Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hiring the best

In order to create a sustainable competitive advantage, organisations are investing heavily in the creation of high performance teams. They are looking at bringing onboard the right kinds of people as a part of their corporate strategy. Fitting the right people in the right jobs will allow companies to successfully react and learn quicker than their competitors. The right people onboard will ultimately ensure success.

Getting the right staff is the single most important factor to any organisation’s success. Hence, it becomes imperative that organisations do not leave the hiring process to chance.

A systemic approach to attracting, screening, interviewing, assessing and developing individuals to create a culture of high performance is essential. The system needs to be able to avoid hiring candidates who have the necessary skills on paper but do not have what it takes to be a true member of the team.

When companies bring in people who are ill-suited to their work, they build a culture of low performance, creating stress in the organisation.

Why are leaders not getting their best hiring fit for their organisation? The cause can be traced to one of the following possible reasons:

» Inability to attract qualified candidates

» Analysis of the job functions

» Poor judgement of behaviour or skills

» Inadequate initial screening and interview system

» Inadequate interviewing training and questioning techniques

» Company and career expectations do not align

» References not checked

Recruitment leaders need to have answers to three fundamental questions before they hire or promote someone, namely:

Can they do the job? Often the hiring decision is made on ability alone. While this consideration is important, it is merely the first step to ensure consistently successful hires.

Will they do the job? There can be a distinct gap between ability and the willingness to do the job.

Do they fit? The third level of a candidate’s evaluation, of paramount importance to a successful hire, is whether they fit into the company’s culture. A person who is able and willing, but nonetheless does not fit with the rest of the team, will not work well in the organisation.

When we hire well and select the best, an immediate positive impact is created within the organisation. To hire well, we must begin with the premise that hiring is an ongoing process, a constant investment of the company’s time and resources, whether or not there is a specific position to fill. The rewards are handsome, and in most cases, far greater than what you would expect.

Steven Seek

Managing Director, JobsDB.Com Singapore

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