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Monday, May 31, 2010

Yet another job interview-related post from Singapore. But this time, we're offering a BONUS with it. A big one.

Job interviews comprise of three stages: before, during, and after.

It takes self confidence to conquer the 'during' stage. You have to communicate with the interviewer your whole skills set and bravado in not more than 20 minutes. That's the usual limit. To be self confident is the only way to accomplish such a task.

Self confidence will not work without proper preparation, though. Preparing needs to be done in order to ace a job interview - it's the only way to get yourself to formulate good answers. This is where the 'before' stage comes in. Study your resume thoroughly and look for information about the company that invited you.

Of course there's also the need to prepare in terms of appearance. A neatly pressed polo shirt can do wonders. Preparing is also the key to punctuality, which companies give a lot of importance to.

What about the 'after' stage? Send a thank you note to the employer, a day after your interview. Why do such a thing? Because it can strengthen your chances of being invited for a second interview or give you another shot at the job. A thank you note will characterize you as professional and appreciative, so Singapore greatly encourages sending such an 'old-fashioned' thing. We also want you to follow up. Doing so will continue to show your enthusiasm and desire for the position.

Now, you know how to handle your next job interview. Let's proceed to the BONUS. Wong Kok Wah, a specialist of career counseling and career development, is scheduled to talk about acing job interviews on June 12, Saturday courtesy of Career Events. Yes, you read that right. We figured, it's about time! Why attend? Peak your Interview Performance will highlight the key points to remember for one to prepare, attend and follow-up when one gets invited to an interview. It will also tackle body language, intonation and dealing with Frequently Asked Questions at an Interview. It's going to be a very informative event for job seekers.

Details are as follows:
Date : 12 June 2010, Saturday
Time : 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Price : S$28 (incl. 7% GST)
Venue : National Library Building, 100 Victoria Street, Level 5, Possibility Room

For more information, please call Pei Yan or Linc at 6861 1000 or email us at

Career Events Singapore
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Is getting a career coach worth it? Singapore attempts to answer a question as common as 'How can I perfect my resume?'.

Definitely, yes. Getting career advice from a coach may be costly, but worth it. Whether you are just getting started in your career or have been working for years, you will benefit from the services of a career coach. A career coach can not only give you effective tips on career advancement and development, but also stand as your emotional support during times of uneasiness. Having a career coach is like having a friend that understands your work aspirations and frustrations.

In specific terms, a career coach can:

...teach you tips and tricks to advance your career.
...point you the parts of your career that need to be worked on. you accomplish goals. you to stay focused.
...let you know WHEN to ask for a raise. you get ready for a promotion.
...keep your career path aligned with your lifestyle.
...lead you to the right seminars and training programs for faster career advancement.
...boost your confidence levels.
...instill important career qualities in you like in time management, leadership, office etiquette, among others.
...let you know WHEN to opt for a career change or not.
...provide you adequate support, both emotional and professional, in case you choose to pursue a career change.

And of course, there's more. Just think along those lines.

Are there alternatives for career coaching? Yes. Attending career seminars and workshops can be as beneficial in your career as getting a career coach, provided you know which to attend and which to pass up. Attending every seminar that comes your way can be a big waste of time, and so, be specially careful in choosing which ones to attend. Nevertheless, let's get you started. Visit and Career Events for rewarding seminars.

Career Events Singapore
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The connection between education and talent attraction and development...

A newsflash from Singapore

May 24 had been insightful. "Talent Development: Planting the Seeds to be a Global Hub", highlighted the role of education and educators in strengthening our country's workforce. Hosted by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and The Institute of Internal Auditors (IA), with Mr. Tim Hird, Managing Director of Robert Half in Singapore as moderator, the event gave Singapore a chance to learn of the plans of some of our country's most influential economic entities in response to the issue. The panel comprised 0f representatives from the fields of accountancy, banking and commerce, human resources and educators.

To attract more foreign talents to Singapore, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Teo Chee Hean said that giving extra focus to knowledge creation in the country would harvest results. The Economic Development Board (EDB) plans to build on existing strengths by adding new layers of skills and capabilities to workers. The government also approves of the recommendation of the committee to develop Singapore into a center for accountancy.

“The connection between education and talent attraction and development is almost self-evident but,so far, it has not been explored in any detail. This roundtable is therefore timely and brings into focus the Minister’s observation of the important role that educators play in attracting talent” said Mr Darryl Wee, Country Head of ACCA.

More information here. Singapore
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Our News Watch section is also a good way to be in the know when it comes to the recent happenings in the Singapore job market. Bookmark to be updated always.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Career-wise, what's going on in the heads of Singapore's youth?

Answerable? Yes. This short commentary from Singapore aims to get you discussing.

