Thursday, August 21, 2008

Resume Checklist

For those applying for a job, here are some things to note when writing a power resume.

Resume Checklist
presented by Kelly Services

ü Include a recent and presentable passport-sized photo

ü Keep it short and precise

ü Use action and achievement words

ü Attach a cover letter

ü Make it easy

ü Start with your current or most recent job

ü Personalise your resume to suit the application

Do not
Send more than one application for the same job in hope that it will be noticed. It will be noticed but negatively.

X Use fancy, perfumed or coloured paper

X Exclude name of employer (company name).

X Use 'Whitener','White Tape', 'Tipex' to blank off information on the resume

X Send out poor or unclear photocopies

X Exceed 2 pages for your resumes.

The article is extracted from a publication by Kelly Services' called "Best Foot Forward". It is a 52 page guide for job seekers on job search tips. To obtain your very own copy of "Best Foot Forward", please send an email to
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