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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Ways of a "Tiger" to be a "Tiger" in a suit.

What's this popular saying about patience, again? Right, patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait -- that's what they always say. We in JobsDB Singapore don't have anything against this belief, but patience is not always the correct course of action for things, for us. Yes, patience is a good value, but this is the year of the metal tiger, remember? Patience is all about waiting on the sidelines; the tiger isn't like that.

This year is the time to take the extra mile -- we remember saying that to job seekers in one of our new year posts. We want regular employees to do the same thing. We're telling you in THIS post that we want YOU to hit the ground running for your career this year.

Most regular employees feel like they are stuck in the dark when task-less. Bosses don't give directives on a regular basis and during times of idleness, feelings of confusion and worry come to employees like rain during summer. This doesn't just communicate a sense of uselessness but is also a major waste of time. You could have acquired a new skill that time. Make a move to avoid getting those feelings. You want continuous career growth? You want things to do? Then, tell your boss those. You could request for a short meeting to tell him your concerns. Writing him an email with the things that you would like to happen is also a good action to take. Doing this is not being too pushy -- think that you're just giving suggestions.

You're not good at these kinds of things? Don't worry. As long as you communicate your goals politely, you'll be OK.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

"The Right Path"

Most universities these days organize career events for their graduating students. In this short commentary, JobsDB Singapore wants to give them kudos for doing such a great thing. Fresh graduates are the most "vulnerable" job hunters, really -- career workshops need to be organized in order to prepare them for the emotional backlogs and scams of job search. JobsDB SG appreciates that the country's educational institutions effort on giving students an overview of the things in store for them in the society and tips to survive the fierce battlefield that is our country's job market. However, there are some important points that our schools missed putting in their career-related courses.

But don't get us wrong. We're not trying to imply that the government should be alarmed because our schools are lacking things. Of course not. Really, this thing is so simple. We have to admit, it sounds silly for it to be discussed in a commentary like this one, actually. But we will discuss it anyway, for its cause. What most fresh grads do not do is make the right decision on what career to opt for and in what industry. The thing is, for a fresh graduate, "this" will decide the direction of his/her future career prospects.

A degree in science is equals to a life sciences job in the future? Not necessarily so. Today we have so many sciences and arts to master that no one can be sure of what exactly are they to serve as in our future as professionals. Just because you finished engineering, doesn't mean that the industry of engineering is the only field that can accept you as a professional. The industries of telecommunications, marine, broadcasting and even health all accept engineers, don't they?

So, what should fresh graduates do? To consider their interests and academic qualifications when picking industries. The best way for them is to go for a job for which they have a keen interest in and have aptitude for. If you will be graduating soon, paying visits to professionals in the fields you are considering during your free time can help a lot. You can also bookmark our blog. Once in a while, we feature profiles which provide brief descriptions of some of the industries we cater to.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Of Job Interviews and First Impressions

JobsDB Singapore's business is to help job seekers with their endeavors. That's why we don't just feature job openings and career workshops in this blog of ours. We also "make things up" for you. Last week's blog entries were about job hunting, right? Although writing those entries ate plenty of time, we had fun. And tbh, we kind of miss having fun that way, hence this short commentary.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

Sounds familiar? It's the most popular saying about first impressions. Today, we'll be talking about this concept. Why write about a cliche? Well, why not? Let JobsDB SG tell you, first impression is something that you shouldn't take for granted as a job seeker. It will play an important role in the success of your job hunting -- it will decide the result of your interviews, to be more exact. According to the basic principles of psychology, first impressions carry the most weight. Job interviews and first impression connect, right?

What do we always say regarding job interviews? To dress up properly-- that's one. What else? We also want you to practice speeches, right? If you are an avid follower of this blog, you should have already realized the importance of following these two by now. They're the keys to good first impression . That's the reason why we say them in our blog posts over and over again.