Career-wise, what's going on in the heads of today’s youth in Singapore? There's no definite answer, but one thing's for sure, it's a mixture of complicated and simple things. From I'll do my best to get Ana to say yes for another date' to 'I'm fated to be the next Audrey Quek and I'll do my best'. Think along those lines.

Today's youth are very complicated, really. They're driven by dreams, both small and big and they work at mach-tree. They carry with them torches of dreams that are as fiery as the sun, which is why older generations fancy describing their antics as unpredictable.

But, are they really unpredictable? To a certain extent, yes, their habits are incalculable but, not to the point of being scary. Contrary to common notion, there are still things in the minds of today's youth that can be quantified and drawn. Like, where they want to work in the future. Just recently, The Business Times shared an interesting perspective on this: "SIA undergrads' top employer choice: survey" featured the most sought after employers of undergrads and fresh graduates here in Singapore. This was based on an online poll that Swedish firm Universum had conducted from February to April. We have to admit, we're very interested in knowing how the undergrads of today see career advancement and job satisfaction. Are ‘theirs’ really a far cry from ‘ours’ in the past? This article has given us a circumspect outlook, which is why we're very grateful for it.

The poll asked business, engineering and natural sciences students from some of the top universities here in Singapore to name five employers that they most wished to work for. So, which top companies emerged as the most desired? The number one spot was bagged by Singapore Airlines. ExxonMobil and Shell ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively on significance of the petroleum industry. Business graduates remained partial to the financial sector, but still banks dominated the top 10. Other noteworthy employers in the top 10 were Google and Walt Disney Company.

Many were willing to try other fields for the sake of career success, according to the poll. Their choices spanned from Oil & Gas and Information Technology to Pharmaceuticals and Public Service.

As for career aspiration, work-life balance topped the poll by a large margin. That, you have to know, made us feel good.

Join the conversation. Do you have something to say about the topic? Share it with us. Don't hesitate to email. Singapore
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Headlines that Matter || JobsDB Singapore | Cycle 5

Cycle five. Are you currently looking for a job? This will make you jive.

Standard Chartered will be hiring thousands.
Private banks are on a hiring frenzy.
Arts jobs made more rewarding!
Singapore undergrads and fresh graduates speak out. Find out where most of them want to work in the future.

In one of the biggest hiring drives by a single employer here in years, Standard Chartered Bank (Stanchart) yesterday announced plans to employ 2,000 more staff in Singapore by 2012. -- Stanchart plans hiring spree, May 24, The Straits Times

The new hires will be made across all the group's businesses here, from sales and support staff to senior managers. It needs them to keep pace with the growth in the bank's business in Singapore and elsewhere. -- Stanchart to boost workforce in Singapore, May 22-23, The Business Times Weekend
Are you a banking professional? Good news as, Standard Chartered, plans to increase its staff strength from about 6,000 by 2012, in response to its expansion in Singapore. You have 2 years left to improve your qualifications. Use the time wisely. We'll be right behind you every step of the way. always has its seminar calendar packed; regularly check the website out for possible rewarding seminars. We also update our Career Advice weekly and so, we suggest you make it a habit to check the section every time you go online.

Private banks are hiring with a vengeance, with some head-hunters saying the frenzy of the heyday of 2007 is back. -- Hiring pace of 2007 back for private banks, May 24, The Business Times
Banking professionals are really lucky this quarter! Other private banks are already hiring as of talking. Recruiters are saying that they haven't seen the Singapore banking recruitment scene like this in 5 years. Are you a banker who's currently looking for a good stint? Don't miss this chance. You can start looking for banking jobs and finance careers in our database.

Designers, artists, and all those who want to make a career switch to the creative industries will be getting a big boost with grants and tax breaks. It is part of the Government's push to attract more people to join industries such as the arts, design, film and animation. -- Perks set to boost creative industries, May 22, The Straits Times
Arts professionals are finally getting what they deserve -- that's good to hear, as this will encourage more young people to pursue a career path that's creative-centric. We in Singapore believe that being in the arts industry is as great as being a part of the more popular fields in the country like Accounting, Information Technology, Engineering, and Human Resource. We hope this will inspire you to pursue your love for the arts. You can look for fashion jobs, entertainment openings, beautician careers, visual merchandising jobs, and other arts jobs in our database.

Interesting NEWS

Have you always wondered where most fresh graduates here in Singapore desire to work? Here's your answer. Universum recently announced the findings of their poll of 1,286 business and 1,517 engineering and natural sciences students from some of the top universities here in Singapore which ran from February to April. For business, engineering and science students, Singapore Airlines emerged as the most desired employer. ExxonMobil and Shell, ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively on significance of petroleum industry and banks dominated the top ten. You can read more about the survey on The Business Times.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Emotional Intelligence at Work

EQ is arguably of equal, if not greater, importance to intelligence when it comes to achieving career success. An emotionally intelligent individual doesn't encounter difficulty understanding his own emotions and also the feelings of the others around him. Need we say more?

