eyes
- forget about fanciful fonts as they waste space
- consistency. use the same font throughout your resume to give it a professional look

when it comes to content
- pick action words that are results-oriented. this will give your reader the impression that you are hardworking and very eager to get the job
- highlight your competence and accomplishments to add more spice to your resume
- include only relevant information. the employer wants to hear about your working abilities not your hobbies or interests.

But above all else, Adecco emphasized the importance of (Re)reading. Don't rush into sending your resume -- gothrough your resume several times after you have finished writing it.

You can read the articole @ You can also learn more resume tricks and tips in our career guide's resume writing section.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For Non-Singaporeans Looking to Work in Singapore...

To be able to reach as much job seekers needing help as possible, Singapore decided to make its presence felt on some of the most popular social media sites in the country. Indeed, having accounts on facebook, friendster, tagged, among others, helped the site to expand its network to unspeakable bounds. Singapore's business is to provide job seekers with the resources they need -- through said sites, we are able to connect to job hunters from other countries as well. Our many past interactions with non-Singaporeans looking to work in Singapore pushed us to create this post.

If you are a non-Singaporean looking to work in the stable lands of Singapore, you are very much welcome to look for openings in Singapore jobs sites just like our site,; however, it's be best for you to read about the work environment and employment regulations in the country first. Having this knowledge will definitely smoothen the flow of your employment process. No matter what type of a worker you are, you will need to secure a work permit, for instance. The Ministry of Manpower's official website lists down five types of work passes:

1. Employment Pass -- for foreign professionals
2. Work Permit (Foreign Worker) -- for unskilled or semi-skilled foreign workers
3. Work Permit (Foreign Domestic Worker) -- for foreign workers who wish to work in Singapore households
4. S Pass -- for mid-level skilles workers such as technicians
5. Personalised Employment Pass - Singapore EPs are tied to employers. If an EP holder leaves his company, for instance, his EP is cancelled and must leave the country immediately. In contrast, a PEP holder is able to remain in Singapore for up to six months after unemployment to evaluate new employment opportunities.

For more details about Singapore Work Passes, please visit The Ministry of Manpower's website.

We also advice you to familiarize yourself with the environment in Singapore before exploring the Singapore job market. Contact Singapore offers tons of facts about Singapore.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Success Skills for Secretaries and Support Staff

It takes many years of experience to achieve success as a secretary. You need to acquire many essential skills in order to become the perfect "support" employee to a boss figure. If you are planning to lead your career to this field of work, you have to attend secretarial courses just like this one from to function well for the job.

Success Skills for Secretaries and Support Staff with Shirley Taylor, author of 6 successful books on communication skills, will teach those who want to be indispensable support staff members how to handle the demands of the job. It will be tackling the basics of being a secretary, secrets to time management and, how to become a good communicator.

The fact that Shirley puts a lot of passion and energy into her workshops makes this event even more exciting to attend. Sign up today.

For more information, please call Lynn at 68611000 or email us at

Success Skills for Secretaries and Support Staff
Essential skills to increase your effectiveness, efficiency and enjoyment at work

JobsDB Singapore

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Safe Career Switches | Proposal 1

At times like these, switching jobs can be chancy. While the global economy is unstable, making a crucial career move like choosing to look for a new job in another industry brings about many risks. However, if you really need to switch to another field to save your career, there are safe options that you can consider. Keep it safe, follow Singapore's proposals.

From school to one of 2010's most promising industries

We know that as a fresh graduate you’re free to do as you please when it comes to career, but now isn't a good time for taking chances.

November last year, we listed down 2010's most promising industries and these are Audit & Accountancy, Administrative, Information Technology, Banking & Finance, and Engineering. If you'll be graduating this year, we advice you to focus your job search on these industries to escape trouble. Companies will do everything to witness the next economic upturn (the government has already sent reports that the economy is on its way to stability); in response to that, they will need additional help. Of course, you're free to check on other industries too, but if you want to be sure that you're leading your career to the right direction, it's best to follow our advice. You're about to start your career at a time when companies are regenerating, might as well make your entrance grand.

We’ll be posting more proposals, so please stay tuned.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Marketing and Communications Singapore profiles one of the biggest industries in the country...

Marcomms is an exciting field to work in. It's one that won't dry all the fun out of your bones, but still can teach you skills that you can use in your future career endeavors. There are many types of marketing jobs but all of them are guaranteed to give you happiness while working. Even though the tasks in this industry are challenging in general, you'll find yourself enjoying every minute at work. "I get a strong sense of achievement when a satisfied customer thanks us for a job well done and that we have been able to successfully meet their expectations", says Leroy Low an Event Planner in Singapore Expo.

Of course, there are also challenges in the industry of Marcomms, but well, these add up to the overall charm of this field. See the many rewarding Marcomms opportunities @


There is More to an Insurance Career than Selling Investment Products

Contrary to common notion, a career in the insurance industry is actually one that leads to exciting prospects. The career prospects for jobs in insurance can be considered to be bright, which means that successful insurance job seekers can look forward to a fairly fruitful work-life in the future. The thing with the insurance industry is that it'll not only teach you to become a sociable careerman but also hand you different sets of skills that you can use in your future career endeavors. This is because the industry's all about overcoming challenges. "You have to work hard and not be afraid to overcome challenges and rejections. It’s also important to have strength of mind to focus on achieving your goals", says Colin Ong, Chairman of Advisors’ Clique.

