Thursday, November 21, 2013

How successful billionaires see failure

Successful people not only learn from their mistakes, but also learn to accept failure as part and parcel of what they do in life. What can people searching for jobs in Singapore learn from these ultra-successful personalities? It's learning how to stand up after a fall. For example, after going through a failed interview or receiving a less-than-stellar performance review. Instead of wallowing in self-regret, do what these entrepreneurs do: dust off the dirt, learn from mistakes and get back to work.

 Here are some quotes by the people who've enjoyed immense success as well as failure.

"Everyone has had them [mistakes]. Bill Miller. Buffett has had some doozies. Peter Lynch. Everyone. You know who didn't have bad years? Bernard Madoff - until he got caught." - Ken Fisher, billionaire investor.

“Almost any mistake you can make in running a company, I’ve probably made.” - Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder.

"In fact, failure is one of the secrets to success, since some of the best ideas arise from the ashes of a shuttered business." - Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder.

"Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.” - Elon Musk, Tesla founder & Paypal co-founder.

Finally, learn how to actively manage your success and career path by conducting your own career review where you look back on your week, month and even your year.