Offices are very social places. Office politics is a force to be reckoned with, not to mention, most bosses like to play social games with their employees. For someone aiming to achieve success, it's imperative to develop a better understanding of EQ and how being emotionally intelligent can escort one to glory lane.

We in Singapore knows this. We want you to get you in touch with your EQ focals; we're offering you these seminars, through The good news here is, JobsDB's training and development arm will be having two this June.

Communications guru, Leslie Choudhury is scheduled to talk about EQ on June 11. Emotional Intelligence at Work will guide you through the five core competencies of EQ and show you how to develop meaningful relationships with everyone. Those with jobs that require good communications skills, e.g. managers, clerical staff, call centre agents, receptionists, secretaries, are encouraged to attend. For more information, please proceed to

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Challenging Times with Ricky Lien is scheduled to take place on June 16, on the other hand. It will use key modules of EQ that will help you manage your emotions and relations better. More details about the seminar can be found @

Being emotionally intelligent means being able to control one's emotions and deal with all types of people. Professional speaker, Christian Chua will be having Dealing with Difficult People and Situations on July 8. In this experiential seminar, Christian will inspire you to adapt your attitude and behaviour so that you bring out the best in everyone. For more information, please click here:

It goes without saying, we want you to attend all three. For enquiries, please contact at 6861 1000 or email to Singapore
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Let's talk about bosses

One of Singapore's biggest passions is blogging --it's a great way to reach job seekers and employees. What do we love to blog about the most? The list is long, but our posts usually go around the following focals: career change, resume writing, job interviews, career advancement and bosses. Yes, you read that right, bosses. We're pretty well-versed when it comes to discussions involving our country's hardworking top executives, really.

How do we define tough bosses? A recent article from asiaonebusiness, has featured what our senior web editor has to say regarding such colorful corporate characters:

Mr Mark Lim, senior web editor of Jobs DB Singapore, felt bosses need to be tough sometimes.

He said: "They have to ensure that deadlines are met, good work is produced and the company's targets and objectives are achieved."

The article is about how tough bosses thrive the Singapore workplane. It's a very good read for fresh graduates. You can read the complete article @

Tell us what you think about bosses. Your boss. Write to us. Singapore
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Friday, May 21, 2010

A must-attend for marketers, advertisers, decision makers, practitioners and business owners

Advertising is tricky. There's no such thing as 'common interest' -- it's a myth; people have different tastes. That's the reason why Singapore admires marketing executives, advertising professionals, and business owners so much. Such job functions are nothing, if not distressing. Marketing is all about taming the public eye; entering the field will put your patience and smarts to an extreme test. Are you looking into entering entrepreneurship or the advertising field in the future? Here's something you ought to attend.

Whether you are a marketing professional or a business owner, this event will equip you with what you need to bag your career success. For the first time ever, the APPIES (Asia Pacific Advertising & Marketing Congress) will be screening here in Singapore. The event will be gathering participants from 16 Asia Pacific countries and they will share their greatest marketing campaigns. The panel of advisors? Directors and founders of famed institutions:

  • Goh Shu Fen, Co-founder of Principal of R3, Chairman of the APPIES
  • Dee Dutta, Head of Marketing Asia Pacific, VISA Worldwide
  • Francesco Lagutaine, Chief Marketing Officer Asia Pacific, Citigroup
  • Huang Cheng Eng, Executive Vice President for Marketing & the Regions, Singapore Airlines
  • Ken Low, Assistant Chief Executive Marketing Group, Singapore Tourism Board
  • Shakir Moin, Director Sparkling Brand Portfolio, Coca-Cola
  • Rajev Shukla, Global Brand Vice President, Pond’s, Unilever Asia

And there's more. Supporting the APPIES are internationally renowned brands. SIM Global Education, CNN, Asia Pacific Breweries, Leo Burnett, and Moove Media have all signed to lend support for the event. It's something you really shouldn't miss.

The event will be a great networking platform for APAC marketers and a learning platform for those who wish to gain insights to their marketing campaigns. “One of the aims of the APPIES is to attract and nurture regional marketing talents and promote Marketing as an aspiring career path for young professionals and students.” says Patrick Mowe, Advisor, Institute of Advertising, Singapore (the event's organizer).

