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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Forecast: Top Career Industries for the Year 2010

Assuming that you are planning to change your career next year, you should know the industries to focus your search on in order to avoid disaster. There's an ongoing economic depression; it's best to read a bit of the future when it comes to switching jobs. Fresh graduates are also advised to be careful in their job hunting.

There are five directions we in JobsDB Singapore advice you to focus your job search on: Audit & Accountancy, Administrative, Information Technology, Banking & Finance, and Engineering.

Audit & Accountancy

The field of Audit & Accountancy does not bow down to economic pressures. It's indeed one of the safest fields to work in. The most recent effects of the economic downturn will teach companies more lessons on finance; they will surely be needing people who can make sure that they keep up their good this time, for sure.

Careers in Audit& Accountancy are available @ JobsDB Singapore's website.


Administrative Jobs will always be in demand. And that's good news, of course. However, you shouldn't accept administrative jobs thinking you will just be in charge of the company phone. There is more to being an administrative assistant than that. It's a challenging job, actually. You will need to know how to use many computer programs as well as how to effectively deal with people of different kinds.

Administrative Careers are available @ JobsDB Singapore's website.

Information Technology

While other industries are discarding jobs, the field of computers is doing the opposite. If you will be graduating on 2010 with a diploma in Information Technology, you have a bright career ahead of you. If you are looking to change your career next year, entering the IT field is a good idea. However, you should be informed that this field is very hard to predict. Computers are constantly being upgraded, with new advances being made every day. Take this as a preparatory note, people who expect to succeed in IT should be adaptable and open to new ideas.

Information Technology Jobs are available @ JobsDB Singapore's website.

Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance is a very stable field. Banks will always be there, no matter how bad the economy gets. However, as stable as it is, the field of banks is very picky when it comes to hiring people. This sector will require you to have every kind of skill. Banks need well-rounded individuals -- those who can sell, are operational, and have managerial and IT skills. Nevertheless, if you think that you can carry on leading a very busy career life, the field of Banking & Finance is the best suggestion we can give to you.

Careers in Banking & Finance are available @ JobsDB Singapore's website.


The field of engineering also promises stability next year. It's a great field to work in, needless to say. If you specialize in this field, a fresh graduate or otherwise, you will not have a hard time looking for jobs. Starting salaries for engineers, regardless of specialization, are also relatively high compared to other professions.

Engineering Job Opportunities are available @ JobsDB Singapore's website.

Happy hunting!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Public Service Careers

A Career in Government isn't just noble, it's also financially rewarding. It's an excellent choice for you if want to serve the society for the better.

Public Service Jobs: Who are qualified?

Public Service Jobs are filled by those who possess the required degrees and social skills. The educational requirements for Public Service Jobs vary; however, a bachelor's degree will suffice for most openings. Aside from degree, another factor that you need to look for in yourself to see if you are suited for a civil service job is your skill in communicating. Aside from this, you should also be able to prepare reports fast and present speeches properly.

Are there downsides in keeping a Public Service Job?

The biggest downside in Government Jobs is they offer lower salaries compared to jobs in private companies. But of course, if you are more interested in serving the public than earning more than everyone else every month, Civil Service Jobs in Singapore are the best for you.

The public sector of Singapore is currently on the lookout for talented individuals. Openings are available @ JobsDB Singapore's website.

JobsDB Singapore – Singapore’s finest resource for Public Service jobs.

Why it's Great to Have a Retail Job

Lots of foreigners visit Singapore just to shop. According to SPRING Singapore, retailing is a catalyst in the reshaping of Singapore into a tourist hotspot. If you are currently looking for a stable job, as a fresh graduate or otherwise, it is a great idea to focus your search on Retail Jobs. JobsDB Singapore once spoke with Mr. Lee Tong Nge, Director of Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS) and found out the many perks in keeping a Career in Retail.

One main distinguishing factor that separates the Retail Industry from others is that it’s very open and accessible to everyone from all walks of life. Meaning, you could previously be working as a PMET (Professional, Manager, Engineer and Technician) in a different industry, or even a housewife who aspires to return to the workforce, and there will be job opportunities that are available for you. The main thing that’s vital is to be keen to learn new skills and have a positive attitude and mindset, Mr. Lee Tong Nge replied when asked why the retailing industry is a great field to work in.

Still not convinced? You would definitely change your mind once you see the many rewarding Retail Careers posted @ JobsDB Singapore's website.

JobsDB Singapore – Singapore’s finest resource for Retail Jobs.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Industry Focus: Nursing Career Advice from Eileen Cheah Lilian

Nursing is a profession that only the most qualified individuals achieve success in. JobsDB Singapore speaks with Eileen Cheah Lilian on what it's like to be a Senior Staff Nurse for Alexandra Hospital, a world-class medical institution in Singapore.

When asked what qualities Nurses should have, Eileen enumerated:
  1. Have a service orientation to provide good customer service at all times
  2. Have a caring heart that looks out for the patient’s welfare
  3. Be hardworking and willing to learn
  4. Be able-bodied and fit to handle different patients
  5. Be a team player to facilitate care
  6. Be multilingual to relate better to patients
Nursing fresh graduates will learn a lot from Eileen's interview. The full interview is available at JobsDB Singapore's Industry Focus page.

