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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

JobsDB Career Expo 2010 Highlights

Here's what you've been waiting for! Shots from the very successful Career Expo 2010! Also, stay tuned for our upcoming career expo next year: Career Expo 2011 : 25th– 27th March Halls, 402 – 403 Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore Singapore
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Headlines that Matter | JobsDB Singapore || Cycle 8 *p2*

Part two of cycle 8. This is filled with 'great.'

SINGAPOREANS are in two minds about having foreigners in their midst. While many agree they are good for the country, a not insignificant number also feel they have been personally disadvantaged. -- The Straights Times, Jun 28
Singapore's a very promising land for foreign professionals and workers -- we've encountered plenty of them on social media sites like facebook and myspace. What do you think of foreigners? Do you agree with the results of this survey? Singapore believes that your career success lies within you -- you shouldn't think of foreign presence as a threat to you career, but instead be confident about your skills. This is where the importance of learning in career comes in. Ensure that your skills are on a par with what the job market demands; then you'll not have problems.

Opportunities are equal for foreigners and residents. Your speaking from personal experience? Maybe the foreigner got the job because he was more qualified? There's no need to compete. What we want you to do is this: just focus on your own career -- in updating your skills, learning new ones, researching and the likes -- and you'll see that race isn't an issue here.

The non-profit organisation, funded by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), a number of statutory boards and Microsoft Singapore, runs infocomm technology-related classes at subsidised rates for people with disabilities. -- The Straights Times, Jun 28
Another good news! Disability shouldn't stop anyone from achieving career success. Good thing there is IAC which provides affordable training programmes to the disabled. Since they don't require field work and external exposures, IT jobs are perfect for those with disabilities. If you have or you know someone with disability, this is a great inspiration. Achieving top-class computer skills can be very beneficial to your career. Pretty much all careers under the IT industry is advisable for you, but these ones offer the best future: Web Design, Technical Writing, Webmaster/SEO, Programming, IT Support.
Should your weight count in promotions? Hospital chief's remarks linking weight to promotions spark debate. -- The Straights Times, Jun 26
We're pretty sure everyone has heard of this news bit already, but for the sake of those who've been too busy to check our the news lately here's what we're discussing in this section: weight for promotion. Does it ring a bell now? Comments by Alexandra Health chief executive Liak Teng Lit about weight being a consideration for promotion have become an issue to human resource practitioners. Mr Liak has argued that it's a must for health-care staff to lead a healthy lifestyle so that they can be good examples to patients.

It sounds reasonable (appearance after all, plays a role, albeit minor, in career development), but being underweight or overweight shouldn't be regarded as a penalty for us. What do you think?
A SURVEY by the Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA) highlights the challenges that risk managers face in meeting the Basel financial reform proposals. -- The Business Times Weekend, Jun 26, 27
Risk manager jobs are nothing if not stressing. This is specially true now that they are bound to face new challenges in an intensifying marketplace. We've included this news bit for your information.
According to The Hudson Report, 57 percent of respondents across all sectors forecast headcount growth in Quarter Three (Q3) 2010, compared with 54 percent in Q2. Just 4 percent anticipate a reduction in staff numbers. Over 500 executives across key business sectors were interviewed during May. -- Singapore News Watch, Jun 29
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Headlines that Matter | JobsDB Singapore || Cycle 8 *p1*

Cycle eight. This time, we're not late. And because headlines are overflowing, today and tomorrow will both be headlines 'eight'. Don't miss the part two tomorrow. =)

Dressing well at work is vital for sending the right message, say consultants. -- The Straights Times, Jun 28
Especially in industries where impressions play a major role (e.g. Banking, Hospitality, Medical Services, and Administrative) dressing up is essential to achieving career success. You're not vain? Need we say that dressing up is one of the oldest tricks in the career development book? Like it or not, impressions start in the physical aspect. A scrawny front will out shadow how good you are inside. Such is also the case in job hunting. This is the reason why we're very particular when it comes to giving our job seeker readers wardrobe pointers. Wearing a professional attire is equals to great impression -- it gives you that trustworthy characteristic and thus, makes you more bankable to employers.

The thing that makes us like this particular topic is that, it's very complex if you try to look more into it. Dress codes vary between job industries and the term 'dressing up' has many dimensions. 'Dressing up' for Bankers, Top Executives and the likes is not the same as 'dressing up' for Entertainers and Beauticians, for instance. The key is knowing the image your industry demands. We mean, who would take a Banker in a party wear seriously?

