Thursday, December 5, 2013

9 Essential Qualities of Highly Promotable Employees

Do you wish to get promoted sometime soon in your new job in Singapore? Well, according to an article on LinkedIn, the key to advancing in your career is based on your attitude.

Yes, not your qualifications, not your impressive skill sets, not what you should do (although it is important as well). It is your attitude that drives your achievements, successes… everything.
Here are some of the attitudes that make up an incredibly promotable people.

1)      They are humble
While arrogant people think they know everything, the humble person is always learning, asking questions, asking for help.

They share credit because they instinctively know that every success is actually a team effort. They are willing to take on any job, big or small, thinking that no job is beneath them. In the process, they prove that no job is above them.

They know that success isn’t about how high you can reach, but by how low you are willing to bend.

2)      They are willing to serve others, not just themselves
They’re also team players, making the atmosphere around their office better. They provide the tools, training and culture to help their employees do their jobs better and achieve their own goals.
They employee who is in it for himself will someday be all by himself. The employee who is in it for others may not get the limelight, but surely and steadily, the right people will notice.

3)      They are optimistic
Optimists are an asset to any situation, just because optimism is infectious. They add energy to meetings, businesses and situations and take more intelligent risks because they deal with what can go right. They believe with the right mindset and hard work, they can accomplish almost anything.

4)      They think about the execution part, too
Remember the colleague who was NATO (no action, talk only)? Well the best employees not only plan, but they develop, strategise and operate plans. And then –get ready for this- execute, adapt, revise and refine them. They’re the ones who are doing stuff and not just thinking about stuff.
5)      They think long-term
Real successes aren’t short-lived. People who make them are also able to consistently inspire, motivate and make others feel better about themselves – always. In time, they will be placed in positions where they can influence the long-term success of their team, and ultimately, company.

6)      They are self-aware
People who understand themselves, and in return understand others around them are self-aware. They are more accepting of the weaknesses and failures of others because they know how it feels like to fail.
They lead with empathy and compassion because they know how it feels to not receive any. They help solve problems for the team, company and even clients.

7)      They’re generous with information
Finally, the best people in life like to spread knowledge. They make sure that others in their team learn and gain experience that will be useful for life. In the process, a person who is a teacher will build strong teams.