Monday, January 9, 2012

It's a new year!

The new year, most definitely, calls for a new job search strategy from you. Are you having troubles with your job search--no new interview invites or cannot locate good job prospects? Whatever is your problem, due to the fact that you're extremely bothered in your pursuit for a job even though the job market has been accommodating all this time, you really have to reconsider your options. What are you doing wrong anyway?

The most obvious sign: a disproportioned ratio of job applications sent and interview invites received. So to speak, if you've already sent your resume many times, but to little avail, it's now time to change strategies. Perhaps, be more specific in your job applications, never mind that this will slow you down in terms of action?

This 2012, be precise, be specific. Pick wisely the job ads you'll respond to. If you don't fit the requirements, just ignore. There will always be other job ads to consider, given that Singapore's job market is booming.

Singapore is always abundant with accounting jobs and you may look for prospects at Same goes for those who are looking for administration jobs, banking jobs, education jobs and engineer jobs.