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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Start Your New Year With a Bang! Join the SG Family Today!

If you are currently looking for a job, give yourself the gift of convenience this new year by joining the happy SG family. We expect an increase in number of employment opportunities in early 2010; go get yourself ahead of other job hunters by posting your resume with us today. Sign your name in our database and we'll deliver the latest job openings in the industries of Audit & Accountancy, Banking & Finance, Information Technology, Engineering, whatever fields you are interested in, straight to your mailbox.

Graduating next year? Post your resume @ today to get an edge over others like you. We've designed Campus to point career newbies like you to the right direction. Campus has the latest fresh graduate jobs, entry level jobs and temp jobs in the country. But not only that, it also has links to career guide articles that could help improve your career plans. From tips on resume writing to guides on how to ace job interviews, our library is designed to "answer" every fresh graduate's job hunting queries.

We'll be waiting for you. :)

A Prosperous New Year To All From The Singapore Family.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Looking for a job? Exciting opportunities in Construction, Manufacturing, Education and Media are available @ SG!

These past few months, job hunting has become tiring. Instead of giving out jobs, industries are cutting resources; lots of companies are laying off workers and closing their HR processes. But did you know that the economy has improved in Q3 of this year? The government already sent reports that the economy is on its way to becoming stable. That's good news for job hunters. Quite a large number of industries have shown signs of improvement in Q3 and currently, these industries are looking for talents who could make faster their regeneration. If you're looking for a job right now or you'll be graduating next year, Singapore has tons of promising opportunities in the industries of Building & Construction, Manufacturing, Education & Training and Media & Advertising in store for you.

Go to and sign up today!


Registering will not only point you to the right direction when it comes to career but also lead you to great career development resources. There is our Career Guide Library which could help improve your career plans. Career Events and also aim to develop your skills.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Graduating Next Year? Read This.

Graduating next year? Why not start your job search this early? We're here to lend you a hand. Start your new year by joining the Singapore family.

JobsDB Singapore's Campus is designed to help fresh grads like you. Campus has the latest fresh graduate jobs, entry level jobs and temp jobs in the country. Register in our site to get an edge over others like you.

Campus also features links that might help improve your career plans. Our career guide library has tips on resume writing, cover letter making and job interviews.

Ace your dream job fast, go to and sign up today!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Improve Your Technical Writing Skills with LearningDB

Even in a highly technical working environment, writing is a major means of communication. Being unsure of how to put thoughts on paper effectively is a big hindrance to success even in the industries of Technical Services, Engineering, among others, needless to say. If you want to improve your technical writing skills, c/o Singapore has something in store for you this coming 2010.

To be facilitated by Sandra Sandu-Reeves, a passionate global trainer, "Effective Technical Writing Skills" will benefit all levels of engineers, technical staff, supervisors and executives who have to write clear, convincing and complete technical documentation. Join this seminar to make your writing more reader friendly.

This workshop will cover:

* Ten Cs of effective Technical Writing
* Guidelines for Improved Technical Writing
* 7Ps of the Writing Process
* Effective Openings of Technical Letters and Reports
* Effective Closings of Technical Letters and Reports
* Types of Technical Reports - Problem Solving and Project Status Reports
* Proposal to Purchase, Incident and Accident Reports
* Convincing Your Readers
* Making Heavy Technical Writing more Readable - ten proven techniques
* Securing Management "Buy In" and Approval
* Specimen Technical reports for Case-studies
* Checklist of Effective Technical Writing

For more information, please contact Lynn at 6861 1000 or email to Singapore

Achieve Peak Performance by Improving Your Memory

"The way we use our memory decides what we become", says Nishant Kasibhatla, Grand Master of Memory in Singapore. Whether you are a student or a top executive, your success relies on how you make use of your memory. A sharp memory leads to many achievements as it gives a person a boost in confidence. If you want to improve your memory to advance your performance at school or work, Singapore and has something for your this coming 2010. brings to you, "Achieving Peak Performance by Improving your Memory" a seminar that aims to teach people how to use powerful information and memory management techniques to improve productivity. The seminar will be tackling the following:

-introduction to proven memory systems
-applications for memory techniques in the workplace
-memory techniques
-turbo-charging brain power

Quoting from, "Nishant packs this workshop full of practical tools, techniques and skills that will save you heaps of time and boost your professional success!"

