Friday, December 13, 2013

Quiz: Can You Deal With Drama During A Workplace Crisis?

 Drama in the office is never pleasant in a full-time job. What's more, it has the potential to continue on a daily basis - giving you unneeded stress. An article on our website has outlined the several ways to deal with drama caused by office gossips, negative and angry co-workers.

However, in order to really know if you're able to handle drama - internal and external - like the seasoned professional that you are, take the following self-quiz that tests your responses caused by drama from crises!

1. You're in the midst of a huge project when a colleague resigns. He leaves you holding his part of the project, which you know nothing about. Do you:

a) Ask him to tell you all about his project work before he leaves? If you can handle this, you'll stand to increase another feather in your cap!

b) Call him even when he's long gone to follow up.

c) Sit on it until a replacement is hired.

2. A vendor says your company's cheque payment has bounced and now payment is overdue. What do you do next?

a) Give them the number to your accounts dept.

b) Go and ask your accountant for an explanation?

c) Apologise and tell the vendor, "You'll get your payment ASAP"

3. Your boss is set to make a major presentation when his/her Powerpoint won't open.
Do you:

a) Run off to the ladies so you can let someone else deal with the mess.

b) Offer her your laptop to use, which -just in case- has a copy of the presentation.

c) Call the IT guy back at the office and ask him to coach you a solution through the phone.

4. The papers published a bad story of your CEO and you are the first to see it. What do you do?

a) You already knew this would be published and to defend your CEO's position, you've already drafted a letter to the editor. You then discuss with your CEO and communications team to come up with a unified response. 

b) Pretend you didn't see it and continue your routine as usual.

c) Pick up the phone, berate the editor and demand the paper to retract their statement.

1) a  2) c  3) b  4) 1