Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Industry Focus: Nursing Career Advice from Eileen Cheah Lilian

Nursing is a profession that only the most qualified individuals achieve success in. JobsDB Singapore speaks with Eileen Cheah Lilian on what it's like to be a Senior Staff Nurse for Alexandra Hospital, a world-class medical institution in Singapore.

When asked what qualities Nurses should have, Eileen enumerated:

  1. Have a service orientation to provide good customer service at all times
  2. Have a caring heart that looks out for the patient’s welfare
  3. Be hardworking and willing to learn
  4. Be able-bodied and fit to handle different patients
  5. Be a team player to facilitate care
  6. Be multilingual to relate better to patients
Nursing fresh graduates will learn a lot from Eileen's interview. The full interview is available at JobsDB Singapore's Industry Focus page.

Alexandra Hospital - the hospital known for its service and personal touch.