So, give all you've got to make a good first impression in your next interview. Remember to:

  • Dress to impress (yes, again)
  • Be on time for the appointment
  • Be patient. waiting is a part of job hunting
  • Smile
  • while being interviewed, be attentive. show the interviewer that you are a good listener
  • Make your answers as impressive as possible (that's why we want you to practice, right?)

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Industry Profile: Banking & Finance

Banking and finance openings have always been JobsDB SG's top jobs. Yes, ever since the site's humble establishment. It's quite understandable why. People bite good old "B & F" because banking jobs come with good compensation and such jobs offer a steady career growth which, as you know, is the key to achieve great career prospects. You could say that having a finance job is a dream come true and nobody would disagree -- after all, a job in bank is one that satisfies a person not only personally but also materially.

There are countless of entities that offer jobs under the industry of banking and finance -- that's another reason behind the industry's withstanding superiority in our database. National banks in Singapore are very competitive, FYI. They are giving international players great competition.

And now that the economy is on its way to stability, we are pretty sure that there will be more finance careers to be added in our database in the future. We have plenty of clients in said industry -- DBS and Standard Chartered are just two. Banking fresh graduates have a very bright future ahead of them, really.

Job seekers are free to explore many different functions in the industry of banks -- that's another plus about B&F. Some of the many job functions in this industry include Analyst, Corporate Finance, Trading, Investment, Loan, and Retail Banking.

Looking for banking career advice? We interviewed Mr Philip Lim, Managing Director & Head - DBS Franchise & DBS Strategy (Consumer Banking) for Industry Focus and here's what he shared to us: “Like any other job, you must have an interest in it in order to do well. So if you’re interested in a banking job, you should apply for it. One shouldn’t be scared of rejection for it is part and parcel of life. When you become a Customer Service Representative or a Relationship Manager, I’m sure that you’ll face plenty of rejections and complaints from your customers. Working in this industry will quicken your maturity. At the end of two years with us, I’m sure you’ll emerge as a better person.”

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Mind Mapping

What does it take to become a good top executive? CEOs are the same as us in most aspects (of course), but they are really good in a certain technique. What technique, you ask? Mind Mapping.

Learning how to mind map is a great way to improve your mental performance at work. How do you mind map? The technique is all about understanding the structure of a subject "piece by piece" and so, it can enhance your problem solving skills. The technique abandons the conventions of note taking as it shows the importance of individual points. It lets you understand the subject deeper and better. Knowing how to mind map will let you hold information in such a way that your mind finds easy to review.

Yes, mind mapping sounds complex but it's not hard to learn. Much like the case with other skills, you just need some good lecturing from an expert to learn it. Finding "this" expert won't be a problem. Well, is here. SG's training and development arm presents to you this mind mapping workshop with career expert Sandra Sandu-Reeves.

Here's how this seminar will go:
  1. Twelve Mind Mapping guidelines
  2. Mind Mapping do's and don'ts
  3. Multiple Mind Mapping Applications
  4. Mind Mapping Practice - Individual and group
  5. Understanding how the Brain Functions
  6. Visuals Links - Perceptual Thinking in Pictures
  7. Mind Maps for brainstorming, Problem Solving, Failure analysis, Trouble shooting, Event planning, SWOT analysis, Cause and Effect, Analysis and Big picture thinking.
  8. Evaluating Mind Maps
  9. Stimulating Creativity and Continuous Improvement at work

Managers from Sales and Customer Service, Marketing, Admin, Finance, and Engineering are advised to attend, but those who want to improve their career prospects are also welcome.