For more information, please contact Lynn at 6861 1000 or email to Singapore

Monday, December 21, 2009

Learn Business Finance with LearningDB

It's true that business finance is not an easy subject, but it's something that budding entrepreneurs should at least know a thing or two about. If you are planning to start a business sometime in the future, c/o JobsDB Singapore has something in store for you this coming 2010.

To be facilitated by Dr. John Ho, Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants(UK) and of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK), "Business Finance for Non-Financial Managers" is seminar series that aims to help budding entrepreneurs with their business finance dilemma. This seminar will teach the following:

- Introduction to accounting
- How to read balance sheets
- What is financial window dressing
- Analysing financial performance
- Product cost budgeting
- Variance analysis
- Profit planning
- How to read profit and loss statements
- What can financial statements tell you about the credit worthiness of company
- Budget preparation
- Project evaluation
- Working capital management
- Managing foreign exchange

If you want to sign up for "Business Finance for Non-Financial Managers" or if you have questions, please please call Lynn at
68611000 or email us at

Learn Business Finance with LearningDB

Friday, December 18, 2009

Three Questions for Desperate Job Hunters

If you've been jobless for months even though you've been sending your resume around diligently, let JobsDB Singapore ask you...

Are you using a proper email address? An "unconventional" email address can be held against you when it comes to applying for a job. Remember, your email address is the first piece of information about you that employers get. Sue Donnem, a career advice writer shares to us, "even in unconventional careers, an oddball email address may raise red flags with people who could help you get to the top. For example, if your dream is to become a celebrity personal assistant, and your email address is, you likely will not be as successful as someone whose email address is" In other words, you have to create a "professional" email address, if you want to ace your dream job fast.

Are you limiting your search in one sphere? Fact is, only a small number of job seekers find jobs though print or internet. Search in both. Build a network as well.

Have you tried cold calling yet? In layman's terms, called calling means uninvited job hunting. "You can't find out about available job openings unless you dig for them", says Dr. Randall Hansen, Webmaster of Quintessential Careers. In job hunting, there is no room for diffidence. List down the companies you want to work for and call them if they are interested in taking you in.

More job hunting tips are available @
JobsDB Singapore - Singapore's finest resource for jobs and career publications

What Does Your Email Address Say to Employers? by Sue Donnem

Cold Calling: A Time-Tested Method of Job-Hunting by by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

JobsDB Singapore's Resume Editing Tips

If you've been jobless for several months and aren't getting any invites for interview, maybe it's time to rewrite your resume. JobsDB Singapore is sure there's something wrong with it. Of course, there's no deadline in getting a new job but the general rule is, if you've sent out your CV dozens of times but aren't getting any replies, you have to do something.

The first thing to do is to proofread. Make sure your resume contains no grammar errors. Then, seek your friend's suggestion.

Next, transform your objective into a power statement. A typical objective is useless as it is self-serving. Employers will prioritize you if you have your objective focused both on your personal growth and theirs. "Employers only care about results - the results you will produce for them on the job whether it will be saving money, solving a problem or increasing profitability. If you can hint within your power statement in a short and compelling way how you will benefit the company, you are on your way to your interview.", says Rita Fisher, Certified Professional Resume Writer.

Put great emphasis on the results you achieved in each position you held. Employers want to hear how efficient are you as a worker. "The use of quantifiable accomplishments, is essential in helping the recruiter see you as money in his or her pocket. Remember this point; you will only capture a headhunter's attention when he or she sees you in terms of commission potential", says Deborah Walker, Certified Career Management Coach.

Pep up the section listing your skills. Make it really detailed. Tracy Laswell Williams, owner of CAREERWriters says, "Creating an opening paragraph or bullet list with the heading "Profile" or "Summary of Qualifications" is an excellent opportunity to present your reader with a thumbnail sketch of who you are, what you're doing with your career, and what your most marketable attributes are." Don't hesitate to include such skills like knowing computer programs or being a strong communicator. In job hunting, there is no room for diffidence. You have to sell yourself in order to get noticed. "[This will create an] impression of you as a living, breathing, unique individual", she continues.

Find more resume writing tips @

JobsDB Singapore - Singapore's finsest resource for jobs and career publications.

