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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bullets or paragraphs in your resume?

It seems like the bullet points vs. paragraphs debate in resume writing has been going on forever. It's a 50/50 take: Bullet points make you look unserious about the whole job search activity, whilst paragraphs conceal the applicant's relevant/ most important qualifications from the recruiter's view. They both have pros and cons, so to speak.

Your resume content format should clearly be parallels with your chosen industry's standards. Writing jobs may warrant fragment-less resumes, but in the industry of IT, for instance, such is NOT the case. Searching for IT jobs in Singapore is all about technical-terms bragging, of listing down each and every one of those softwares, hardwares, and whatnots that you know how to use. Of course, using bullets when job hunting in this industry is the most logical route to take. Nurse jobs and doctor jobs in Singapore are also better of applied for with a bulleted resume due to their scientific nature.

And so, get a feel of your chosen industry. Searching for accounting jobs? You probably should craft your resume with equal influences from bullets and paragraphs. Marketing jobs? TV jobs in Singapore? Summarise your past job responsibilities, but use bullet points for your resume's executive summary. That's the idea.

We'd like to hear from you! What do you think of this career advice? What's your stand on the bullet points vs. paragraphs debate?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Verdict's Out

If you haven't read it yet, Robert Walters has just released their Asia Job Index for the 1st quarter of 2012. A copy of the report is shared via's Career Advice.

What seekers of Singapore jobs should be excited about: According to Robert Walters, companies are implementing "transformation projects". That having said, HR jobs, jobs in business development, and finance jobs in Singapore are on the rise.

What about the other job sectors? Singapore is a career hub, anyway. Competition for jobs may be tight/difficult to beat, but there's definitely a place for you in the Lion City. Just search jobs with aggression and you'll be fine.

The report is also an excellent read for to-be expatriates in the countries of Hong Kong, China, Asia, China, and Japan.

See why it's super beneficial for jobseekers to read the news?

In other news:
Have you always wanted to work for JobsDB Singapore? Well then, THIS is your chance to become our brand ambassador! What's more, you could win exciting prices!

Learn more:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Breaking Down Perceptions: Secretary Jobs Singapore

Secretary jobs in Singapore have become dynamic, hence the continuous and steady rise in popularity of this career route among fresh graduates. No longer is a secretary job perceived as a temporary excuse for experience and skills enhancement to a better future (in a more prestigious position and in another industry). These days, these administration jobs are viewed as highly as other Singapore jobs.

Secretaries are now involved in important corporate processes. Today's bosses know how to appreciate a talented assistant who has a say on innovation and decision making. If you're looking into taking this career route, the company secretary job of today  is not going to bore you out with routines and paperworks: You are going to be involved and challenged, definitely. You are going to see yourself entrusted with important tasks.

Of course, you can still view secretary positions as gateways to executive jobs. If anything, these recent changes in the secretarial job description are  going to whip you into shape for challenging top level positions faster than your time expectations. Secretaries are more than just clerical assistants now: Their opinions matter and so does their intangible inputs.

These are the most important secretarial skills:
  • Communication skills
  • Writing skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Time management
  • Passion for the job

Having troubles in your job search? Why not try to search jobs in the administration/HR field in the meantime and focus on secretary jobs? Don't underestimate what a secretarial experience can give to you and your career.

Listen to what a career expert has to say about the admin jobs of today:

Making Jobs Relevant

Career advice for administrative professionals:

How To Manage Your Career & Stay Relevant


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Marketing Jobs in Focus

Marketing jobs may or may not be the most sought after career posts by artsy and adventurous people. While it's true that a job in marketing is not all-creativity, the numbers involved usually don't cause too much damage on a person's work life balance: Marketing surveys and statistics divulge/put to light interesting facts about life and so, there's still the element of fun and whim when analyzing them.

If you're aspiring to become a marketing manager someday, you have to, first, master the general rules of life for a marketing executive. Your work follows you at home, at your gimmick places, among others. You're interested, more than anything else, in the "latests" or the "trends" -- needless to say, you cannot afford to pause on your career endeavors and close your eyes for rest. You have to be aware of what's happening around. You MUST not stop or you'd get left behind.

The best thing about marketing positions is that, even though the premises/circumstances require that you work almost 24 hours a day/7 days a week, it's not gut-wrenching. Rarely do you hear marketing professionals complaining about their professional well-being. They (or at least most of these people) love their jobs because they're not being forced to do things in it.

Well, who wouldn't love being in a marketing job, no matter the sub-field?

See how attractive this industry is? But before you go on full job search mode, remember to search jobs in this industry with caution. Remember, marketing managers are savy and you wouldn't want to risk being misunderstood on your ideals.

For career advice, we suggest that you read these interviews by JobsDB:

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mid-quarter Job Search Advice

Jobseekers who've perspired their ways out of this year's first job market quarter probably already have Singapore jobs to nurture now. For those of you who haven't reached job search success yet (unfortunately), here's the latest memo: It's time to push the gas pedal and become more aggressive. Search jobs with more intensity and with less focus on your past failures and disappointments.