The APPIES will take place on the 3rd and 4th of June 2010 at SIM headquarters. For more details, visit For special rates and group packages, please contact

Looking for more rewarding career events?, JobsDB's training and development arm offers a wide range of seminars for job seekers and employees looking to improve their qualifications. June will be a seminar-packed month for

1 Jun || Winning and Retaining Clients in Tough Times
2 Jun || Think Fast Think Smart
2-3 Jun || Scenario Planning
3 Jun || Mind Mapping at Work
9 Jun || Writing Effective Minutes
10 Jun || Writing in Response to Complaints
11 Jun || The Art of Collecting Debts Through the Telephone
11 Jun || Emotional Intelligence at Work
16 Jun || Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Challenging Times
17 Jun || Report Writing Essentials
18 Jun || Effective Business Cashflow - The Practical Way
22 Jun || Making Great Connections
23 Jun || Business Etiquette and Professional Poise
23 Jun || Dealing with Conflict
29-30 Jun || Powerful Business Writing Skills

Found something of interest to you? Go ahead, mark your calendar. Singapore
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another first! presents Quick Ad Preview.

Another first from! We're presenting you our Quick Ad Preview function. No more hassles! Quick Ad Preview will allow job seekers like you to preview job ads without having to click on each individual job ad’s link to open another window.

How to activate:

It's very easy. Just click on the Preview button on top of your job search results. Singapore
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Finance professionals, this can be the key to your DBS dreams.

It's a dream of many job seekers to work in DBS Bank; that's the reason why we like featuring professionals from the bank in Industry Focus. So far, we've already interviewed six, but we're not stopping. Here's another DBS professional that can help you land your dream DBS job.

Tay Wei Chye is the Business Director of DBS Consumer Banking Group. He chose to work in DBS because he knew the bank would give him the room to develop his own career path -- one that wouldn't leave behind his personal goals and aspirations. And he was right with that. So far, he shares to us, "DBS has been a great place to work as it has given me numerous opportunities to excel in my career".

We're guessing, your reasons for wanting to have a DBS job are the same. The competition for DBS jobs may be tough, but quitting will lead you to nothing. After all, Tay Wei Chye has exclusive banking career advice for you. Put these to good use.

When asked what qualities he looks for in a candidate, he told us:

For SRM [Senior Relationship Manger] and IS [Insurance Sales Specialist] candidates, I look for traits found in staff who have been successful in sales - being self-motivated and driven, having strong passion and commitment to sales and service, good interpersonal skills and who are persevering. .

For Service Executives, I will look for candidates who demonstrate a strong service DNA pleasant personality, strong passion and commitment to deliver great service.

Now you know what to highlight in your resume when applying for DBS positions. Good luck with your application.

Our complete interview with Tai Wei Chye is avaialble @ We have more exclusive DBS interviews @

You can also browse for DBS jobs in our database. For more banking jobs and finance openings, please proceed to


Career Events' How to Excel in Your Career will be this Saturday! Don't miss this great event, you can still register.

Tomorrow will be the part two of Training Mastery from Failed to attend the first part yesterday? Don't miss the part two! Get your pens ready -- you'll surely learn a lot of new things in this seminar. Singapore
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Here are some of our past DBS posts that you might want to read:
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Headlines that Matter || JobsDB Singapore | Cycle 4

Cycle 4. Were you waiting that long?

The recession is over but bosses may not be heaving a sigh of relief. A new challenge is looming: rising wage bills. From June, bosses will no longer enjoy any wage subsidy from the Jobs Credit Scheme. Poor employees, some would say, as they seem to be under attack on several fronts to raise wages. But think of it the other way: Could it be payback time? -- First World country, but not First World wages?, May 15, The Straights Times.
The members of the workforce were the ones in the most disadvantageous position during the recession, what with companies laying-off as a measure for cost-saving. Now that the economic turmoil is over and the Singapore economy is well on its way to stability, the worrying bug has shifted to pestering our hardworking top executives. The latest surveys are conveying the same results: the balance of power is slowly swinging back to the workforce. The job market is doing well-- employees are ready for a job change, for better salary and career. Employees are demanding; bosses are, of course, pressured to commensurate. “As candidates see that more opportunities are available and confidence in the market grows, they are adjusting their salary expectations,” says Chris Mead, General Manager of Hays in Singapore in a press release the company shared with Singapore.

Are you looking into the prospect of changing careers soon? Don't you have any more reason to like your current job? Fact is, the top priority of bosses this quarter is staff retention. A press release from Hudson says so. We're pretty sure your boss is up to making a counter offer if you're really worth it. Why not schedule a talk with him?

Two new shemes will boost the numbers and deepen specialists' skills. Now, among the 22,000 offices from agencies such as the Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force, junior ones typically hold diplomas while senior officers tend to be graduates, The change means that 14,700 junior officers stand to get better pay than before. -- Better career paths for Home Team officers, May 17, The Straights Times.
Good news for our hardworking Home Team officers! The Ministry of Home Affairs is liking the fact that Home officers are aspiring for better careers in the force and has taken the best means to match their career wishes.