Useless Resume Objectives by Rita Fisher

Are HeadHunter Calling You or Ignoring You by Deborah Walker

The Headless Resume by Tracy Laswell Williams

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to Not Hate Your Job

Do you hate your job? In general, when your job no longer fulfills your interest, it's time to move on. However, at times like these, making job moves may be tough. While the global economy is unstable, leaving is not the best option to get yourself rid of work uncertainties. What do we suggest you to do? JobsDB Singapore shares to you the following tips.

Make friends. You need to connect with your co-workers to be appreciated. "Internally it is important that you are respected and seen as being helpful in your peer group and it also helps if you are liked", says Kelly Services. Friendships also create stronger teams and thus, can increase your productivity. Judy Worrell and Brian Ward shares, "[buddying-up] makes work easier to manage and less stressful." Having office friends can also help you stay positive in your career outlook -- having "close" people to talk with adds levity to an otherwise boring day.

Look into the enjoyable aspects of your work. "We can choose to put good stuff in [on our minds] on a regular basis", says Chris Widener. Find an activity you enjoy, for instance. While your day may be filled with tasks you despise, having one activity in the office that you enjoy can serve as an encouragement. If there is none, approach your supervisor and ask him about upcoming projects that may be of interest to you.

Be active outside of work. Look for trainings and workshops that run a course you enjoy. Kelly Services shares with us, "Outside of your workplace you can enhance your interpersonal skills with activities such as competitive sport which is brilliant for team building or perhaps acting which is a big confidence booster for many people." Plus, being active outside of work can increase your confidence to make friends.

Make use of the situation to develop yourself. Think of your present situation as an opportunity to prepare for something good in the future. Christina Lee says, "mistakes can provide powerful learning and go a long way towards developing your career. Make a recommendation regarding how to salvage the situation or to reduce the impact."

Lastly, Show off. This will make you feel better about the work you are doing. "[This will] give you a boost when you need it", says Judy Worrell and Brian Ward.

Find more career help resources @

JobsDB Singapore - Singapore's finest resource for jobs and career publications.

Remaining Relevant in the Workplace by Kelly Services by Kelly Services

Top Ten Tips for Improving the Quality of Your Work Life by Judy Worrell and Brian Ward

Keeping Your Mind Tuned for Success by Chris Widener

Learning From Your Mistakes by Christina Lee

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here's How You Can Put Your Company Ahead in the Economic Upturn...

Singapore's only paperless career expo is back! Scheduled to take place March next year, Career Expo 2010 is now accepting company participants. JobsDB Singapore recommends companies who wish to get ahead in the economic upturn to sign up. Career Expo 2010 is a good platform to reach excellent candidates. Of course, participating in the event can strengthen your corporate profile too!

With 200 company participants and 70,000 attendees, last year's career expo was a success. It was a blast! See scenes from our career expo last year at We are fairly confident that next year's will be busier now that our country's economy is picking up.

What are you waiting for? If your company is looking for new talents, drop us a note asap.

To find out more about Career Expo 2010, please contact us at 6861 1000, or email to

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Careers in China Job Fair: A Success

Careers in China Job Fair was a success, thanks to all those who participated. Held last sunday, this prestigious job fair from and Singapore Edu-Train Centre, featured 18 hiring companies from China's industry of Banking & Finance including Bank of Shanghai and the Shanghai Stock Exchange. We posted videos of the fair on Youtube and Facebook to share the highlights of the event to you guys.

Missed the event? Don't worry. Equally rewarding banking careers are available @

As the leading online recruitment network in Asia Pacific, aims to connect employers and job seekers regionally through fast and innovative recruitment methods. Since 2008, the company has also been actively organising annual career fairs in the region to bring employment opportunities to job seekers. You can depend on JobsDB Singapore to bring you more exciting job fairs like this one in the days to come.

JobsDB Singapore - helping job seekers with their endeavors

Take it From the Experts!

Want to know what it's like working in our country’s strongest industries? JobsDB Singapore gathers top professionals from the industries of Banking & Finance, Information Technology, Life Sciences, and Tourism. In this article we will share to you the inspiring words of Philip Lim, Managing Director & Head at DBS Franchise & DBS Strategy (Consumer Banking); Alvin Ow, Senior Director, Systems Engineering at Symantec; Poh Yin, Advanced Practice Nurse at IMH; and Quak Sim Hui, Operations Executive at Singapore Zoo. We hope to convince you to focus your career on these paths.