This is just one of the many LearningDB seminars in store this coming March, BTW. Get ahead of others when it comes to career, mark your calendars with this:

March 2010
» Raise your Game 2010
» Better Business English
» Business Finance for Non-financial Managers
» Emotional Intelligence at Work
» Mind Mapping at Work
» The Art of Collecting Debts Through the Telephone
» Effective Business Cashflow
» Speaking Without Fear
» Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

Mind Mapping at Work -- Optimise your thinking skills SG
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Tapping "Hidden" Jobs

Job seekers, listen. While SG is a great way to find job openings in Singapore, good opportunities can also be found outside its borders. When it comes to job hunting in Singapore, we are out of the question of course, but there are job sources that career entities like JobsDB SG just can't tame and as inclined as we are in helping job seekers land a job asap, we want you to check them out. To increase your chances of landing a rewarding job, it pays to use other resources as well aside from

The Singapore job market is tricky, really and exploring it can tire out even the most optimistic of minds. But despite how complex our country's employment plane is, ways to conquer it do exist. The theory that there are jobs in Singapore that are hiding from mass media is not just an arm chair theory and proper exposure and personal marketing are the keys to tapping these hidden career gems.

Networking and The Government

The truth is, most people get their jobs through contacts. Competition at job sites is really tough, and so frequenting networking events and career fairs is to your advantage. Network to get your dream job. You can improve your contacts list by doing that. The local chamber of commerce can point you to networking fairs. The upcoming JobsDB .com Career Expo 2010 can lead you to people who can help you out as well. It will be on March 26-28, FYI.

The government is a mine of "hidden" jobs. Government careers are largely unexplored -- for some reason, here in Singapore, preference is given to private employment. We want you to explore public service careers this time in your job search. Having a government job may not be as "elite" as being hired by a private company, but it is very rewarding. Better stability, good salary, fewer work hours, and superb employee benefits are just some of the many advantages of being a government employee.

But of course, do not stop exploring the Singapore jobs we have in our database. In fact, new jobs and opportunities has just been added to the following industries:

Marketing & Public Relations
Medical Services

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Something for Job Seekers with No Experience...

JobsDB SG Reality Bite: Singapore employers (well, most of them) have become practical. Just how "real-world" have they become? We were talking about the increase in the number of temp jobs in the country just last week. That's one proof. Contract staffing is very cost-effective. Need we say more?

Of course, the competition in the Singapore employment market has always been tough, even before the economic meltdown. However, said phenomenon made it EVEN TOUGHER for "inexperienced" job seekers to land a job. With Singapore employers embracing practicality in management, experienced job seekers will always be the ones at the top of recruitment lists for sure, leaving fresh graduates and those job seekers with little or no experience, thin chances of acing a rewarding job. Contract employment is not the answer either -- employment competition has become so rough that even experienced professionals are competing for contract opportunities.

Are we trying to put you down by saying all these? Of course not. As we have been saying since tuesday, we are devoting this whole week for job seekers, all types. Plus, we are not the ones to state a problem without offering a solution. So, what do we suggest an "inexperienced" job seeker like you to do? Just two simple things.

A good measure you can take is to make your skills set superb. Join work shops and seminars. In some job functions, experience is not the priority in applicant screening, you know. You might want to check our Career Events and LearningDB pages, now. Volunteering is also a good idea. It doesn't hurt to provide your services pro bono for a while considering what it can give you in the future. In the end, your newly attained skills will do the talking for you.

Your employment also depends on the way you market yourself. Network. You will definitely benefit form knowing "people". Start frequenting networking events and career fairs to meet people who can help you out. These people will be great references for you too.If you get an interview, convince the HR that you are the right person even though you do not have much experience by speaking well and dressing up properly.

There. If these two failed to give you a job, then we don't know what could. For more career help articles and job hunt tips, please visit our career advice section.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The News -- A Great Career Resource for Job Seekers

JobsDB Singapore WANTS you to explore as much job hunt resources as you can, hence this post. As we've said, this year is all about being aggressive. Abiding to our strategies and reading our book picks are not enough, but don't get the idea that we're torturing you. JobsDB SG and books aren't the only available resources out there that you can make use of to improve your career prospects, after all. What about the news?