The competition for jobs is tightest during the first quarter: Everyone's energised to land their dream jobs after the Chinese New Year festivities. Take advantage of the fact that we're currently midway into the second quarter when there should be less pressure as far as competing for interview shortlist spots are concerned.

Focusing your search on information technology jobs? Worry not for Singapore remains to be an IT hub -- a place that gets a steady influx of new job openings in the industry of computers. According to the JobsDB database, the current most popular IT jobs are those that deal with IT Project Management, Network and System, Software Development, and IT Support. If your specialisation is one of those, then there's no reason for you to feel bad about your job search success chances this quarter.

Singapore banking jobs are your gem? No problem again. Banking and finance as an industry is a steady top ten  at in terms of number of available job ads for jobseekers.  More specifically, concordant to the industry trends, the hottest subfields are Corporate Finance, Financial Services, Investment, Order Processing, and Private Banking.

What's the number one job industry at in terms of popularity to jobseekers? It's Admin and Human Resources. If you happen to be focusing your job search goals on HR positions and administration jobs, you don't have to worry about losing prospects going forwards. Highlight your oral and written communication skills in your resume, and you certainly aren’t going to encounter the infamous "job interview drought" problem.

What's the latest buzz concerning engineering jobs in Singapore? The industry is as competitive as always, with the JobsDB engineering jobs database overflowing with openings in the subfields of Electronics, Marine, and Industrial Engineering. As a subfield to this strong industry, Engineering Project Management seems to be prospering as well.

Of course, the hospitality industry also deserves a shout out here. Hotel jobs in Singapore remain hot at as well as jobs in food and beverage.

So yes, the "observations" that there are fewer job openings during the second quarter are just exaggerations. Don't worry too much about your possible lack of future and just focus on doing your best in editing your resume and answering your interview questions.

Good luck!

Job Resources:
If you haven’t discovered JobsDB’s depth yet, the website also has sections devoted to career articles and workshops.  Go to Career Advice to learn about proper resume writing and to know the answers to the most common interview questions.

Go to JobsDB Learning to view what JobsDB currently has to offer, seminars-wise.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

JobsDB Singapore & Social Media

Singapore jobs hunting has never been this easy. Now that job openings --from accountinng jobs and engineer jobs to design jobs and marketing jobs, you name it -- are being posted online, jobseekers are benefitting tremedously from comfort and convenience. Gone are the days of corporate trecking for them, of job hunting from one building to the next. Job applications can now be sent in the comfort of one's home.

Indeed, the most popular medium for job hunting these days is the internet. And is a testament to how befitting the internet medium is within the job search context. Jobseekers and employers alike benefit from its many excellent qualities as a middleground for the two to meet.

The social mediascape is just one aspect of the internet phenomenon that has seen a dramatic increase in utilisation from job market elements these past few years. Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin have all been influential for in terms of helping to extend its reach to target markets and keeping its name and reputation afloat against competition. More than personal, sees the appeal of keeping spaces on each of these websites.

Are you already connected with us?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Believe in yourself even when others don't

Whether you are having problems in your Singapore jobs search or in your employee advancement pursuit a.k.a. salary increase/promotion, only you can help yourself. It all boils down to self-confidence or how much you believe in yourself in terms of problem solving and opportunities 'capitalising'.

You may have the skills or the wits, but if you don't have the self-confidence to parade these qualities properly and make the most important people notice them, then they'd be of no use. There's a reason why self-confidence is one of the most written/talked about career topics-- it's a pretty big factor to almost everyone who has an active career pursuit at hand. You have to have skills, but more importantly, you have to have the confidence to sell those skills to employers/bosses.

And so, whether you have an upcoming job interview for your accounting jobs search (or it jobs or banking jobs search...whichever) or your employee evaluation date is fast approaching, be sure to summon enough confidence for the D-Day. Don't shy away from the spotlight; if it's warranted (which is usually the case for career professionals in Singapore), then there isn't going to be a problem with that.

Here are some worth-reading career advice:

Friday, March 16, 2012

Special Invitation to Career Expo 2012

Dear Jobseekers,

It's that time of year again! Come and join us at the
5th Annual Career Expo 2012, Suntec Singapore Exhibition Hall 404. The Career Expo provides jobseekers with an excellent opportunity to apply for more than 5,000 job openings with over 500 companies from different industries participating or represented virtually. Don't miss this chance to meet potential employers face-to-face as interviews can be conducted during the Expo.

Do a FREE profiling test that shows your work attributes, work style, strengths and career match at the Expo. Your results will be sent to you via email. Keen to upgrade and strengthen your career management skills?

Join the Career Talks at $10 (exclusive of GST) only! Click
here to view the topics.

Have you pre-register for the event?

Pre-registration closes on 19 March 2012. On-site registration begins on 23 March 2012.Please bring along a soft copy of your resume with you. Click here for more FAQ

~Daily Highlights at the Career Expo~

Come down to the Career Expo and participate in fun activities and stand a chance to WIN The New IPAD! Be the first 100 visitors to arrive and you will receive Plus! BigDeal vouchers worth $20!

There will also be a live roving from MediaCorp Class95FM.

Special appearance by MediaCorp Clas 95FM DJ The Flying Dutchman from 12pm to 2pm on 23rd March!