The industry of Banking & Finance is run by passion.
“Like any other job, you must have an interest in it in order to do well", says Philip. To succeed in the Banking & Finance sector, you have to have the interest to work in a heavy financial environment, otherwise, you'll find yourself quitting after a short period of time. The field of banks undergoes changes all the time; as a worker in this field, you need to be open to new approaches and of course, professional in everything you do. You will need to check different scopes and take risks in order to get tasks done.

Those who intend to embark on a career in this industry should also have a knack for customer service, Philip shares to us. Banks are public institutions. It goes without saying that as a bank employee, you will be encountering people of all kinds.

A banking job can be challenging but it's very rewarding not only financially but also personally. You will be experiencing rejections while working in this industry and these pieces of negative memos will push you to become a better person. "One shouldn’t be scared of rejection for it is part and parcel of life. When you become a Customer Service Representative or a Relationship Manager, I’m sure that you’ll face plenty of rejections and complaints from your customers", Philip tells us, "Working in this industry will quicken your maturity. At the end of two years with us, I’m sure you’ll emerge as a better person.”

The field of computers is challenging but fun.
"If one is looking for a highly charged, challenging and fun place to work, look no further", says Alvin, referring to his company and the industry of Information Technology in general. The fact that computers are constantly innovating makes an IT job demanding but exciting. "There is not a single moment where one is not challenging one’s self to innovate and think out of the box", Alvin adds.

Therefore, to succeed in IT, you must be dashing and determined, as the work can drain your energy. You should be willing to be always on the run, in other words. But although a work in this field demands energy and time, it's very fulfilling. Alvin shares to us, "the energy within the company is simply amazing." He explains that in his company, it's not "all work and no play." "We encourage a healthy work-life balance. A positive mind creates a positive work environment", Alvin tell us.

A career in Nursing is all about providing service.
"Nursing provides me with a platform to teach, contribute a part of who I am and make a difference to patients", says Poh. If you desire to help people by providing comfort, the Nursing industry is the best choice for you.

In Poh's case, she provides comfort by assisting students to cope during the critical transition period of adolescence. "The best part being able to see positive changes in students and families, who are now equipped with the tools to help themselves during crisis", she tells us happily.

Indeed, being able to see positive changes in patients is the best thing about being a nurse, any kind of nurse. The compensation may be lower compared to other medical professions, but seeing patients happy pays for it. You won't find any other career that provides a deep satisfaction in helping other people than being a nurse.

Every day is always different and exciting in the Tourism industry.
"Being a tourist attraction, the zoo enables me to meet people from different cultures and background", says Sim Hui. The best thing about working in the tourism industry is you get to meet people from different cultures and walks of life. A job in this field is the closest thing to being a full-pledged traveler but without the hefty expense, of course.

But like in any other industry, a career in Tourism is not all fun. There will be challenges, of course. In Sim Hui's case, she has to anticipate the needs of the guests. She explains, “as an operations executive, I have to understand the needs of all our guests so that they enjoy themselves – from the little ones to the elderly."

Find Banking jobs, IT openings, Nursing careers, and Tourism job opportunities @

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Friday, December 11, 2009

What it's Like Being an Entrepreneur

Operating a business is a complex affair. As an entrepreneur, you will be dealing with different things all the time. Your customers will have different tastes. You will need to explore different options in order to solve problems. The only thing on which you can rely to be constant is you.

Having no one but yourself to rely on can be scary but that's actually the one thing that makes operating a business a very good career venture -- it will teach you life values that no PhD holder can impart to you. Gerald Lim, founder and CEO of Subtle Senses SPA, hopes to inspire more people to become entrepreneurs in his recent interview with JobsDB Singapore.

Having been an entrepreneur in the SPA industry for more than 10 years, Gerald shares his wisdom: "[Doing business] is about the determination to strive for excellence regardless of circumstances and challenges that will bring out the true entrepreneurial spirit in you. True entrepreneurs believe that the journey to success can only be enriched by that invaluable lesson of failure. Yes, education forms a fundamental backbone in the entrepreneur’s journey; however, navigating the terrains of a challenging business environment requires more than just good education – It also requires good business acumen as well."

