Friday, October 17, 2008

Sanden-Keeping Cars Cool

We'd like to focus on various industries to keep fresh graduates in the know of what's ahead of themin their careers. For those planning on becoming engineers, Singapore's Industry Focus speaks with Raymond Cheow, an automobile engineer at Sandend International Singapore.

Sanden started developing compressors, heat exchangers and airconditioning in 1971 in Japan.It now owns 25% of the global market share for car ac's.

Raymond, who worked in the company fresh out of university believes on the employee's side, it takes:

  • a passion for cars
  • an understanding of fuel and energy management
  • keeping abreast with the latest technology.

He also believes that as a company Sanden has succeeded due to its precise and scientific R & D.He also believes that success is also dependent on employee satisfaction. At Sanden for example,an employee is allowed flexi time as long as they log in 44 hours a week to be able to spend time with the family.

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