Even if you work or are planning to work in an industry with limited external exposure such as IT, Customer Service, and HR, keeping up in your appearance is important. We say, dress up the safest. For men, the basic shirt and tie combo will do. Women can go for simple dresses. And then there's also the skirt plus polo combo.

Mind you, we're not yet finished sharing our 2 cents about this topic. This article has renewed our penchant for discussing career wardrobes -- we'll probably post a full article about this within this week or the next. In the meantime, the article can provide you tips.

LOW-WAGE workers will receive more incentives to go for training from Thursday, when the Government launches its Workfare Training Support (WTS) scheme. -- The Straights Times, Jun 28
The scheme, which encourages low-wage workers to upgrade their skills through training, aims to ensure workers have a stronger foundation before they take on further vocational training. --, Jun 28
We give plenty of importance to learning. Whether you're a Top Executive or a Skilled Worker or a Temp, it's essential to your career growth. Not all believe in this mantra, though and most of them are low-wage workers. We really like what the government has come up to solve this problem. Of course, low-wage workers will get interested to update their skills with promises of allowances and subsidies...which brings us to...
THE government has announced a programme for low-wage, older Singaporean workers who lack basic English literacy. It is to help them build a stronger foundation before they can take up further vocational training under the Workfare Training Support (WTS) Scheme which kicks off on Thursday. -- The Business Times, Jun 28
While English literary may not be a have-it-or-die aspect in Singapore's work world, it can be considered an advantage. We in Singapore are believers of the importance of skills trainings and career workshops (We're pretty sure you know that already) and we want to give kudos to the government for coming up with this scheme. With this, not only will they learn but also earn cash.
SINGAPOREANS place heavy emphasis on customer service, and an unpleasant call centre interaction would likely result in them switching to a better competitor, said a recent survey by communication services firm Avaya. -- The Business Times, Jun 28
This is one reason why Customer Service is a high value industry here in Singapore -- Singaporeans give importance to client relations. Yesterday's blog post was partly inspired by this news bit, actually. If you're a fresh graduate and you're planning to enter this field, it's imperative that you re-evaluate your EQ skills and negotiation skills to see if they're competitive enough. The same goes for career changers who are spotting this field. You might want to check these Sales and Marketing workshops from for they can help you with your endeavors.
SINGAPOREANS are in two minds about having foreigners in their midst. While many agree they are good for the country, a not insignificant number also feel they have been personally disadvantaged. -- The Straights Times, Jun 28
Interesting findings. In cycle six, we've pinpointed what the recession has taught businesses: the importance of ethics. This here is about what the recession has done to employees and job seekers. This report's a contrary to what most are thinking, including us. The optimism has driven Singapore professionals and workers to raise their career expectations. What do you think about this? Have you raised your expectations too as a worker?
Finance professionals are now expecting more from their jobs as the employment market continues to heat up. Employers need to proactively address this trend, or risk losing their best people. -- Singapore News Watch, June 2
The recession's done and now's a good time for salary talks. If you're working in the sectors of Accounting, Banking, and Finance, here's something that you can use for your goals. The latest salary guide for finance professionals from Robert Half is now available at News Watch. You might want to check it out here:

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Ways to improve your Sales Skills & Marketing Skills : Negotiation Skills Training & Presentation Seminars

The industry of sales & marketing is nothing if not challenging . Humans have a short interest span and this field is all about getting and retaining clients. Need we say more? Singapore admires sales executives and marketing professionals, really. Hard work and extreme creativity are a must to achieve a stable standing in this field. Career success in sales depends on how good you are in impressing the public.

Looking to shift to a career in sales or marketing? Here's what you should know: While negotiating is a natural human ability, it's still imperative that you re-evaluate your negotiation skills. And if something needs to be done, take action asap. This is the field of sales & marketing that we're talking about. Satisfactory negotiation skills will not bring you any good in this field, we're telling you. The same goes for this industry's job hunters. What sales companies and marketing agencies look for are candidates of high caliber when it comes to selling and dealing with people -- it goes without saying.

So, how are you going to take action? You can always research (Career Advice can help you). But when it comes to updating skills, nothing beats going to career seminars and skills workshops. Yes, we know, most of such events come with a heavy price tag, but there are many benefits to attending them. Think this: skills trainings are fruitful career investments.

Where to look? You can start right here., Singapore's training and development arm, recognizes these challenges in the sales & marketing industry and every now and then, organizes workshops on negotiating skills, presentation skills, among others. Why choose We only hires experts -- you'll definitely get your money's worth.