For more information, log on to

See you there!!!

From, Career Expo Team

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hiring the best

In order to create a sustainable competitive advantage, organisations are investing heavily in the creation of high performance teams. They are looking at bringing onboard the right kinds of people as a part of their corporate strategy. Fitting the right people in the right jobs will allow companies to successfully react and learn quicker than their competitors. The right people onboard will ultimately ensure success.

Getting the right staff is the single most important factor to any organisation’s success. Hence, it becomes imperative that organisations do not leave the hiring process to chance.

A systemic approach to attracting, screening, interviewing, assessing and developing individuals to create a culture of high performance is essential. The system needs to be able to avoid hiring candidates who have the necessary skills on paper but do not have what it takes to be a true member of the team.

When companies bring in people who are ill-suited to their work, they build a culture of low performance, creating stress in the organisation.

Why are leaders not getting their best hiring fit for their organisation? The cause can be traced to one of the following possible reasons:

» Inability to attract qualified candidates

» Analysis of the job functions

» Poor judgement of behaviour or skills

» Inadequate initial screening and interview system

» Inadequate interviewing training and questioning techniques

» Company and career expectations do not align

» References not checked

Recruitment leaders need to have answers to three fundamental questions before they hire or promote someone, namely:

Can they do the job? Often the hiring decision is made on ability alone. While this consideration is important, it is merely the first step to ensure consistently successful hires.

Will they do the job? There can be a distinct gap between ability and the willingness to do the job.

Do they fit? The third level of a candidate’s evaluation, of paramount importance to a successful hire, is whether they fit into the company’s culture. A person who is able and willing, but nonetheless does not fit with the rest of the team, will not work well in the organisation.

When we hire well and select the best, an immediate positive impact is created within the organisation. To hire well, we must begin with the premise that hiring is an ongoing process, a constant investment of the company’s time and resources, whether or not there is a specific position to fill. The rewards are handsome, and in most cases, far greater than what you would expect.

Steven Seek

Managing Director, JobsDB.Com Singapore

+ For more information, email to

Monday, February 13, 2012

The announcement you've all been waiting for...Career Expo 2012!

If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook, you probably already know the final details concerning the Career Expo 2012. Nevertheless, for the sake of those who've missed those postings, the most awaited job fair in Singapore will run from March 23 to March 25 and be held at the Suntect Convention Centre Hall 404. If you're currently prospecting or looking for Singapore jobs to try your jobseeker luck on, this is the place to go.

You still have to wait a month until you can search jobs via this JobsDB offering, but you can start your preparations now. Well, if you go all out in your preparations, your success chances during the event will definitely be at a prime. Regardless of your chosen industry, whether you're eying to focus on accounting jobs during the event or engineer jobs or hotel jobs, these tips will help you to harvest gold:

  • Research about the participating companies you'd like to try your luck on. Soon, our editors will be posting the complete list of Career Expo 2012's company participants. For now, we suggest that you make a shortlist of your dream companies and watch out for our update !
  • Edit your resume. Don't stop until you think it's good enough to grab the attention of the best/most popular employer in your chosen industry.
  • Produce at least a hundred copies of your resume for the event. Might as well go all out--it's not everyday that this kind of opportunity presents itself.
  • Practice your speech. At the event, you'll get to interact with people! Impress the recruiters/ hiring managers there with a well-practiced sales pitch about yourself.

We'll see you at the expo! We'll keep you posted about the pre-registration date.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai

It's going to be a long weekend for all of us! Have fun, but don't overdo it.

Not that we're discouraging you to spend the holiday with as much fun as your pockets could afford, but if you're a jobseeker, don't compromise on applying to very good job ads posted during that day. If you fit the requirements of that accounting job or engineer job, for instance, then at least alot an hour for your career activities. You never know.

On the contrary, very busy executives are encouraged to make the most out of the holiday to unwind and resucitate their work life balances. As much as possible, stay away from your work mailbox or your phone if it rings to deliver work stresses most of the time.

But all in all, may the Dragon Year bring you prosperity. Job hunting? Believe that you'll land your dream Singapore job within this year! Seeking career advancement? Believe that you'll get promoted to a manager job this year! It's all about positive thinking.

Monday, January 9, 2012

It's a new year!

The new year, most definitely, calls for a new job search strategy from you. Are you having troubles with your job search--no new interview invites or cannot locate good job prospects? Whatever is your problem, due to the fact that you're extremely bothered in your pursuit for a job even though the job market has been accommodating all this time, you really have to reconsider your options. What are you doing wrong anyway?

The most obvious sign: a disproportioned ratio of job applications sent and interview invites received. So to speak, if you've already sent your resume many times, but to little avail, it's now time to change strategies. Perhaps, be more specific in your job applications, never mind that this will slow you down in terms of action?

This 2012, be precise, be specific. Pick wisely the job ads you'll respond to. If you don't fit the requirements, just ignore. There will always be other job ads to consider, given that Singapore's job market is booming.

Singapore is always abundant with accounting jobs and you may look for prospects at Same goes for those who are looking for administration jobs, banking jobs, education jobs and engineer jobs.