Here's the thing: in today's unpredictable employment market, it pays to take note of the news. The news is an important aspect in job search -- that's what we're trying to say. When it comes to job search, timing is everything. Fortune telling won't give you anything good; reading the news is the only way to achieve timing. The dogma here is pretty simple: if you want to ace a job asap, you need to focus your job search on industries that are doing great as of talking. No matter how much you improve your qualifications, you won't get a job under an industry that's on a slump. How do you know which industries are doing great and which are not? By reading the news.

Major publications don't always feature news about the employment market, so how can you achieve timing? SG is the key. We know how valuable the news is to job hunting and so, aside from career advice articles we also feature news articles regularly. Our Newswatch section is designed to help job seekers like you to get to know the latest about Singapore's employment market. Bookmark our Newswatch page today to be up to date.

"Why The Job Market is Still Bright for Job Seeker" is one of the latest articles in Newswatch. According to this article from Hays Singapore, the following industries will stay in good shape for the next few quarters:

Information Technology

What to do? Why, consider focusing your job search on these industries. You might want to read our other Newswatch articles to get more information.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

JobsDB SG's Top Reads for Job Seekers

We've decided. We'll be providing career advice articles for job seekers this whole week. Think of this as a new year gift from JobsDB SG. We're the ones who pulled you into this aggressive-job-search game, after all.

Yesterday's article discussed some of our Year of the Metal Tiger job search strategies. We remember putting these must-haves there:
  • a laser-focused career vision
  • good resume with objectives
  • a "personalized" cover letter
  • large network
  • an impressive set of skills
Yes, these five are good enough to ace a rewarding job, bit it still pays to do more research. We're not saying that our words are no good, but doing additional research is out of question here. Looking for a job is like dieting -- if you want results to come to you asap, you need to exert effort. Aside from doing our tips, it won't hurt to "touch" other career resources, right? Take for instance, these books:

1) Trump Never Give Up
Why read a book about a famous businessman to get a job? Trump Never Give Up is all about Donald Trump's story of success. Job hunting can tire out even the most optimistic of individuals -- reading this book will inspire you to keep on going with your job searching goals. In today's harsh employment market, this will be an excellent source of motivation for you.

"Each chapter includes an inspiring story from Trump’s career and concludes with expert commentary and coaching from adversity researcher and author Paul Stoltz. Inspirational and intelligent, Never Give Up will help you deal with your own personal challenges, failures, and weaknesses."

2) Communication Counts
Oh, great...another communication book... Well, we can't argue with you about that, because Communication Counts IS a book on communication. The reason why we want you to read the book is it, as the book summarizes, "directly confronts the biggest challenges facing anyone who needs to communicate anything today: listeners' time constraints and distractions." At job interviews, distractions come at big chunks, not to mention, your time to sell yourself is very limited. Need we say more?

"Written by renowned communications expert Mary Civiello, this detailed book offers a unique "modular" approach that will enable you to say what you need to say, in a way that it can best be heard and remembered, in a time frame that can be suited to any situation."

3) Training Camp
Here's something that's actually fun to read. Training Camp is a novel about Martin Jones, an undrafted rookie trying to make it in the NFL. Read this book and let Martin's story inspire you.

"Training Camp reveals that the best performers—in any field—all share the same qualities. Among other traits, the best of the best are able to maintain a big-picture vision while taking focused action, they are mentally strong, they seize the moment, and they inspire excellence in the people around them. "

We have other career development books featured at our site's good reading section.


Tome Guides: JobsDB Singapore Top reads

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Be in Demand!

The key to career success this year is to be as aggressive as the tiger -- we said that in our Chinese New Year post. We provided reasons why job seekers should change their job seeking approaches for the new year in said post, but due to the positive vibes the Metal Tiger was connecting to us at that time, "forgot" to put in "how". Were you wondering about that? We didn't forget about it really -- we planned on saving those tips so that we could post it today!

Are you ready?