Alexandra Hospital - the hospital known for its service and personal touch.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jobs in Hospitality from Resorts World® Sentosa

Singapore may be the smallest nation in Southeast Asia but it is one of the busiest ports in the world. A country that blends tradition with cosmopolitanism, Singapore is a sought-after travel destination, making tourism one of its main industries. The tourism industry of Singapore offers tons of great career opportunities to jobseekers. That is why if you have what it takes to be successful in the hotel industry, it is advisable that you consider jobs in hotels and jobs in hospitality.

Singapore, being a popular travel destination, is a hotel and resort island. The tourism industry of Singapore is continuously growing in leaps. Numerous tourism establishments are being constructed in its beautiful lands as we speak.

Scheduled to open in 2010, Resorts World® Sentosa, is currently on the lookout for individuals with exceptional skills in hotel management. A "complete" establishment, Resorts World® Sentosa is hiring individuals from different fields. If you have a degree in management, you could achieve success as a Supervisor for Universal Studios Singapore®. If you specialize in Security, you would do great as a Casino Security Officer for the resort. Those with pleasant personalities have very bright careers ahead of them as Guest Services Officers and Waiters/Waitresses. Other available hospitality careers in Resorts World® Sentosa include Kitchen Steward, Chef, and Technician.

More career opportunities in Resorts World® Sentosa and in other hotels are available @ JobsDB Singapore’s website.

Resorts World® Sentosa - Soon to be Singapore’s most exciting family destination.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Majority of Singapore Industries Likely to Perform Well in Q4 and 2010

The results of JobsDB Singapore's Hiring Trend Survey 2009 are out: Most industries in the country are likely to perform well in Q4 and next year despite the recession.

It's highly probable for Singapore's major industries to set good records in Q4 and the following year, according to JobsDB Singapore.

The popular jobs resource in Singapore concludes, "notwithstanding any major crisis that could derail the current upturn in the economy, we project a positive, albeit cautious, result that the majority of industries will be able to perform better in Q4 and into next year as well."

This is gleaned from almost two months of distributing surveys to 111 respondents from both small to medium size enterprises and large companies belonging to a diverse range of industries. According to the Hiring Trend Survey report, many companies in Singapore are becoming more optimistic despite the ongoing economic depression. They have been continuous in offering careers to jobseekers as well, the survey reports.

The results of the survey agree with earlier reports from the government that the Singapore economy is picking up.

The complete report is available on JobsDB Singapore’s website.

JobsDB Singapore, a top resource for Jobs in Singapore.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Take Charge of your Emotions to Avoid Stress

Have you been staying in the office longer than the usual lately? Has your boss been giving you more work these past few days? If you have become quite irritable because of these office routine changes, one thing is for sure, you have caught stress. It is not unusual to get stressed out of course; however, too much stress can get you out of control. Too much of it can make you emotionally unpredictable! If you find it difficult to avoid outbursts of anger and helplessness after being given more office tasks, you might have become dangerously stressed out. You might not have noticed the changes but your extra hours at work have already influenced how you react to things. And you should do something to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Sartre once said that our emotions define our being. These mental states largely influence how our lives progress. Stress should not be thought of as an inevitable part of building a fruitful career, that having said. Getting overly stressed out is not a step that has to be passed in order to get to the highest level of success.

To some people, a cup of black coffee is enough to relax away from stress, but there are also some that need professional help to do so. If you belong to the latter crowd, it is best that you seek the assistance of EQ and stress consultants. Dealing with stress will be much easier once you fully understand how human EQ works. The primary purpose of Stress management and EQ seminars is to give advice and support to people like you. Enrolling to stress management seminars may cost you quite a handful of coins, but is worth it. You will not only learn new techniques to cope with stress but also improve your concentration, memory and immunity to common illnesses.

Career Events, under JobsDB Singapore, will be having "EQ and You" this coming January. EQ and You is a lecture concerning Emotional Intelligence. EQ and You aims to "create awareness of the significance of Emotional Intelligence in one's professional as well as personal life." Why do you need to attend this seminar? EQ and You will not just teach you how to cope to stress effectively but also how to master your emotions. Attending the said seminar will teach you how to master your own destiny! How interesting, right?

View the complete details of the "EQ and You here.
EQ and You - Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Communicate Your Way to Success with Effective Interpersonal Skills

You have the right skills to be successful in your job. You have served your company loyally for years. Why are you not the boss yet, then? Probably, you lack interpersonal skills. You may be impressive in accomplishing papers but not in interacting with people. It does not matter how superior you are intellectually. You should understand that using smarts alone, is not going to lead you to success. Having interpersonal skills is a big plus in today's corporate world. It helps you leave great impressions to people and could thus serve as your stepping stone to success.

Some people were born with great interpersonal skills, but techniques on how to effectively communicate with people can be learned. Not all of those people who could communicate properly were born with that skill -- some of them might have just learned it by going to interpersonal skills seminars. You too should attend one! There are many organizations out there that offer such seminars to those who are willing to learn., JobsDB Singapore's management training and development arm will be having an interpersonal skills seminar aptly named "Powerful People Skills" this December. Right now, they are accepting people! With Heather Hansen, Professional speech and language trainer, public speaker and voice-over artist as speaker, this seminar aims to teach its participants how to build powerful relationships and strong rapport with anyone from the moment of meeting.

Why choose to go to this seminar when there are thousands of others out there? For one, it features Heather, a well-known figure in the industry of public relations and communications. You will be learning a lot from her. Another is that attendees will be receiving Heather's brand new book about improving interpersonal skills.

View the complete details of Powerful People Skills here.

Powerful People Skills - Improving your interpersonal skills