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Thursday, February 26, 2009

JobsDB Singapore joins in the pot luck party! - 21 Feb 2009

JobsDB Singapore joins about 100 residents of Marine Drive, Marine Parade estate, in their annual 'Multi-racial pot luck party'.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

15 Tips to Thriving in a Cubicle Environment

If your work set up is a cubicle environment, privacy and job focus can be a challenge.
This article by HRnext offers tips on how to thrive in a cubicle environment and build good interpersonal skills with coworkers.

10. Buy some headphones for yourself or your music loving neighbor.

11. Install a green marker (ribbon) if it's OK to visit, red if you need privacy.

12. Keep a neat cube, particularly if you share it.

13. Move meetings to a conference area or the caf?

14. Avoid strong perfumes or clipping your nails.

15. Recognise that the cube is a public space - don't say anything you don't want everyone to know.

Read more in the 15 Tips for Thriving in a Cubicle Environment.
You can also check out this seminar on Professional Behaviour at Workplace.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


A lot of people have an exciting view of the Media Industry especially Entertainment Media. It is indeed a fast paced and creative field.

JobsDB Singapore had the pleasure of speaking to members of StarHub, Singapore's fully integrated info-communication company.

Joshia Ngui Lei Kwong, Marketing Communications Manager for StarHub, shares what he enjoys about his job:

I enjoy the creative process of bringing a marketing campaign to live. I always feel a sense of satisfaction to see the end product come to life either in the form of an advertisement, event or a TV commercial. I also enjoy working with some of the best people in the industry who are truly passionate about advertising.

Click to read more on StarHub

Friday, February 13, 2009

Understanding people, rethinking employee motivation in the age of Facebook and blogs

In an insightful article, Micheal Vavakis, HR Vice President for Hewlett Packard shares with JobsDB innovative HR strategies in the digital age.

But as the workplace evolves, the notion of ‘going to work’ has become less relevant as work is no longer about the location but the results delivered. Hence, trying to balance the number of hours one spends in the office versus the home is no longer as critical. The notion of work life balance will increasingly be passé as what is truly needed will be workplace policies that propagate work life integration.

The key to capitalising on this transformation, is again, in capturing the ‘I’ component. This is possible by structuring workplace policies that is underlined by trust and respect of the individual. Concepts such as flexi-time, condensed working hours, part time or job share have been practiced for many years now but there is still need for a more progressive mindset in management to recognise and reward the benefits that these practices bring to the company.

Click to read the full article on Understanding People.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Professional, Manager, Executive and Technician (PMET) Workshops

The South East CDC has collaborated with to organise monthly PMET workshops (starting from January 2009) for various jobseekers.

The workshop sessions are presented by experts in their respective fields, and cover a diverse range of useful career-related topics such as motivation for a positive mindset, personality analysis; resume writing and job interview skills, and business dressing and communication skills.

Click to our PMET events page for more details.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cool Jobs - Make Up Artist

Fiona Lau started playing with make-up when she was in pre-school. Today her passion has brought her working with Singapore's top models, entertainers, hairstylists and photographers.

She shares with JobsDB Campus:

"Learn extensively, get plenty of practice, find your particular makeup strength and work on it until it becomes your biggest selling point."

Click to read the full interview with Fiona Lau

In photo:
Fiona Lau(right), with famous model, actress and former MTV VJ Nadya Hutagalung after doing a make-up session.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 Voted Best Recruitment Website is voted the Best Recruitment Website in the reputable HumanResources magazine survey 2008.

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