Singapore's labour movement, NTUC, is taking the lead in enhancing the productivity levels of low wage workers in the country. Its assistant secretary general Ong Ye Kung said it will involve a three-prolonged strategy - redesigning jobs, urging suppliers to go for best sourcing and changing mindsets of workers towards training. -- Better job design, worker training key to up productivity of low wage workers, May 13,
Who says that there's no room for career development for you, if you're a low wage earner? Attending courses will improve your qualifications a lot and increase your salary. NTUC will be rigorously pushing forward its job recreation programme for low wage earners who are interested to undergo special courses.

When it comes to training, JobsDB Career Events can be of help to you too. Following a not-for-profit setup, Career Events keeps the fees at a minimum to help as many workers and job seekers as possible with their careers. For this month, it's offering a seminar on excelling in your career. To view its calendar of seminars, please proceed to

Madam Tan, who has been with the hotel [Sheraton Towers as Chambermaid] for 23 years, said she was fortunate to have a supportive employer, but added that workers must play their part if they want to stay on in a job: "Employees must be responsible and serious about work, and stay healthy. otherwise, why would bosses want to employ us?" -- 'Cheaper, better, faster': 300 get NTUC awards, May 14, The Straights Times.
We'd like to end Cycle 4 of our headlines that matter with an inspiring story. Madam Tan here, a breadwinner, failed a medical test in 2008 and couldn't provide the right coverage according to the news article. She was saved by the hotel's human resources director Francis Tan Kweng by appealing to the insurer to give Madam a re-examination. This just proves that understanding between employers and employees, results to a pot of gold. As an employee, it's your duty to stay fit and healthy for your company.

For more career resources, please proceed to The latest jobs in Singapore can be found here: Singapore
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How is the Singapore workplane treating older workers?

Here in Singapore, there's a law -- the Retirement Age Act -- that allows companies to cut a worker's pay at 60. You can say that there's 'injustice' here and we won't argue. Really, the question above is subjective. It depends on whether you see this law being enacted properly or not or how your company is treating your seniors. The Singapore job market is full of mysteries like that. We can't give you a firm answer, to be honest.

Just last month, we've interviewed, Mr. Ong Teong Wan about staying productive regardless of age. A career after 50 is plausible he says and we believe him; however, from time to time, some headlines pop up and topple what we'd like to think to be our firm stand on this issue.

Being referred to as a senior professional means more working experience -- experience, as we all know, is a valuable professional asset. Madam L. Tay's argument goes along those lines, as she has shared in an article on The Straights Times last May 14. A teacher for 43 years, she turned 60 last year and days later her pay was cut by ten. "Madam Tay is riled that the government - her employer - is doing to its own staff what it is urging others not to do", to quote.

Recent surveys report that more bosses are hiring older workers than ever. Is this because the law gives them cost-saving favors?

Of course, there's a good reason behind the enactment of the law. Plus, the government has already stepped up to prepare employers for new legislation in 2012 that will raise the retirement age. Don't get the idea that the government is playing the villain here.

So who's side should you take? We say, neither. Employers and older workers should compromise. It all depends on changing mindsets. Instead of relying on their seniority, older workers should continue to improve their skills for a 'fair' salary. on the other hand, employers shouldn't consider the law as a measure of cost-saving. They should be willing to provide appropriate measures to it like reducing working hours and/or responsibilities.

Penny for your thoughts? Write to us.

JobsDB Singapore
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Looking for a job? We have job openings @ For career advice, please proceed to our career resources section @ We also have something to offer to you, if you're looking for career workshops. is our professional training arm. Find out if its latest seminar offerings appeal to you.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Of Job Satisfaction and Yoga Teaching

"Enjoying my job is the most important thing, rather than how much it pays", says Tane Lee. There goes a good career advice for job hunters and career changers, but this isn't another one of our short commentaries, mind you. We admire Tane, really -- she understands what job satisfaction is by heart and has a remarkable career. Tane is a full time yoga instructor at Absolute Yoga and we're featuring her here today to share to our followers her outstanding working philosophy and cool job.

Some people may think that teaching yoga is too tiring to be considered a cool job, but we digress. It pays good and keeps you fit. Plus, it brings forth personal satisfaction: nothing beats the feeling of being able to help people feel better. "As a hot yoga instructor, it makes your day when your students tell you that you have made their day better and they feel great after a class. Some of my students have also become friends and we even go out together at times", Tara told us when we asked her what she enjoys most about her job.

There are two things that we want you to pick up from this post. One is, of course, the idea that good careers don't always come with high salaries. If you're currently looking for a job, don't disregard a good offer just because it doesn't pay good. You should already know this if you're a career changer, but this reminder is for you too. What's the other lesson? Yoga jobs are cool. :D

The complete interview is available @ Yoga, Hot Yoga?ID=324. For more Campus articles, please proceed to We have job openings here: Singapore
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Headlines that Matter - Special Ed.

