Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inspiring Careers : Julian Wee

The recently concluded Career Expo 2009 was a testament of hope & also struggle in this time of recession.

Julian Wee, a senior economist who grew up with cerebral palsy, shares with JobsDB.com
some advice and inspiration. Julian was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as child, In junior college, he became interested in government but had to work as a freelance writer in health & sports magazines to get by before finally landing his current job.

My childhood consisted of lots of therapy, and going to primary school was challenging as my mother had to quit her day job to accompany me to classes, so that she could help me with my daily needs, like going to the washroom.

Nevertheless, I really liked going to school and studying. I was also blessed with classmates, teachers and a principal who were all supportive and understanding too.

For those graduating in this current recession, Julian shares:

Of course it’s much better to graduate in times of boom rather than bust, but you just have to play the hand that you are dealt, I guess. Still, it can be a good time for fresh grads to keep their options open, and if finances aren’t really an issue, they can take the time to explore, experiment and find out what they are really interested in. Just go for it and see if it works for them.

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