Our complete interview with Gerald is available @

JobsDB Singapore - helping people with their career ventures.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Employers Warned to Focus on Retention

In a recent interview with JobsDB Singapore, recruitment experts from Hays warned employers to revisit their retention strategies in response to a fast improving job market.

“The downturn may have kept good people with an organisation, but now the job market has improved, unhappy staff will explore their options,” said Chris Mead, General Manager of the popular recruitment firm. "In a recent survey, 54 per cent of respondents said they know ‘quite a few’ people who are now looking to change jobs."

Effective Retention Tips

"Consider your employees' work/life balance", advised Chris. "If workloads are no longer manageable in the standard working day, it might be time to find extra help – consider using a temporary resource to boost resources short term."

Chris also recommended employers to give recognition to their staff. "Give staff positive feedback and praise. Internal recognition for a job well done can go a long way."

Communication of action plans is also a great retention strategy as it can boost confidence and morale amongst employees and it won't financially, according to Chris. "This can be as simple as a staff satisfaction survey."

The full article is available @

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

'How to Succeed When You're the Only One Like You'

How can you advance your career when everyone in your office thinks you're weird? Robin will tell you how.

JobsDB Singapore brings to you, Robin Fisher Roffer, the CEO of Big Fish Marketing and author of "The Fearless Fish Out of Water". Robin shares her tips on career development for people who do things their own way.

"Anyone can perform well when things are going smoothly. However, what determines real character is adversity. To overcome the fear of challenging times or circumstances, look back on a time when you overcame a difficult situation. How did you do it? Apply the same principles. Everyone has a track record of success to draw from, but they forget what they can do when fear takes hold of them. After searching for those winning examples, practice the ABC's of being a fearless fish: Action, Belief and Courage", Robin shares.

The conclusion? Just focus on the positive aspects of your uniqueness and you can reach great heights.

Our complete interview with Robin and the synopsis of her book, "The Fearless Fish Out of Water" are available @

JobsDB Singapore - helping you advance in your career.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to Become a Better Business Writer

In business, communication plays an important role. You have to know how to communicate effectively, especially in writing, in order to get promoted or attract more clients. If you are looking to improve your business writing skills, JobsDb Singapore recommends that you sign up for LearningDB's seminar on Empowering your Business Writing Skills, facilitated by Shirley Taylor, author of 6 successful books on communication skills.

In this practical two-day workshop, Shirley will teach you simple but powerful techniques that will help you to become a better business writer. You will learn tips and tricks on how to organise your words and thoughts on paper.

"Remember", Shirley says, "what you write reflects your company's image and it also gives an impression of you. This workshop will help you make sure it's a good one!"

If you have questions feel free to drop LearningDB a note.

Become a better business writer with LearningDB
Tel: +65 6861 1000

China’s Banking and Financial Sector Seeks Singaporeans for Top Jobs

First local career fair to focus on banking and finance jobs in Shanghai, China

SINGAPORE, 7 December 2009 – Singaporeans aiming to jump on the ‘dragon’ boat by advancing their careers in China can go down to Singapore’s first ever ‘Career in China Job Fair’ on Sunday, 13 December 2009 at Suntec Convention Centre.

Co-organised by and Singapore Edu-Train Centre, the Career in China Job Fair will feature 87 exciting jobs and opportunities offered by top companies from the banking and finance sector in Shanghai. Some of the high level jobs vacancies include ‘Director of Corporate Finance’, ‘Chief Analyst’ and ‘Head of Asset Management & Financial Derivatives’.

The 18 prestigious companies from China taking part in this career fair are:

1. Bank of Shanghai
2. Bank of Communications


4. China Unionpay
5. China Financial Futures Exchange
6. Clearing House Financial Market Co. Ltd
7. Changjiang Pension Insurance Co. Ltd
8. Everbright Securities
9. Expo 2010 Shanghai China
10. Haitong Securities Co., Ltd
11. HuaAn Funds
12. Orient Securities
13. Shenyin & Wanguo Securities Co., Ltd
14. Shanghai Gold Exchange
15. Shanghai Stock Exchange
16. Shanghai Futures Exchange
17. Shanghai International Group
18. SPD Bank

As the leading online recruitment network in Asia Pacific, aims to connect employers and job seekers regionally through fast and innovative recruitment methods. Since 2008, the company has also been actively organising annual career fairs in the region to bring employment opportunities to job seekers.