The only way to be in demand in today's employment market is to be aggressive in your job hunting. And this starts with fixing your career vision. The reason behind this is simple: you need to know in your heart what you're going for in order to create a good path to follow to get there. Achieving clarity helps with improving your personal brand -- with it, you will be able to connect to employers what you want and why you are the right candidate much better. It will give you a consistent persona which most employers are looking for in their candidates. To begin with, the coming true of our dreams depends on the people you meet at interviews -- might as well give all you have got in developing facts to impress their tired minds.

Finished with your vision? It's time to overhaul your resume and cover letter, then. We're not planning to serve you a buffet of pointers in here or anything to that effect, so don't worry about choking. Do you remember our resume writing blog entries? Follow the directions we wrote there and one last thing: add your newly established career vision at the top. It's like putting cherry at the top of a cup cake. This will turn your resume and cover letter into gold. Sounds too pushy? Well, that's what you want to be, right?

JobsDB Singapore's Resume Editing Tips

More Resume Writing Tips from JobsDB SG

Here comes the most aggressive part: network like it's the only way to survive in life. Looking for jobs online is good, but not enough. Thing is, you are just one of 100's that are doing the same thing. So we say, continue searching for jobs in online jobs databases like Singapore, and then check for networking events with your local chamber of commerce. Attending networking events will get you to meet people who can refer you to companies in need of people. Networking will enhance your chances for faster employment, in other words.

The motto to keep for this year is to be as aggressive as the tiger. To enhance your chances at employment even more, why not upgrade your qualifications by joining career seminars and workshops while you're unemployed? It's not like you look for jobs 24/7, right? Make use of your idle times wisely. Where to look for seminars? We have lots of those. In this blog entry, we featured our training and skills development arms. Go check them out.

Our Career Success Strategy

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

The Year of the Metal Tiger is just around the corner. It's time for some predictions!

2010 is the year of the metal tiger. It will be a year full of challenges for us -- the tiger is known for its unpredictability, after all. The metal element isn't to our advantage either. But of course, the metal tiger has its fair share of positive traits that we can pattern our actions to for good luck. Enthusiasm and optimism are the keys to achieving fortune this coming year. If you are a job seeker, your job search should be as aggressive as the tiger then. There's no room for hesitations. With the metal tiger by your side, you will do just fine. Sign your name in our database now to receive job matches.

Your 2010 Career Prospects

The employment market will pretty much be good this coming year, as the economy has been showing good signs since the start of Q3 09. According to Nigel Heap, Managing Director of Hays Asia Pacific, the Singapore market is on its way to change. He said in a press release announcing the launch of the 2010 Hays Salary Guide *, "there is new optimism in the market and many employers have indicated they will increase staff levels in 2010."

There will be many career opportunities in the services sectors in particular. The opening of Resorts World Sentosa has generated lots of tourism jobs and hospitality careers, for instance. And with the progress they've shown these past few months, the industries of Information Technology, Banking & Finance, and Sales/Customer Service will be in good shape this coming year too for sure.

* The Hays Salary Guide presents key recruiting trends across Asia. It also provides insight into the recovery and some of the changes we're anticipating in 2010 as a result. Download your copy at

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Career Fair Essentials SG will be having Career Expo 2010 next month. Here's something in relation to that.

Many job seekers say that career fairs aren't effective. Why is that? The organizers aren't the ones to blame, really. It's a rule of thumb that preparing makes a lot of difference, but why is it that many job seekers show up unprepared at such events? Many assume that going there with copies of their resume is good enough. Although career fairs are designed to be "public" events, it pays to prepare for one like you would for an interview in a top company. Yes, such events are designed to be very public, but who are you going to meet there anyway? Plus, employment competition at career fairs is really tough -- once there, your "foes" will just be standing beside you, right?