Mark your calendar for the next sessions of Sandra Sandu-Reeves' Winning and Retaining Clients in Tough Times and Polished Presentation Skills, Sandra is going to have them again on September 1 and August 18, respectively.

You might also want to attend David Goldwich's Win-win Negotiation Skills -- he's scheduled to have another session of this successful workshop on July 14. Something to preoccupy your thirst for knowledge while waiting for Sandra's seminars. For more information on these seminars, please contact at 6861 1000 or email to also offers seminars on Management & Leadership, Customer Relations, Communication Skills, Personal Development, Finance, and Microsoft Office aside from sales & marketing. You might be interested. You can check the schedules here.

Of course, this is Attending means freebies (to follow)! Singapore
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Are you a good employee?

Really, we're interested to know. How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 (5 as the highest) as an employee?

We're just teasing, you don't have to answer. This is a challenging question even for us. Nobody's perfect, after all. So, what's our reason for opening this post with it? Whatever score you have in mind right now, we want you to base your next career growth pursuits on it.

Fix all the pressing issues before anything else -- that's what Singapore wants you to do. For a fresh start. It's never easy to identify such things, but rating yourself like this can give you a hint.

So are you a perfect 5? Or maybe a 3? Chances are, you're giving yourself something in between 3 and 4. That's how we'd rate ourselves too and most people. Where to start with a score like this? With yourself. Here's our diagnosis: There's nothing majorly wrong with your job, but you're having issues because it's either you've already lost the drive or you're seeking changes. Are we right?

This calls for a self evaluation. Why are you having issues in the first place? Lack of support and fun? Maybe you could use some lightening up? Get back at your hobbies or enroll to an interest class for motivation. This is to re-add elements of fun into your life. All work and no play will make you a dull person, as a popular saying goes -- career success isn't the least bit like that.

A rating of 1 or 2 indicates extreme dissatisfaction. If you feel that these numbers describe your situation best, a career change is not a bad option. We're not stopping you. However, before you send that resignation letter, we want you to prepare for the risks. A career change can put a large hole in your finances and also affect your family, mind you. We suggest you research first or if you're willing to spend, seek professional advice from a career coach. You can go to Career Advice for more information on career change.

You're a 5? Well, we still have some words for you: Keep it up, whatever your reasons are. Here are keywords for you to take note:

Time Management
Clean Desk
Proper Decorum
Work-life Balance
Personal Brand
Career Workshops
Skills Training

Of course, you will need resources to be able to incorporate all these keywords in your career. Career Advice can help you when it comes to tips for time management, work-life balance, and clean desk. and Career Events offer several career workshops and skills training that might be of interest to you. Check them out. Singapore
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

About internships and why student work experience counts

Why this sudden post about internships? This was due to a good news The Business Times had published last Jun 19 (which we also had featured in Headlines that Matter two days ago) and our recent interview with Joanne Chua, a final year student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Companies are finally realising that interns are a great source of concepts and ideas. Joanne here is a supporter of student work experience. It's like these two happened in collaboration at just the right time to bring about the best possible blogging rights for us. Are you about to undergo internship? There's no reason for you to lack the tenacity.

At least, there's a higher possibility that you'll not be left to tend to the telephone and the photocopy machine. Universities require internship for what? To introduce students to the work world. What's good is that more and more companies are becoming receptive to this. Internship posts now offer better exposure and guidelines for students, much like real job posts, according to experts. To be given the opportunity to participate in company brainstorm sessions counts as a high ten in the student work experience scale.

"Exposure" is the reason Joanne encourages student work experience. Joanne has told Singapore that earning work experience as a student is important because it will not only give students a wider perspective of the business world but also teach them useful skills such as effective communication, problem solving and time management. "Instead of job hopping in the future, make full use of your liberty as a student to gain as much exposure by trying out different part-time jobs during the holidays!", Joanne has told us. If you want better experience, why not consider student part times as well just like Joanne did? Joanne worked as part time for Singapore once -- as a customer service staff for Career Expo 2008 to be exact.

Internships and student part time jobs aren't a waste of time. "Working as a student will not guarantee a high pay, however it is the experience that matters", Joanne said it best. You can read our complete interview with Joanne here:

JobsDB Campus is the preferred portal for fresh graduate jobs, internship opportunities and student jobs in Singapore. Campus also features links that can help you with your career plans. Our career guide library has tips on resume writing, cover letter making and job interviews. We interview inspiring students as well just like Joanne. Bookmarking Campus is really to your advantage. Singapore
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Your skills define your value in the work world. Update your skills regularly and keep on learning new stuff.