Date : 13th December 2009
Venue : Suntec Convention Centre Meeting Rooms 325 – 326
Time : 10am – 6pm

Attendees interested to attend the Career in China Job Fair must register online at the official website

Media contact
Florence Fang
Tel: +65 6259 3193
Fax: +65 6259 0693
Mobile: +65 9768 8186

Get Noticed at Work

In today's economic climate, to ace a promotion, you have to get your boss' undivided attention first.

You're being ignored?

JobsDB Singapore brings to you, Chris Mead's tips on how to make your boss notice you. Chris is the General Manager of Hays in Singapore; following his tips will surely bring you wonders.

Chris offers the following tips to help you get noticed at work in no time:

1) Make a positive impact. Chris advises, "Make a good first impression at every chance you could through the quality of your work."

2) Add value. "Look to where you can add value", Chris recommends.

3) Upgrade your skills. Chris suggests, "Take every opportunity to volunteer for additional tasks that will not only improve your own employable skill base, but make you even more invaluable to your employer".

4) Made a mistake? "Don't panic", Chris says, “it’s how you handle the aftermath that can show your real strengths".

5) Remember the basics. “Arrive for work on time, show enthusiasm, look and act professionally and be organised", Chris reminds.

The full article is available @ JobsDB Singapore's website. The site also offers lots of other career tips for jobseekers.

JobsDB Singapore - the finest resource for jobs in Singapore.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Four GREAT Industries to Work In

JobsDB Singapore, brings to limelight four commonly overlooked industries and explains why they are actually great to work in.

A Marketing Job Is More Than Just An Office Job.

Marketing people are in charge of promoting the products and/or services of the companies they work for. This is the reason why people think that you lead a boring career if you work as a Marketing Assistant or Manager. JobsDB Singapore speaks with a Marketing professional from a popular publishing company in Singapore and finds proof that a Career in Marketing isn't as boring as it has been labeled by people.

Jasmine J. Goh, the Founder and Sales and Marketing Director of Kids World Media Pte Ltd (the publisher of WaWa in Kids World magazine and Parents World magazine), finds her job exciting. Sure, the need to take care of administration matters is still there, but she gets to have variety in her workload, she says. She gets to meet different people, everyday, for instance. Jasmine narrates, "My mornings usually begin with meeting up with our clients to discuss their advertising plans, or just simply paying them a visit to say hello, as it’s important to maintain good client relations."

You see, a Marketing Job is more than just an office job, it's also job that will teach you how to effectively deal with people. Don't be discouraged to apply to a Marketing Job. Find lots @ JobsDB Singapore’s website.

Hospitality Professionals Work In Teams.

Whoever said that only those with the ability to strategically position themselves in favor of the scales could succeed in the Industry of Hospitality must have been gravely misinformed. Hospitality professionals also work in teams. If you don't have enough self promotion "mojos" up your sleeves and because of that, are afraid to pursue a Hospitality Career, listen to what JobsDB Singapore has to say. JobsDB Singapore finds proof that you don't have to be bold and highly "individual" to succeed in the Industry of Hotels.

Having a Job in Hospitality will actually teach you how to effectively work in a team. Neeta Rajinder Kaur, Front Office Guest Services Manager of Royal Plaza on Scotts tells us, "We are like a big family working together as a team and everyone is always there to lend a helping hand for one another. I enjoy growing with RP and take every learning opportunity to prepare myself for the next step in my career." Yukie Sato, Duty Manager of Pan Pacific Singapore also believes that a hospitality career can improve one's interpersonal skills. She tells us, "My job responsibilities include familiarizing with the hotel operations in its entirety and I enjoy the interaction with my colleagues from other departments."

So, are you still afraid of applying to Hospitality Jobs? We hope not. There are many Hospitality Careers available @ JobsDB Singapore's website.

Why Pursue A Career In The Human Resources Industry?

Engineers "design" our world. Accountants make this world go round. Doctors keep the future intact. These are what parents always say to encourage their children to take up Engineering, Accounting or Medicine in college. JobsDB Singapore agrees with this ideal, of course. However, parents missed out one field that actually does something more than the three aforementioned. The industry of Human Resources doesn't just re-brand jobs, it actually improves the whole industry of employment.