Good career opportunities are hard to come by these days and so many people, even those with high-paying jobs, are seeing the advantages of attending job fairs. Let JobsDB SG ask you now, in a sea of competitors, a large part of which is composed of individuals who are probably better than you in terms of skills and knowledge, why should you be chosen? If you are "average" in terms of skills, how are you going to make yourself stand out? This is why we're asking you to prepare. Research. Job fair organizers create a website where they post the companies that will be attending their event. Review the list and make notes about the companies you want to apply to. This will give employers the impression that you really desire to work for them at the event and increase your chances of beating "better" applicants.

Dress to impress. Even though you're not going to a real interview, showing up in casual wear won't do you any good. Plan what to wear to increase your chances of getting actual interviews.

Lastly, practice. Remember, you're at a career fair to sell yourself. It pays to know what to say, but this does not have to be long. All you want is a script that summarizes your experience and skills.

For more information about Career Expo 2010, please visit its website @

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Singapore Temp Jobs

The recent global economic hiccup brought something positive out of the Singapore market. Originally, the Singapore market had been reluctant to embrace contract workforce; the recent global market drama, however, taught employers to value short term employment staffing for its cost-effectivity. This led to the increase of temp and contract jobs and people applying for them and a significant drop at the country's unemployment rate.

Chris Mead, General Manager of Hays Singapore summarized perfectly what employers found out about getting temp staff in an article he shared with Singapore. “Temporary and contract staff can provide emergency support, allowing you to buy in skills to complete specific projects,” He said. “The best part is that these staff will hit the ground running, giving you immediate results for your investment."

But this is not to say that Singapore job seekers started to bite temp opportunities due to lack of options. More job seekers are applying for temp jobs now because of the new exciting prospects the come with such jobs. Chris told us, "For candidates, temporary and contract roles mean an opportunity to work across a range of organisations and industries and gain a broader working experience. Work-life balance is also better managed, as candidates are able to choose their own hours and work conditions."

To summarize,
  • A contract position is a very good source of income.
  • Temp workers are expected to do/produce more than their regular counterparts. Career enhancement comes by much faster for contract employees, in other words.
  • Work-life balance is possible in this setup.

Looking for temp jobs in Singapore? We have lots of those in our database. Find rewarding short-term and temporary career opportunities @

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Benefits of Having a Personal Brand in Job Search

A company's brand is what defines it -- in a plethora of competitors, a company's brand is what prevents it from dissolving in the deepest pits of bankruptcy. The brand is what the people buy from a company to begin with, not its product or service. In other words, the brand is what sells.

You could say that entrepreneurs are obsessed with branding, but well, it's what they need to do in order to succeed in their endeavors. As for you, job seeker, JobsDB SG has no other advice to give but to follow their lead. What do entrepreneurs have to do with your career success? To put it bluntly, most companies bite resumes whose owners have firm "personal brands". Popular author, Brenda Bence once said "defining and communicating a strong “job-seeker personal brand” can help you to maintain your place and become not just the #1 choice, but the candidate hired for the job."

How do you make these firm "personal brands"? Establishing brands in business is all about how you want customers to feel about your product or service; in job search, it's not entirely different. The process is the same, but yours will not be as expensive -- it'll just be about thinking and planning. Ask yourself, what is it that you have that companies could benefit largely from? You're polite? A polite personal brand will have you being courteous and not too aggressive in all of your interviews, for instance. You'll start to feel the benefits of having a personal brand at the follow-up interviews phase. P.S. Don't ruin everything by forgetting the personal brand you established from the start!

Why is this worth trying? having a consistent personal brand during job search will give you an edge over others. It will give you a consistent image -- and that's what most interviewers like.

Remember, there is no other person in this world who knows your personality like you do -- your personal brand depends on how you want to achieve career success. That's why eager job seekers are better of in terms of establishing personal brands than those who take their job search for granted. We wish you all the luck in your job hunt.

We have Brenda's article about establishing a personal brand in our article database. You might want to check it out also.