Job hunting? Looking for ways to move your career forward? How long has it been since you last attended a career seminar? Here's the thing: A job seeker with a wide variety of skills is a 'gold' for employers. For employees, being skillful means better career prospects.

Continuing education is essential to career growth -- give a great deal on your skills set and it'll not take long until you see yourself succeeding. Career success is about standing-out -- it's imperative that you update your skills regularly as they define your value in the work world. Even though most workshops come with a heavy price tag, don't hesitate to attend them -- this is for your skills.

Currently in a rut? It's about time that you refocus your attention to your skills as a professional. An improved skills set can do wonders to your job hunting problems if you're a job seeker or your job dissatisfaction if you're an employee. Here's a little exercise for you. We've listed down skills that we believe every job hunter and employee must have. See the list against your current skills set. If you need to make adjustments, do so, we're willing to help. =)

1) Relationship Skills
The work world is very social. And you have to speak out in order to continue moving to better heights. In job hunting, networking is greatly encouraged as it opens job seekers to the hidden jobs market.

Aiming for a promotion? Then speak out, Bosses aren’t psychics, you know.

2) Leadership skills
Although there's nothing wrong with being a "helper", initiative is needed to achieve career success. Show your boss that you can function as a leader too to get his trust.

3) Computer Skills
Computers play an important role in today's work world -- in most job functions, computer literacy is now a recruitment requirement. How good are you in using a computer, anyway? Knowing advanced tricks in Microsoft applications and adobe can be the answer to your job hunting problems.

Companies change in order to meet the growing standards of the corporate world. Needless to say, you have to be ready for these changes in order to remain relevant in your workplace.

4) Writing Skills
Editors and copywriters aren't the only ones who should have sharp writing skills. Even though you're a receptionist or probably a sales executive, your workload includes writing too, right? Just because writing is not your main job function, doesn't mean that it's ok for you not to seek improvements in the way you use words. The email is now a stable in the work world, right?

Having great writing skills can be quite handy during exams for job seekers. There are employers who give essays as employment exams, right? Don't hesitate to invest on business writing seminars and writing workshops.

5) Listening Skills
While the importance of listening skills may not be as apparent as those others we've listed above, you should know how to use your ears in order to advance in your career.

A good listener is often regarded as friendly. Listening is the key to teamwork, needless to say. For job seekers, well, let's just say that having great listening skills is an advantage at job interviews.

So, how did you fare? If your results dictate that you need to take action asap, can give you a hand. is Singapore's official training and development arm. It offers seminars on personal development, computer skills, management and leadership, customer relations, sales and marketing, communication skills, and finance. Don't hesitate to sign up for those that interest you -- only hires experts!

Career Events is a cheaper alternative. Check out what's in line here: Singapore
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Headlines that Matter | JobsDB Singapore || Cycle 7

Cycle seven. Headlines are overflowing, we're already nearing eleven. Hope you'll stay with us until then and for more editions.

Ethics training for kids. | Good news for those about to take their internships. | Continuing education -- the key to moving up, career-wise.

FINANCIAL literacy for kids may be all the rage these days, but programmes such as Junior Achievement (JA) are taking it one step further - by including business ethics. -- The Business Times, Jun 21
The last recession taught businesses the importance of ethics. ACCA, in their recent paper, urges businesses to prefer executives with a strong ethical sense for the reason that they are capable to keep things going at times when regulations exploit loopholes -- we've said it in the last edition. We think that it's highly likely for ethical skills to become a recruitment requirement alongside computer skills, leadership skills and writing skills. It makes us happy to know that ethics trainings are being offered now for young ones.

ONCE seen as a convenient and cost-efficient way to overcome employment shortages or address a company's seasonal labour needs, interns are now considered to be an important source of fresh ideas and renewal for companies, according to industry watchers. -- The Business Times, Jun 19
Universities don't require their students to undergo internships for nothing. Finally, companies are realising that interns are a good source of ideas. According to NUS, there was a 40% increase in the number of internship opportunities in its career portal last year. Singapore CAMPUS experienced the same increase too. About to undergo internship? Expect to experience real corporate training. Visit campus for rewarding internship opportunities.