We MUST share these. Why the rush? They're reporting jobs, jobs jobs! That means good news for our job seeker followers, Singaporeans and foreign.

WITH a ratio of one pharmacist to 3,000 people, Singapore is far off the developed world's standard of one to 500.

The shortage has driven the Singapore Pharmacy Council (SPC) to try to bump up its numbers. It will recruit more pharmacists by expanding its list of recognised foreign qualifications and allowing fresh graduates from overseas to carry out their pre-registration training, the pharmacist's equivalent of medical housemanship, here. -- More pharmacists needed for S'pore, May 14, The Straights Times
It doesn't matter if you're a fresh graduate. You've read it. Are you a pharma professional? This is your lucky quarter. Singapore's pharmaceutical industry is hiring; for that, the country's pharmacy council is offering specialised career tracks and scholarships.

The positive momentum in the Singapore job market is continuing -- especially so in the legal and merchandising/purchasing sectors, where job advertisements in the first quarter increased by a whopping 120 per cent and 119 per cent respectiverly compared to the previous quarter. -- Q1 ads reflect buzz in S'pore job market, May 14, The Business Times.

There's no stopping the Singapore job market. Reporting the results of the Robert Walters Asia Job Index for Q1 2010, this headline is something to celebrate about for retail professionals and legal executives. Take advantage of the momentum; we have legal jobs and merchandising openings in our database.

Are you in IT or Admin? Call yourself lucky too as these sectors are doing well as well, according to the survey. We have IT openings @ For admin jobs please proceed to

For more career resources, please proceed to The latest jobs in Singapore can be found here: Singapore
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Career tips for fresh graduates, campus offerings, and more.

Job hunting can be as overwhelming as visiting Escape's Haunted II or Haw Par Villa's 10 Courts of Hell for the first time, for fresh graduates. Given the state our country's job market is currently in (it hasn't recovered fully yet), it can be said that lack of work experience is a handicap. Even experienced professionals are competing for fresh graduate jobs. This is why if you're a fresh graduate, it's imperative that you give everything you've got when applying for positions and when making resumes to accompany those applications.

We in Singapore understand this. Campus is designed to assist fresh grads and students (looking part time jobs or internships) with their endeavors. Campus is updated everyday not only with job openings but also with helpful career resources. We've interviewed Annie Yap, founder and Managing Director of AYP Associates for our latest Campus offering. We've already posted the video of this interview here before, so you probably already know the gist of her tips. Nevertheless, we've written an article about it for better understanding. She has three tips for students: "know what you want", "be disciplined", and "be flexible".

"Sharing from my own personal experience, I worked at GMP for 15 years since I graduated. The truth is, fresh graduates will definitely face many obstacles and challenges in the working world, but it’s important to persevere, endure, and resist the temptation to job hop every time we face a problem, or join another company for small salary increments", Annie shares.

The complete interview is available @ Campus?ID=327. For more Campus articles, please proceed to New singapore jobs can be found @

JobsDB Singapore
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Headlines that Matter || JobsDB Singapore | Cycle 3

Here's the third installment of our headlines that matter project. How are these headlines affecting your job search or career development? Share with us.

Paper qualifications are no longer enough to get you a job you desire.

With unemployment fairly widespread in many countries, developing job-hunting capabilities has become vital, like how a degree, diploma or professional certification has become a prerequisite for jobs. Increasingly, to be a successful job hunter, you need to improve your resume-writing skills and to enhance your performance at interviews. -- Job hunting: It's a different world, May 10, Today.
This is why we like writing about job hunting so much: there are so many things to write about the topic. Perfecting your resume is one thing; acing your job interviews is another. Given the competition, it is imperative that you present yourself in the best way you can as possible. How can you do that? Browsing through our archives can help you a lot, but for convenience's sake, here's a rundown of our job hunting ideas:

Your resume:
  • Should have a power statement rather than a simple objective.
  • Should put great emphasis on your past achievements.
  • Should include only relevant information.
  • Should have readable font, no smaller than size ten.

Ace job interviews by:
  • Preparing.
  • Dressing to impress.
  • Being on time. Nothing beats punctuality.
  • Being attentive to the interviewer.
  • Sending a thank you note, after.

Some of us have been criticised for being too impatient and always looking for instant rewards. But employers are also looking for almost instant results from the staff. We talk about efficiency and maximising returns, so why blame us for leaving for another job that pays a couple of hundred dollars more? -- Job searchers and drifters, May 8, The Straights Times.

More than one third of jobseekers believe the salaries on offer are below market rate.