“To me, working as a Job Re-creator is not about being driven by profits or the bottom line. We are marrying a business entity with a social mission. That’s what I like about this job and this is where we derive our passion for our work,” says Lee Eer Ling, a job re-creator from NTUC.

Be an "innovator", look for a Human Resources job @ JobsDB Singapore's Website.

Lead An "Exciting" Career, Join The Logistics Industry.

If you are looking for a job that will lead you to interesting things and bring you excitement, a position in the Logistics Industry is the best choice for you. Joining the Logistics Industry will introduce you to people of different kinds and expose you to new technologies. Liu Peilin, Technical Executive with the Chemicals & Materials Testing Services of TÜV SÜD PSB, shares with JobsDB Singapore what she likes about her job. "My job is very interesting as it gives me the opportunity to gain exposure to new technologies, new test procedures and new products," she tells us, "There is also a great deal of inter-department collaboration here at TÜV SÜD PSB, so we all work very closely together as a team."

Mak Heng Chwin, Sales Engineer with the Mechanical Services of TÜV SÜD PSB, shares to us the best thing about his Logistics Job. He tells us, "The work is very interesting as we get to do quality assurance and testing for clients from diverse industries."

Find Logistics Jobs @ JobsDB Singapore's website.

JobsDB SingaporeSingapore’s finest resource for jobs.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Work-Life Balance FAQs

JobsDB Singapore addresses some FAQs about Work-Life Balance with the help of Kamal Kant, Principal Consultant of Next Transition.

What is Work-Life Balance?
Trying to schedule an equal number of hours for work and personal activities is an act of work-life balance. "The first key step in work life balance is ensuring you maintain an equilibrium between work and family", Kant explains, "ensuring you spend enough time with your near and dear is critical to maintain balance between your work and private life." The concept may sound unrealistic, but it's actually very workable.

Why should Working Individuals Strive to Achieve Work-Life Balance?
Work-life balance is the key to become a "super employee". And it's free of charge. Kant explains, "whether you are an employer or employee, male or female, supervisor or subordinate, parent, a care giver, jobseeker or just someone who wants to achieve a better balance between work and the rest of his or her life. These sensible policies can benefit each and everyone in the workplace."

What are the dangers of Work-Life Imbalance?
Work-life Imbalance is a major issue in many workplaces today. Trying to survive the painful blows of today's depressed global economy, companies fall into the trap of overworking their people. "The reality of working in today's contemporary organisation is the employees have little work-life balance and this spills-over into their attitudes, behaviour and values in the workplace", says Kant.

How can I Achieve Work-life Balance, then?
Here's the secret to achieving work-life balance: Planning. The more you plan the less stress you will have. Engaging in a formal work-life planning process in a structured disciplined manner will greatly help in overcoming the 'hide and seek' game that often goes on between supervisor and subordinate", explains Kant. Kant argues that planning will build empathic and stress-free workplaces and thus, make employees happier.

What if I'm Not a Great "Planner"?
The best thing for you to do is to take workshops on planning and organizing. Kant explains, attending a career management or a work-life balance workshop will help you develop the methodology and put you on the path of the logical thinking process in creative and innovative ways to develop a partial or total career change plan which allows for a balance between work and personal life".

Learn more about Work-Life Balance @ JobsDB singapore's "Balancing Work" Library.

Achieve Work-Life Balance with JobsDB Singapore - Singapore's finest resource for jobs.


Local Trends in Work Life Balance by Kamal Kant

Can we achieve Work-Life Balance?

Can we achieve Work-Life Balance? (Part 2)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Learn the Basics of Microsoft Office with LearningDB

Whether you are looking to improve your Microsoft Office skills to get that promotion or you just want to surprise your spouse that you know a computer trick or two, JobsDB Singapore recommends that you attend LearningDB's latest Microsoft Office Workshops.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

As employees, there are times that we have to work very long hours in order to get the job done. But there are ways for us to control our workload and still make our bosses happy. JobsDB Singapore summarizes three of its most popular work-life balance articles. You can achieve work-life balance by employing one of the following tricks: by "managing" your manager, by making use of your time wisely, or by setting your goals.

"By learning how to manage upwards or manage your manager, you can control your workload, improve your productivity, achieve your professional goals and have a better work-life balance", says Christina Lee, Consulting Services Director of DBM Singapore. Christina believes that by knowing your manager, his likes and dislikes, his style and expectations, and by providing him solutions, you can achieve access easily. “You will be more likely to be considered for that promotion if your manager sees your initiative, problem solving, and decision-making skills”, Christina adds.

