Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to Overcome Retrenchment

Andrew Taylor shares with and John Wiley & Sons, his life as a freelance journalist, writer & business communications specialist after being retrenched from a stable job at DTV. He explains how he dealt with retrenchment and is now encouraging people to see it as an opportunity for exploration.

If someone tells you - as they often do - that being made redundant is the best thing that ever happened to them, they are not exactly lying, but they aren't telling you the whole truth either. The first reactions when it happened to me about five years ago were anger, disbelief, panic and fear, often all at the same time.

It was only a little later that I realised what an opportunity it might prove to be. I had been stuck for several years in a job which paid the bills all right, but which had long since ceased to enthuse me, and being eased out of it gave me the impetus I needed to go out and find something more rewarding.

On strategies to prepare oneself for retrenchment, he suggests:

1. Expanding your list of contacts
2. Keep yourself abreast of all the basic transferable skills
3. Build yourself a life outside work
4. Develop your self-confidence.

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