Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time to give up on print recruitment ads?

Read on the debate on Paperless Internet Classified Ads vs. Job Ads in Print Media and newspapers from an article in humanresourcesonline.net

Time to give up on print recruitment ads?

Singapore – Despite the rise of companies investing more in online recruitment ads to entice the internet-savvy jobseekers, print recruitment ads are here to stay. Or maybe not.

With the evolution of the internet and its interactive features, Samuel Sung, founder and chairman of JobsDB Inc, believes a recruitment print ad is no longer the right hiring channel for companies. Pointing out the disadvantages of newspapers ads, Sung says, “The newspaper is not interactive. It does not push the information to the reader. It is very passive.”

Furthermore, there is a slower response rate for newspapers recruitment ads, which is highly unlikely to happen for the more proactive internet, states Sung. “Internet generates quicker responses, instant posting and people who want to post jobs can do it within 24 hours. For newspapers, you have to wait for some days, [which is] the usual.”

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