According to a survey by recruiting experts Hays, 35 per cent believe salaries are below market rate with no room to negotiate. A further 35 per cent of jobseekers believe salaries are low but employers are willing to negotiate. -- Jobseekers in Singapore say salaries too low, May 12, Singapore.
For career development, employees are eager for job change -- that's what recent surveys have been reporting (SEE Robert Half’s 1Q 2010 Workplace Survey, April - June 2010 edition of the Hays Quarterly Report). This brings us back to a May 5 article on Today which reports the findings of another survey (from Hudson): higher salary offering is the best strategy to retain staff. Suffice to say, employers know what they lack and are willing to do things to fill in those gaps. If you are currently looking for other opportunities now that the job market is improving, we suggest you discuss things with your boss first.

Speaking of these surveys, we have just summarised the important points of their findings in NewsWatch. According to Robert Half, finance and accounting professionals are in demand:
Hays Singapore has listed the following as great career options for job hunters and those looking to change careers this quarter:

Abdul Karim, executive director, Development, Industrial & Services Co-Operative Society, said: "Unlike any other job fair which is open to everyone, we brought in employers who are willing to give ex-offenders second chances and give them jobsin today’s job fair. -- Job fair for ex-offenders gives them a chance to reintegrate into society, May 8,

We can't help but post this snippet. It makes us feel good that people are helping each other for career success. We hope that there will be more events like this in the country in the future. And speaking of career fairs and career events, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank CE2010's participants, exhibitors and job seekers. We hope you had a wonderful experience with us. See you next year at JobsDB Career Expo 2011!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

JobsDB Singapore features a cool job: Being a magician

A magician job pays good and makes people happy. It's an entertainment job that brings forth financial and personal satisfaction, so yes, it's a cool job. And we're featuring someone making a living out of this coolness in this blog today.

"Singapore's Most Famous Magician", "The Ace in Asia", and "Singapore's Best Known Illusionist" are just some of his mainstream titles. Who else are we featuring here but JC? We're pretty sure many of you are interested to know how he started his career. Here's what he has told us in our interview:

Magic started off as a hobby. I started doing magic when I was 12. Essentially self-taught, I learnt what is known to be 'close-up magic' (or now known as 'Street Magic') from books. At 17, I joined the local magic club, International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) Singapore Ring 115. I won several awards as a performer in close-up magic competitions and also won international awards for original magic creations that have been published in international magic journals and magazines, which are distributed to over 70,000 magicians worldwide.

While it takes many years of training to become a magician, JC's story is enough to inspire people to pursue their dream jobs. We've said yesterday that the concept of cool jobs is subjective, right? How do you define cool in relation to your career? Copywriting? Events Management? Working in a hotel? Athletics? Fashion? Whatever is your idea of a cool career, don't be discouraged to pursue it. We have tons of articles in our database that can help you out. And also, we'll be featuring headlines about job hunting tomorrow, so stay tuned; you may find valuable tips there.

The complete interview is available @ Jobs - Magician?ID=323. For more Campus articles, please proceed to New singapore jobs can be found @ Singapore
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Of cool jobs and being a dog trainer

Do cool jobs exist? Thing is, the concept of 'cool jobs' is quite subjective; everything depends on your definition of the word cool. So yes, cool jobs do exist.

What's cool for you may be boring for others, though. Not everyone will agree with your ideas of coolness. While you may find traveling as a great job function, for instance, others may prefer staying in a nice office than being always on the go for work. Nevertheless, what's important here is, there are cool jobs and job satisfaction is very much possible.

Although the concept of cool jobs, by essence, is largely subjective, there are types of work that many people agree to be cool. Being a state head can be great. Another perfect example is being a dog trainer. Our latest campus article features, husband/wife tandem, Owen Sim and Ivy Ann, founders of Best Friends Doggy & Kitty Salon cum Learning Centre. Read our special feature about them and find out the perks of their cool job.

"I believe that there are good prospects for the pet grooming and dog training trade, but it’s very important to learn the skills correctly and be truly passionate about helping the animals or else you will actually be doing more harm than good towards your clients and their pets in the long run", Owen shares to us.

The complete interview is available @ dog training?ID=321. For more Campus articles, please proceed to New singapore jobs can be found @

We're featuring another cool job tomorrow. Stay tuned. :D

A message from JobsDB Campus

Did you get your job through Share with with us your story and be featured on our Campus page. Send to us now!

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Friday, May 7, 2010

How to improve your email writing skills

Just because an electronic medium makes it easy to send your collection of fuzzy messages, that doesn't make it a good idea. Convenient and user friendly, email is indeed an asset in the corporate world; however, it has pushed employees to develop careless habits that are not only irritating but also risky for the companies involved.