PERISH the thought of pre-school teachers being little better than child-minders.Instead, more of them should have PhDs or master's degrees, said Senior Parliamentary Secretary (Education) Masagos Zulkifli yesterday as he called for teachers to seek continual improvement and further their studies. -- The Straights Times, Jun 19
How to get low-wage workers to move up? The answer was obvious - continual skills upgrading - but the hurdles to its implementation were many. The final part of Insight's behind-the-scenes series on the ESC delves into its bottom line: raising incomes for all -- -- The Straights Times, Jun 19 Singapore is a firm believer that continuous education is crucial to career growth, in most job functions. This is most especially applicable to educators like teachers and professors. But whichever industry you're in, may you be an administrative officer or a technician, we encourage you to put effort on this. Continually seeking for learning opportunities may be troublesome, but think of it this way: there are many benefits to it. Salary increase is just one.

Just over half of the Singapore sample (54%) reported rising confidence in Q2 2010, while only 17% reported falling confidence. -- News Watch, Jun 22
Good news from ACCA! Optimism bears fruits. For job seekers, this means more job opportunities to choose from. We're expecting our accounting jobs and banking jobs section to overflow this quarter and the next. Take advantage of the momentum.

Will watching the World Cup affect your productivity?
The last was very formal, so we've decided to make this one a bit casual. Have you seen our latest survey question back @ already? Singaporeans are big fans of the world cup and so, we're interested to know, will watching it affect your productivity? How so? In a good way or bad? Will the event motivate you or distract you? Let us hear your thoughts. Vote now! Just so you know, so far, 'Yes' is leading. =)

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What factors do you consider when choosing job postings?

The pay? The workload?

If you're a fresh graduate, what you need to know is this: Career development starts in job search -- your job search will decide how your career will progress. Are you looking for jobs in the industry that you really like? If you like the arts industry, looking for IT jobs just because they pay well can be disastrous in the long run. Still thinking about which career to pursue? Make yours a fresh start. We don't want you to rule out options before you make some research. Only disregard things that you've fully researched and decided against.

For career change seekers, we don't want you to repeat the same mistakes. Why are you looking to change jobs in the first place? Did you pick your former job because it was the first thing to come along? Then don't do that again. Who do you really want to be career-wise? That's where you should be digging for gold.

But in today's job market, is being picky a practical thing to do? Yes, especially if you're a long-term kind of person. Plus, the economy's improving -- it's not as tricky compared to last year.

Job search is a crucial part of career growth as it will be the deciding factor on which path your career will move on to. Your dream job comprises of what? Good pay? Continuous education? Good boss? Laissez-faire working environment? Don't hesitate to use these criteria in your job search. Dissatisfaction is the number on cause of career change -- this is the best thing to do to avoid having to do such a risky career move.

What if your choice of industry isn't cooperating? Still, don't hurry things up. Why not take on several contract assignments in the meantime? There are two benefits to doing this. For one, it will stabilize your finances. Accepting temp jobs is particularly useful in establishing credentials too. You can also volunteer at non-profit organizations or attend career workshops and skills training to improve your general skills such as writing skills, public relations, analytical skills and computer skills and be more bankable.

How does Singapore define "good jobs", anyway? We believe that a good job is one that can satisfy you both materially and personally. This job may not pay as high as other jobs but as long as it's enough to tend to your material needs and it makes you happy, then it's a good job for us. The key is knowing the importance of balance -- pick jobs that balance all your job criteria EQUALLY.

We wish you good luck with your job hunting endeavors.

JobsDB Singapore
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Top-class Computer Skills: Microsoft Workshops and Adobe Courses

Whether you are a job seeker or an employee, it is imperative that you keep your computer skills up to date. Computer literacy is one qualification that employers give plenty of importance to in recruitment. As for employees, well, companies change in order to meet the growing standards of the corporate world and you are expected to go with these changes of course. Whichever is your current career situation, you have to remember that continuing education is crucial to career growth; computer literacy happens to be one of those things you must apply this theory to.

The reasons behind us urging you to update your computer skills are now clear. The question now is how. How? Singapore is also committed to providing helpful career resources for job seekers and employees needing them., its training and development arm, offers computer seminars in a monthly basis. You might want to check these seminars out.

In most job functions (including administrative officer, technical writer, editor, sales executive, teacher), proficiency in Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access is important. Whichever industry you are currently working under or looking for a job in, we suggest you try attending one or two of these Microsoft Office workshops from We understand that $280 may be a little hefty for some of you, but think of this as an investment. These seminars are from former IT Trainers from the Civil Service College! offers courses for both Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007, basic and advanced -- go to whichever your office (or the office you're eying) is using.