Insurance jobs also offer the flexibility of time, and yet not compromise on the pay. Consultants, for instance, are free to organize their working hours as long as they go by their quota. Gloria Ong, an NTUC Income Financial Consultant, tells us why she likes her job a lot, "being able to spend quality time with my family while also having a professional career gives me a great sense of satisfaction and achievement."

An insurance career is very fulfilling as well. It allows you to do social work from 9-5, 5 days a week, but with pay. Yee Siew Eng, Human Resources Director of Prudential Singapore tells JobsDB Singapore in an interview, "The beauty of this career is that you can really get tangible and intangible rewards that are limitless."

So, are you still hesitant to build your career in the insurance industry? We're pretty sure you'll completely get your mind rid of uncertainties once you see the many rewarding insurance opportunities @

JobsDB Singapore = Singapore's finest resource for Insurance vacancies and openings.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Work Etiquette Essentials

Going the extra mile in accomplishing your tasks is one great way to get your boss to notice you, but not enough to hand you success. In today's corporate world, using skills alone won't bring you to your dream position -- you have to negotiate your way to it. In business, you need charisma as well to "win".

If you want to know how to behave properly in business (to impress your boss), c/o Singapore has something in store for you these coming months of February and June.

Business Etiquette Essentials with Tina Altieri, popular television presenter, media trainer and communication coach, will teach you tools and techniques that will help you make a positive impact at work. "It will show you how you can be a shining example when it comes to representing your company, meeting clients from all over the world or improving your chances of promotion." Tina will tackle the following:

-business etiquette basics
-first impressions
-dressing for success
-common uncomfortable office issues
-business etiquette around the world
-entertaining etiquette
-how to properly communicate online
-moving forward professionally

For more information, please contact Lynn at 6861 1000 or email to

Business Etiquette Essentials -- Winning ways to improve your etiquette and put your best face forward every time

For jobs in Singapore visit
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some Office Problem-Makers and How to Beat Them

There is no way that office spaces can be freed from toxic elements. JobsDB Singapore regrets saying that offices will always be a breeding ground for anxieties and misunderstandings. According to studies, office bodies are generally more stressed compared to self-employed individuals and licensed professionals like lawyers and doctors. If you are an entrepreneur, you are your own boss and thus, you are free to do as you please, but if you earn your money through working in an office space, not only do you need to deal with lots of toxic people but also with issues that may not be related to your job functions but can destroy your career if not solved. How can you advance your career if you don't have a choice but to work in a dangerzone?

Problem-Maker No. 1: Office Cliques

If you are a part of a clique at work, take a moment to consider the consequences this could influence your career in the future. Being a member of an office clique won't do you any good as it limits you -- it stops you from advancing in your career. Christina Lee, Managing Consultant of DBM Singapore, tells JobsDB Singapore, "although you may believe you are forming strong relationships and creating future opportunities by being part of a clique, you should never confuse this with genuine networking."

So, how can you make your office free from cliques? Christina has lots of office clique busters but avoiding office gossip, we believe, gives the best result. Christina tells us, "avoid openly making private jokes in front of people that aren’t included in your fun and games. While there is nothing wrong in having jokes between colleagues, making it clear in front of others that they are being excluded is unfair and contributes to an unhappy office environment. Telling jokes about colleagues is never okay."

Problem-Maker No. 2: "Monday Blahs"

Everybody experiences "monday blahs". You may not know it, but if you find it hard to get out of bed on mondays, even though you really love your job, our friend, you have this problem. Experiencing "monday blahs" may not be as alarming as being stuck in an office clique but because it affects your performance at work, it's something that could influence badly your future career prospects. Beverly Beuermann-King of Work Smart Live Smarts, shares with JobsDB Singapore one effective tip to beat the monday blahs. She tells us that planning something enjoyable on monday can make wonders. "Plan your Monday tasks on Friday so that you can combat that swamped feeling", she shares, "re-organize yourself the night before you return to work."

Problem-Maker No. 3: Autopilot Syndrome
If you think that your work has become an endless task after another, you're likely suffering from autopilot syndrome. Jody Urquhart, author of "All Work & No SAY Takes the PASSION Away: Create a Passionate & Committed Workplace", shares with JobsDB Singapore, "many people are so caught up in getting things done that they lose sight of the purpose of their work and quickly get bored."

So how do you beat the autopilot syndrome? By challenging yourself more with regular tasks, Jody tells us. Give yourself challenge at work by doing your regular tasks much faster. She also advices people suffering from autopilot syndrome to reframe their perspective. "For example, a real-estate agent isn't just selling houses but helping clients build a better future", she adds.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Employment Grew 14,000 In Q3 09

Good news from The Ministry of Manpower!

MOM told JobsDB Singapore that employment grew 14,000 in Q3 of last year, offsetting losses in the preceding two quarters. Services industries with international exposure (e.g. Hotel & Restaurant, Retail, and Banking & Finance), added many jobs during said quarter, MOM pinpointed.

Learn more about the industries that added jobs in Q3 by reading the full report @

It's safe to conclude...

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