Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Questions for Jobseekers to Use in Job Interviews

We see a lot of job interviews in the office since JobsDB also has placement services. Some interviewees were okay and some obviously did their homework. Apart from answering questions on how the company can benefit from you, how the company’s nature of business interests you, there are also more in depth questions that a job seeker can ask on the exact nature of work expected from him or her. Interviewing is after all a two way process

To help you prepare and even rehearse your upcoming job interview, here is an article by Neen James, Global Productivity Expert on the possible questions you can ask. Some of them include:

• Will I be reporting to you in this role?
• Who will I be reporting to when I join your team?
• Who will I be working with?
• How many people are in the team I will be part of?
• Are we required to work on public holidays?
• How long is the induction program?

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