Aspiring to be the best designer in your design agency? Looking to improve your designer qualifications to be more bankable to employers? You might want to attend one or two of these Adobe courses from From Dreamweaver CS3 to Flash CS3 to Photoshop CS3, can be the one to bring you to career success. You can check the schedules here.

For more information, please contact Lynn at 6861 1000 or email to

Brought to you by also offers seminars on personal development, management and leadership, customer relations, sales and marketing, communication skills, and finance. You might want to check them out too.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Headlines that Matter | JobsDB Singapore || Cycle 6

Cycle 6. We've been doing lots of news clicks. Today, we'll deliver.

Increase of jobs.
Unemployment rate down to pre-crisis levels.
Singapore bagged 4 gold medals at the APPIES.
ACCA urges businesses to focus on ethical reponsibilities.

*Singapore’s labour market continued to strengthen in the first quarter this year on the back of robust economic growth as productivity advancements jumped. -, Jun 15

*Singapore's economic recovery continued to drive jobs growth in Q1, pushing the unemployment rate down to pre-crisis levels. - The Business Times, Jun 16
Singapore's economy is recovering great. Q1 had been about companies re-hiring and job seekers finding good jobs, according to MOM.

Job vacancies rose by 4.3%, driven mostly by fresh jobs in the community, social & personal services, financial services and real estate & leasing services. Unemployment's down to pre-crisis levels. The economy's finally handing favors to job seekers. Contemplating on changing jobs? As the economy's doing great, it won't hurt to do it at this time. But we want to remind you of some things. Look down.
*An increasing number of skilled professionals are relocating in order to secure their next career step, says recruiting experts Hays. - Singapore News Watch, Jun 17
These days are good for benefits and salary talks -- the balance of power is swinging back to job seekers and workers. Workers are eying better opportunities; companies must enact measures in order to keep their best employees.

Have you been thinking about changing jobs lately? So, should you stay or go and take advantage of the momentum? We want you to evaluate your current situation first. Does it offer a future in terms of career advancement? Are you ready to face the consequences of changing careers?

Career Advice has articles about career change that can help you. We want you to make the RIGHT decision, so please take the time to browse through our archives.
*Ten of the most memorable marketing campaigns in the Asia Pacific region clinched gold medals at APPIES 2010, the region's first premier marketing and advertising congress. The 2-day event, held on 3 and 4 June 2010, attracted 105 best submissions. - Singapore News Watch, Jun 16
This bit had made our days when we first heard it. Hurray for Singapore! News Watch has the list of winners of the event. Do you remember these marketing campaigns? We do; they're rightful winners.

The APPIES had been an immense success. We're fans -- had been since day one. We're pretty sure you'll be happy to know that plans for a second edition are already underway.
*The ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) today urges the business world to focus more on its ethical responsibilities and on prioritising the recruitment of senior executives and financial staff with strong ethical compasses. - Singapore News Watch, Jun 9
A strong commitment to ethical business conduct on the part of directors and key staff is a strong line of defence against reputational damage-- this recent paper from ACCA argues. We agree. In the circle of "doing business", decisions play a large role. Senior executives who have a strong ethical compass have the capacity to keep things going at times when regulations exploit loopholes.

For more career resources, please proceed to The latest jobs in Singapore can be found here: Singapore
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The APPIES 2010 update: Singapore bagged a total of 4 gold medals. Leo Burnett clinched two top awards.

An APPIES 2010 update from Singapore News Watch

Ten of the most memorable marketing campaigns in Asia were recognized with gold medals at APPIES 2010. Singapore bagged four golds while China got two. Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and Australia walked away with one gold each. Leo Burnett clinched two top awards for their campaigns in Australia and Singapore. Criteria for judging were creativity, reach and the return on investment for clients.

"All the Moderators and the Assessors were pleasantly surprised with the passion and creativity each presenter brought to the event," said Ms Goh Shu Fen, Chairman of APPIES and Co-Founder and Partner R3 Asia Pacific.

Plans for the next edition are underway. Please visit for more details.

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A must-attend for marketers, advertisers, decision makers, practitioners and business owners
The APPIES 2010 update: 47 entries from Singapore vying for top spot. Total number of entries surpassed the initial expectation.

In the spotlight: Fun Jobs. W3-O. Dynamism. Addicting Careers. Challenge for Creativity. Camaraderie.

Fun jobs. Do they exist? Yes they do. Remember our take on cool jobs? The concept is also subjective, we believe -- everything depends on how you perceive industries. Legal jobs may be too tiring for you but, this may not be the case to other people. The same goes with programmer jobs. It's a matter of what clicks with your antics.