Sharing professional information is suggested, joking is not. But just because you're very professional when you use your email, that doesn't make you an exception to this. Poor writing skills can also be a annoying and damaging for a company's reputation.

They say that we are what we write. Although it doesn't seem so, emailing is not an exception to this common knowledge. Singapore and its training and development arm,, is inviting you to this powerful one-day workshop on email writing.

Energise Your E-mail Writing Skills, with author and popular trainer, Shirley Taylor, is a comprehensive workshop that will help you make the most of email. This program aims at helping participants to:

  • Appreciate the highs and lows of email.
  • Understand the main problems in composing emails.
  • Identify old-fashioned phrases and overused jargon commonly used in emails.
  • Use modern business language when composing emails.
  • Apply the main rules of good writing to email messages.
  • Structure email messages logically using Shirley's 4 Point Plan.
  • Compose effective emails that will get results.
  • Improve the tone in email messages.
  • Improve corporate image through effective emails.
  • Analyse business emails to improve style/tone/wording/structure.

Department heads, executives, secretaries, and clerical officers from the fields of Human Resource, Recruitment, Banking & Finance, Media, and Marketing are encouraged to attend.


These are other writing seminars from to look forward to. Mark your calendar!

Writing Proposals & Reports
Writing Effective Minutes
Writing in Response to Complaints
Report Writing Essentials

For more information, please contact at 6861 1000 or email to

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

How is the Singapore job market doing?

Pretty much, okay, we're telling you. Surveys are conveying good results. Job hunters and employees have a lot to look forward to this month and the next, really. Companies are planning to hire again -- that's one thing. Bosses are willing to increase the pays of their staff as a strategy to counter retention issues as well.

Three in five bosses are ready to make a counter offer to save a quitting employee, according to the latest poll by recruitment firm Hudson. A good 80 per cent of the respondents see this as the most effective counter offer measure. As for job hunters, an average of 54 per cent of the respondent companies intend to increase headcount in April to June. You can expect a surge of job openings this month until the next. Our jobs database is a great way to see how companies are acting in relation to this report. (you can read more about the results of the survey in this The Business Times article)

BTW, the news headlines we've shared yesterday are a testament that the Singapore job market is ready to hand full favors... Have you read it? If not, do so.

This report from Hudson didn't mention which industries in particular are at their very peak as of present; we suggest you read Hays Singapore's latest press release that we have posted in our website a couple of weeks ago to know which jobs to consider for faster results. Whether you are currently looking for a job or planning to change careers, here is a quick rundown of jobs that are currently in high demand according to Hays: Accountant Jobs, Job in Finance, Construction Engineer Jobs, Jobs in IT, Marketing Positions, Specialist Jobs, and Pharmaceutical Job.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Headlines that Matter | JobsDB Singapore || Cycle 2

We told you we were serious. Here goes the cycle 2 of our headlines that matter project.
"Experts say such social networking websites [pertaining to facebook] can be useful for sharing information beneficial to the company." -- Facebook: A growing force in the office, May 3, The Straights Times.
We believe that social media sites are great career resources, not just for office professionals but also for job hunters. Facebook, twitter, and linkedin are a great source of career advice articles and working tips. If you're a job seeker, they can lead you to "hidden" jobs. Are we on facebook? Yes. And we also have accounts on twitter and linkedin. Here you can view the links to all our social media accounts. Add us up. We'll be waiting.

"AROUND 65 per cent of Singapore's finance and accounting professionals are looking for better job opportunities as the economy recovers and hiring sentiments improve." -- 65% of finance execs looking for better jobs, May 1, asiaonebusiness
This article reports the results of the latest Robert Half survey. Yes, you're right; we've published this press release back @ too a couple of weeks ago. Nevertheless, what inferences can we make out of these reports? The economy is already giving favors to job seekers -- industries are getting their momentum back, especially accounting and banking & finance. Robert Half's survey didn't mention which industries to look into for jobs aside from the two aforementioned, but another press release from Hays Singapore did. Clerical Jobs, Civil Engineer Jobs, IT Careers, Marketing Positions, Jobs in Pharmaceutical, and Real Estate Jobs are some of the positions currently in high demand reports Hays. You can read these press releases @

"It is an open secret in the recruitment industry that employers do not want to hire those aged 35 and above. They also have other biases, like wanting to hire only young, pretty women, or the perception that some ethnic groups are more prone to absenteeism." -- They get others to do their discriminatory hiring, May 3, Today
Candidate selection has always been an issue in the recruitment industry. Recruiters and Companies have their own biases and so, it is imperative that you show them that there is more to you than your age or appearance. Whether you are hoping for a career in Direct Marketing or aiming to be a Receptionist, enhance your profile by establishing a personal brand, for instance. You can always go to our career advice section for tips to improve your chances at landing a job.

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