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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Republic Polytechnic Job Fair

15 Jan 2009

JobsDB Singapore brings a World Wide Web of great job opportunities to the students of Republic Polytechnic.


Interactive Digital Media – The new frontier

The digital age has undoubtedly created more opportunities for blurring the lines between work and play. Avid gamers, aspiring writers, film makers and fine arts students are enlivened by the fact that they can apply their skills to new media.

The Egg Story Digital Arts School offers training in such innovation.

Borko Milohanovic, a senior lecturer at Egg Story shares:

"This is the perfect moment to study digital media as the Singapore Government is fully supporting 3D animation, so it’s definitely a growing industry. There are great job prospects too as you can choose to work in TV stations, production houses, visual effects studios and even gaming software companies."

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Friday, January 16, 2009

So, you want to be a successful expatriate and global consultant? Here’s how…

Omar Khan is a globally acknowledged leadership development innovator and success coach. He is a sought after change catalyst and a pioneer in transformational learning. Omar shares his thoughts with

Omar, what are the challenges of working in different countries, with different corporate cultures?

First, it is to understand the market, the context for business there, and the drivers of success. Some of these are universal, others are more local. More than one corporate giant has foundered in China for example, by not understanding the diverse demand and buying patterns that operate across regions.

Second, understand how to connect with the customers and consumers, and the emotional as well as rational drivers for them. What are their problems? What kinds of lives do they lead? How can you become a student of their ‘hot buttons’ (motivators) as well as ‘red flags’ (warning signals and turn-offs)?

Third, understand your own team. They will have learned to deliver in a more or less global environment based on the type of company you have. But they will need to be recognized, stimulated, coached, and incentivized in ways that are meaningful to them. The fastest way to get respect from a new team is to ask them to teach you what has been working for them, before you fix it, change it, or enhance it. Learn first, make an impact next.

Your job is ultimately to shape a corporate culture, not kow-tow to it. But you have to understand what you are seeking to change and why. Then you can pick your battles and make sure there is a compelling cause behind what you are seeking to accomplish and asking others to help you to do.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

dj glenn ong shares his success story on jobsdb campus

Versatile. Engaging. Shocking… but never boring. Talented DJ, Glenn Ong, has been spicing up our Singapore airwaves for the last 14 years, and he’s constantly keeping it real by re-inventing himself all the time.

You could even say that Glenn is everywhere you go these days… be it on TV or gracing the cover of a magazine looking smart in a suit with his beautiful wife Jamie. Nevertheless, Glenn always maintains his mysterious charm and enigmatic presence with his signature shades on.
Glenn currently hosts ‘The Morning Express’ on Class 95 FM with The Flying Dutchman (THE FD) aka Mark Van Cuylenberg, and JobsDB Campus chats with Glenn to find out more about his road to success.

Glenn, what inspired you to become a DJ (Disc Jockey)?
I’ve always wanted to be a DJ since I was young, and I would often make my own recordings on cassette tapes. When my family members heard some of the tapes, they felt that I had DJ potential and encouraged me to take it further. So that’s when I sent in a demo tape to Lucy Leong, who was the head of SBC radio. To my surprise, she called me in for a chat and wanted to give me a shot at being a DJ. However, I was only in Secondary 4 at the time, so she asked me to apply again in 2 years.

Two years later, I applied again and this time it was all good. Lucy even enrolled me in a 2 week radio course, where I received professional speech training from an Australian teacher. It was great and really helped me with my confidence and presenting techniques. Then my NS (National Service) call-up had to come along and disrupt my plans again – I was posted to a Combat unit and therefore could not be exempted to join the Forces 55 army radio show as a DJ. By the time I finished NS two and a half years later, there were no more openings at the radio station.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Against the Odds in 2009

This workshop by Stanton Chan dealt with the economic situation head-on. It was held last January 3, 2009 at the Level 5 Possibility Room, National Library, Victoria Street. Click for more details on Against the Odds in 2009.