So, are we saying that jobs that guarantee optimum happiness don't exist? No, not at all. There is the Media & Advertising industry that many consider as the work world's Sentosa, if you get what we mean.

Media & Advertising is all about catching attention -- Journalism, Broadcasting, Print Media and Photography are just some of this industry's branches, need we say more? The industry's main goal is to make people happy -- making entertaining outputs is what media executives and advertising professionals do every day, so it's not surprising why they are the happiest professionals in the country.

We know, because we've already talked to many professionals from this field. You might want to re-read our transcriptions of their career stories @ Industry Focus. Actually, the latest from this section is another happy transcription -- happy stories of four W3-O employees, to be exact.

W3-O takes pride for its portfolio. Staffed by dynamic designers and other creative professionals, W3-O has helped build and guide world-renowned brands like Sony, Brother, Sennheiser, Bosch and Oracle.

The dynamism of his job is what gets Creative and Managing Director WILLY TANUJOYO going. "The diversity of the projects allows us to experience many different levels of project management and media strategy." His colleagues are also partly responsible for his job satisfaction. "What I love the most is the fact that all our colleagues share the same vision." So, what's it like working at W3-O for him? "A place we can be "arrogant" and stay grounded at the same time." The best place to work indeed.

She can't see herself getting out of the addiction anytime soon -- that's what JOYCE WAN, Senior Art Director enjoys most about her job. "It does get pretty frustrating and painful sometimes having to juggle between client's unreasonable demands, tight timelines, and even tighter budgets." According to her, the sharing factor is what makes working at W3-O great. "As cliché as it might sound, sharing is caring and here in W3-O, we believe very much in sharing!"

Graphic Designer DZULKIFLI AHMAD loves the fact that his job challenges his creativity. "It is because of the endless pursuit of fresh ideas and propositions." For him, working at W3-O is satisfying because the agency fosters creativity to another level. "The environment here encourages us to think out of our comfort zone and push design to another level. "

For IAN ONG, Senior Copywriter, there are very few things that can rival the feeling of seeing campaigns succeed. That's what makes his job fulfilling. "Being in this business, you start off with literally a blank piece of paper and you have to transform that into a work of art through long hours, sweat, and, if you're not careful at the mounting table, some blood." What makes W3-O stand out for him in a sea of other art agencies? The camaraderie. "Everyone is working towards the same goal. And it's that very same familial atmosphere that makes work here not seem so much like work, but a fun and rewarding romp through life with people you genuinely want to be with."

You can read our complete interview with Willy, Joyce, Dzulkifli, and Ian @ Industry Focus. This link is going to take you there: focus?ID=365. For career advice, please proceed to our career resources section @

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What you need to know about work stress

Work stress is an inevitable part of a progressing career. It is not possible to get away from work stress especially if you are very aggressive in stepping your career up, but it can be combated. How, you ask? By pinpointing the cause.

For many years, we have been active users of social media sites. We believe such sites are great platforms to reach more jobseekers and professionals. Jobseekers and professionals alike, we have encountered many complaining about stress, hence this short commentary. So, what is our take on this? Singapore believes that combating stress does not follow the headache+paracetamol=relief equation. The solution to your work stress depends on its cause. Has it been caused by your coworkers? Or your boss, perhaps? There is no fixed antidote to work stress; you will have to identify the cause of yours in order to be able to take action.

The best way to combat boss-related stress is frequent communication, we believe. Let your voice be heard more often. Bosses are not psychics -- you need to tell your boss your requests so they would be heard. Communication is also the key to beating stress from co-workers. Perhaps you are just misunderstood? Tell your officemates your personal quirks and preferences in things in general so they would understand your actions.

Has your stress been caused by your job responsibilities? This type of stress is the easiest to address as you will only need to make little adjustments. Whatever your problem is about your job function, there are several common coping techniques that you can use. Time management, desk cleaning, staying organized, and learning how to set goals are great ways to improve your control over the stress in your life.

Do not worry, these are no-brainers at all. As complicated as it may sound, time management is just about recognizing priorities. Using a planner can improve how you manage your time a lot, as it will remind your of your priorities. We suggest you to try this. Planners are not that expensive after all.

As for desk cleaning, well, it is just a taking-out-what's-not-needed-anymore activity. It is not going to be a big hassle to you at all. Use your next free time to clear your desk from clutter. Your goal is to create a clear area right in front of you for increased productivity and peace of mind. Are we hinting you to remove all your displays? We are not requiring you, but if you are willing, do so.

