Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thinkers to seek out for your team

A strong, collective team is formed by a diverse mix of thinkers and personalities coming together to do great work. Many jobs in Singapore aren't just isolated workers huddled in a cubicle - very often professionals work as a team to bring projects or an objective to fruition. Hence, employers do have to make a conscious choice when it comes to building their teams.

Thinkers to seek out for your team

According to Katya Andresen, the President and COO/Incoming CEO at ePals, her 6 top thinker types that she seek for her team are:

1. The Dreamer
He or she never ceases to imagine what's possible and can supply the team with an optimistic creative energy. A dreamer can thrive even in customer service or admin jobs, as he or she always stretches the bounds of what is considered achievable.

2. The Debater.
Debaters point out the flaws in your plan, question your assumptions and see the problems before others do. Their nature forces you to strengthen your arguments.

3.  The Disruptor
This personality challenges the status quo and breaks others out of their mental ruts. They're intellectually curious and lateral-thinking in nature who are first o spot competitors and untapped opportunities.

4. The Driver
Natural leaders at heart, they bring a crusading vision to the job at hand and supplies the forward momentum even when others can't seem to maintain their motivation or when team morale is down.

5. The Detailer
They focus on the practical parts, saving everyone from making mistakes and design flaws. Even the best-laid plans can be diagnosed by them to need improvements.

6. The Doer
He or she gets stuff done, period. They're a wonderful counterpart to the strategists because they can deliver work on time, all the time.

What kind of thinker are you and which kind of thinker would you like to be on your team?