How to Stay Consistent with Your Personal Brand

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Monday, February 8, 2010

We're Back, Improved! is running again. The upgrade was a success! We apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused you. You may now update your resume and/or look for job openings in Singapore in our database. Find your Singapore dream job here:

Singapore Banking Job
Marketing Jobs
Logistics Job
IT Job
Human Resources Job
Hotel Careers
Engineering Jobs
Education Job
Administration Job
Accounting Jobs

Be one of the firsts to see our site upgrades. We promise to not disappoint .See the improved JobsDB SG @

Tell us what you think about our upgrade. Drop us a note @

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Safe Career Switches = Proposal 4

Would you believe? This is the last installment of our Safe Career Switches project. Thanks for all the likes. Look forward to similar career projects from SG in the future.

From Marcomms/Hospitality/Tourism to Education & Training

Marcomms and Hospitality Professionals looking to change careers have a bright future ahead of them as teachers or lecturers in the Education & Training industry. Of course, the need to enroll to teaching trainings is there but they already have the most important skill needed to succeed in this field -- self confidence or the ability to speak properly in front of other people. Mabeline Chia, Acting Principal of My First Skool shares with JobsDB Singapore, "[you get] to interact and build relationships with families, employees and other professionals from the education industry, from whom I gain useful insights concerning educating, parenting and working experiences." The field of teachers also offers an environment that is perfect for such confident individuals. "It is never a “dull moment” at work", Sukuna Suppiah Senior Training Specialist at RTRC Asia (Regional Training Resource Centre for Asia in ECCE for Asia) tells us.

And just like in the industries of Marcomms and Hospitality, the field of teachers is all about team work. Suppiah adds, "It is the warm climate of collegiality, like-minded professionals sharing their skills and knowledge and certainly the valuable autonomy given to construct one’s niche at work."

Why it is safe to reset your career in the Education & Training industry...

Look, the government funds education. It's the most stable Liberal Arts industry, needless to say. Also, if you are more of a long term goal person when it comes to career, the Education & Training Industry is where you belong. Aside from being stable it also imparts useful skills ranging from educational to practical to its practitioners. Working in the field of teaching is a really great career investment.


Safe Career Switches = Proposal 3

Safe Career Switches = Proposal 2

Safe Career Switches = Proposal 1

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Decoding Your Boss

Here's the latest from SG.

The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs is developing self trust -- for employees, it is building a strong connection with their boss. There is no easy way out when it comes to achieving career success really, but, thinking about the success stories of most people will make you realize how much a good working relationship with your boss can give you. That'll be a great source of motivation. Your boss is your key to success. While it's true that bosses go below the belt sometimes, fact is, your supervisor has your future inside his pocket. Your boss may display offensive behavior sometimes, but remember, he's many steps higher than you in your company's ladder and so, you need to please him in order to climb notches from said ladder.

How? If your boss is a comic sketch of a boss, it will be hard to even attempt, but you can make yourself stand better than the others in his eyes, somehow, by making the right reactions to his actions. Decoding your boss will improve your relationship with him.We know, you're no psychologist, but this is the surest way to success. We remember Christina Lee, Managing Consultant of DBM Singapore, saying that "No worker is an island so understanding your personality and those around you is essential in getting the job done."

You don't need psychology training to be able to do this. Learn how to decode your boss with these resources from Singapore's Career Guide Library:

1) Bosses play games, either to cover up their wrongs or to reinstate their power. Author Russ Wild will teach you how to play your boss' games.

2) Career and executive coach Dale Kurow shares his tips on how to choose a boss in this article. This article is addressed to job seekers, but you can find useful tips here too.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Industry Profile: Telecommunications

What's the difference between the industries of Telecommunications and Customer Service? Singapore has encountered many job seekers asking this question. Are they really different? While it's true that both these fields use telephones, the ways in which they work with said device are not the same. Customer Service professionals use the telephone to talk to people with queries and in need of assistance. Telecoms workers do more than that. You could even say that Telecommunications "unders" Customer Service. It's just that the latter has bloomed into such a big economy-developer in these past few years that it transformed into a whole industry of its own.