Having 'clear' goals will also reduce your stress. Just like time management, a goals list will remind you of your priorities -- why and for whom you are working -- so, it has a direct impact in your personal productivity.

Work-life balance is the key phrase. Do not hesitate to get back at your hobbies or attend some interest classes. Yoga, perhaps? You might also want to start frequenting career seminars and training classes -- in such events, you will not just learn career tips but also get to meet more people.

Need more stress advice? Career Advice is a great source of career articles, from those about career development to career change. Bookmark to get the latest advice from the leading experts in the industry. Singapore
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Seminars on personal development and projecting professional image

Like it or not, assessment is common place in business; your career success partly depends on how you project yourself physically and socially. Whether you are an employee or a job seeker, to outclass competition, you have to know how to make a 'powerful' statement without saying a word. And yes, that's possible.

What you need to know is that image is a powerful communicator. Looking and feeling good means, more confidence and higher self esteem.

The most important thing to project is professionalism. The alpha employee status will make you stand out despite competition. How do you do that? Career Events and have something for you.

Apart from EQ seminars, Career Events and also offer seminars on business image and personal development. Next month is going to be a "professional image" month for Career Events -- it is set to organize Outclass the Competition with Your Professional Image this coming July 17. With popular image consultant, Elaine Heng as facilitator, this seminar is sure to give you many tips on dressing up as a professional and how to make good first impressions. "In this seminar, personal grooming, colour and dress sense are covered so that participants know how best to project a corporate image at work." For more information, please call Pei Yan or Linc at 6861 1000 or email us at

As for the personal and social aspects of professional image, you might want to check these seminars out from This coming June 23, is having another session of Business Etiquette and Professional Poise from TV anchor, professional MC and public speaking trainer, Tina Altieri. "This comprehensive workshop not only focuses on the right way to behave in a range of business scenarios, but it will also give you the vital tips and techniques to improve your confidence, attract more positive recognition and make your working life much more rewarding." Interested? You can still sign up! For more information, please contact at 6861 1000 or email to

Another session of Dealing with Difficult People and Situations is scheduled to take place on July 22. Being emotionally fit is essential to maintaining a professional image, so we suggest you attend this seminar too. "Christian (Chua) will inspire you to adapt your attitude and behaviour so that you bring out the best in everyone, and ultimately improve teamwork and workplace harmony."

Experts in communication skills, Shirley Taylor and Alison Lester is going to have another session of Successful Business Communication Skills on August 12. "Top up your communication toolkit and enjoy a high-energy day of professional development." Mark your calendar, as this seminar is going to be helpful in your endeavors as well.

Of course, has more! Feel free to view its other personal development seminars.

BTW, Career Advice is also great source of career tips on personal development. Bookmark to get the latest tips from several experts in the industry. Singapore
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Job satisfaction is high in which trade?

One of those few questions we refuse to answer. Singapore believes that there is a chance for job satisfaction in every industry, from accounting and banking and finance to entertainment and beauty. Everything depends on how you envision your career to move and be like and your overall mindset in life. The show is yours, the industry is just the stage. Are you currently job hunting? Don't hesitate to send out copies of your CV to companies in the industry that you really like. There's no such thing as a dead end industry when it comes to job satisfaction and career progress.

You're responsible for your own career. We're not fans of cliches, but we can't help but include this here because it defines our point very well. The industry is not the one going to bring you to success boulevard -- it's only a tool and everything depends on whether you put it to good use or not.

Competition is high? Well, in every industry, competition is tough. But you shouldn't be discouraged. Instead, take this as a personal challenge. How can you make yourself stand out in a sea of equally-talented professionals? Establish a personal brand, that's one strategy. You can attend career seminars about job hunting too, if you like. There are also a lot of articles about resume writing and acing job interviews online that you can read and follow. It's all up to you.

How can an industry give you job satisfaction if it isn't even hiring? Good point. But, the industry is just the stage, remember? You're welcome to explore other stages. There are many industries that hire professionals of varying expertise: for instance, the hospitality industry also hires accounting professionals in the forms of cashiers and accounts executives and the field of computers hires writers too. Another example is the telecommunications field which also hires engineers aside from support executives. But well, this isn't something you should be worried about. Surveys and studies are bearing the same results: the balance of power is swinging back to job seekers. Majority of our industries here are pretty much in good shape.

Do you agree with us on this or not? Tell us what you think. Singapore
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