Monday, April 16, 2012

Believe in yourself even when others don't

Whether you are having problems in your Singapore jobs search or in your employee advancement pursuit a.k.a. salary increase/promotion, only you can help yourself. It all boils down to self-confidence or how much you believe in yourself in terms of problem solving and opportunities 'capitalising'.

You may have the skills or the wits, but if you don't have the self-confidence to parade these qualities properly and make the most important people notice them, then they'd be of no use. There's a reason why self-confidence is one of the most written/talked about career topics-- it's a pretty big factor to almost everyone who has an active career pursuit at hand. You have to have skills, but more importantly, you have to have the confidence to sell those skills to employers/bosses.

And so, whether you have an upcoming job interview for your accounting jobs search (or it jobs or banking jobs search...whichever) or your employee evaluation date is fast approaching, be sure to summon enough confidence for the D-Day. Don't shy away from the spotlight; if it's warranted (which is usually the case for career professionals in Singapore), then there isn't going to be a problem with that.

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