So, what do Telecommunications professionals "do" while at work?

JobsDB SG once interviewed professionals from Radiance Communications, one of the leading business communications providers in Singapore for Industry Focus. In said interview, we found out many kinds of job responsibilities in Telecoms, ones that didn't just involve customer solutions. Felix Hui, Technical Solutions Consultant, told us his job in Radiance Communications required him to use technical knowledge. " One reason that I enjoy my job is that I get to apply my technical knowledge from my IT degree in my daily work scope, and it gives me great job satisfaction when we are able to successfully implement a PBX system for new clients as well", he told us.

Rey Emilio D. Talam, Technical Sales Engineer in Operations, told us the same thing about the Telecom industry when we interviewed him. "I get to work on PBX implementation projects for banks, hotels and many other exciting industries", he said.

Telecommunications jobs? We have lots of those. Find many telecoms opportunities @

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Effective Credit Control & Speedy Debt Recovery" and other business seminars from LearningDB...

Running a business is not as simple as launching a marketing campaign and then waiting for customers to come automatically -- if you believe that running a business is like that, you're not fit to be an entrepreneur to begin with. It takes guts to become an entrepreneur. December last year, JobsDB SG posted an article about entrepreneurship and in said article, we left a message that went along that idea.

Good entrepreneurs are prepared to deal with many kinds of situations. What are these situations? The word "situation" in the business vocabulary doesn't just mean needing to deal with competition or needing to find ways to increase profit with limited resources. In business, you have to think of effective credit control strategies or debt recovery strategies as well, for instance. Just because you're an entrepreneur and you have no worries about getting laid-off, doesn't mean that you don't need to effort on your skills development. offers business seminars that you might want to attend. This is one:

Effective Credit Control & Speedy Debt Recovery with expert, George Goh will empower participants with fool-proof techniques on credit management and debt recovery. The seminar will be discussing:

  1. Effective Credit Assessment & Risk Evaluation
  2. Practical Aspects of Financial Analysis in Credit Evaluation
  3. Understanding the Factors Influencing a Credit Decision and the Pitfalls Involved
  4. Developing Effective Collection System and Procedures
  5. The Art of Collecting Debts Through the Phone
  6. Collection Tools and Techniques - Review of DOs and DON'Ts
  7. Laying the Groundwork to Make Collection Efforts Produce Results
  8. How to Deal with Delaying Tactics & Reduce Credit Exposure of Difficult Customers
  9. Collecting from Financially Distressed Debtors
  10. What Went Wrong? Useful Lessons for Staff Involved in Collection
  11. Highlights of the Legal Perspective in Debt Collection
  12. Negotiating for A Settlement
  13. Reporting and Convicting a Debtor of a Criminal Offence

For more information, please contact Lynn at 6861 1000 or email to also has the following business seminars in store for the coming months:

Business Finance for Non-financial Managers
Effective Business Cashflow
The Art of Collecting Debts Through the Telephone
Win-win Negotiation Skills
Strategic Business Planning & Budgeting
Strategic Pricing & Costing

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Career Expo 2010 is on Facebook! Career Expo 2010's Facebook fanpage is up. Don't be left out -- get yourself updated with the latest about the 2010 installment of Singapore's only paperless career exhibition by becoming its fan on Facebook. Are you a job seeker? Career Expo 2010 is still in the exhibitor registration stage as of present, but becoming its fan as early as now will give you a glimpse at what to expect when it's finally your time in the schedule.

Be a fan and..
-know the companies to expect in the event
-be able to suggest ideas to make the event even better
-get to ask questions and receive first-hand answers

What are you waiting for? Become a fan of Career Expo 2010 now.

You might want to check out JobsDB Singapore's fanpage too and become its fan and be a member of its group.

For more information about the expo, please visit its main website @

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