Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Anger Management Technique for Career Starters

Career Newbies often get culture shocked at how stressful a day at work can get. There is also the fact the we have to deal with new and different people in a hectic work environment. Tempers flare up as result. presents some anger management techniques to help the fresh graduate cope up with stress.

4. Dissolve It
This is my favorite anger management technique. It is also probably the toughest to practice. But in my opinion is also the best - as it allows us to let go of previous anger and deal with potential new ones. This technique can be used with all the previous ones mentioned here as it involves practicing the scenarios when we were angry.

We recall situations when we were angry, we could apply the appropriate techniques that can help us dissolve the anger in that particular situation. This works by - one, we get practice so when a similar situation happens again we know what to do. Two, it dissolves any past anger that we may have kept in us. This way we learn to dissolve past anger.

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