Professional Recruiter Carl Mueller, on the other hand, asserts that proper time management is the key to achieve work-life balance. "Time management at work is critical to your long-term career success", He says, "Time management and work performance go hand in hand because time is certainly a finite resource that we can’t buy more of, as much as many of us would like to." According to him, the best way to make better use of your time is to eliminate classic time wasters such as surfing the internet for leisure and unnecessary calls.

Motivational Speaker Neen James advises us to set our goals. By giving us simple tips, he hopes that we'll be able to manage our lives better. Here are his tips:

-Set an appointment with yourself
-Review your goals regularly
-Set up 5 categories or headings for your goals
-Write down your goals
-List the possible obstacles and how to overcome those
-Write the goals in positive language
-Review them twice a day
-Stick your goals around the house
-Share your goals with a buddy
-Allocate timeframes for completion of each goal
-List your reward for each goal you set yourself

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Take Control of Your Working Life by Managing Upwards by Christina Lee

Time Management at Work by Carl Mueller

Tips on How to Set Goals by Neen James

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Build World Class Relationships, Know Your True Personality

JobsDB Singapore would like to ask, do you know your true personality?

If you know who you really are, you won't have to play games of politics at work just to tip the scales in your favor. If you know that "thing" that controls your emotions, you'll be able to control your temper and avoid hurting your loved ones. If you know your true self, "it [will be] possible, even in the most testing of times, [for you] to engage people and build world class relationships”, says Manoj Sharma, World Class Organization Strategist and assigned Facilitator of LearningDB's upcoming seminar titled "Knowing Your True Personality".

By “merely” knowing your true personality, you’ll be able to maintain a balanced and happy life. "Sign up for this eye-opening, sense-awakening workshop and you'll immediately observe a world class transformation in how you engage others for greater collective profitability, performance and fulfillment levels", recommends Manoj. Attending the seminar will really be worth it, needless to say.

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Knowing Your True Personality - Engaging People and Building World Class Relationships
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Industry Focus: The Joys of Working in the Food & Beverage Industry

Audrey Rabarot, Ivan Fernandez, Sam Neoh and Stanley Tan, professionals working for 1-Rochester Group, share what they love about their jobs.

Do you want to know what it's like working for a top class dining group? This week's Industry Focus features 1-Rochester Group, pioneer of alfresco dining and gastro bars in Singapore. JobsDB Singapore speaks with four professionals working for this well-known life dining group on their specific jobs. Read and find tips on how to build a successful career in the industry of dining.

Audrey Rabarot
Audrey Rabarot is the Marketing Manager of 1-Rochester Group. She handles all Marketing and Public Relations tasks of the company.

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, Audrey replied, "Working at the 1-Rochester Group is not like a typical office job as it is a really creative and dynamic environment here. We are always sharing ideas and brainstorming among different departments to come up with new, exciting projects and events for our customers."

Ivan Fernandez
Ivan Fernandez is the Operations Manager of 1-Twenty Six. Ivan makes sure that their restaurants maintain high levels of service. He also conducts training sessions for their staff.

He enjoys working at 1-Twenty Six because it provides him opportunities to meet people. "I really enjoy working in the F & B line as it enables me to meet new people everyday from all walks of life", he said.

Sam Neoh
Sam Neoh is the Head Chef of 1-Twenty Six. He manages the kitchen of 1-Twenty Six and he gets to create new dishes for the restaurant.

Asked why he enjoys working for 1-Tenty, Sam replied, "Each day has been a great learning experience for me and I get to work with a close-knit team of really dynamic people. Plus, having a million-dollar view of the sea is a bonus!"

Stanley Tan
Stanley Tan is the Events Operation Manager of 1-Rochester Group. He handles all the planning of events and other operational aspects of the company.

When asked what he enjoys most about his job, Stanley replied, "I feel a great sense of satisfaction whenever clients give us feedback expressing their joy and appreciation for what we have done for them! I have been in the F&B line for over ten years now. And I encourage all jobseekers to consider this industry as a vibrant and rewarding career for themselves as it offers people a multitude of opportunities to learn and grow in."

Full interviews are available @ JobsDB Singapore's 1- Rochester Group Page

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