Thursday, November 26, 2009

Public Service Careers

A Career in Government isn't just noble, it's also financially rewarding. It's an excellent choice for you if want to serve the society for the better.

Public Service Jobs: Who are qualified?

Public Service Jobs are filled by those who possess the required degrees and social skills. The educational requirements for Public Service Jobs vary; however, a bachelor's degree will suffice for most openings. Aside from degree, another factor that you need to look for in yourself to see if you are suited for a civil service job is your skill in communicating. Aside from this, you should also be able to prepare reports fast and present speeches properly.

Are there downsides in keeping a Public Service Job?

The biggest downside in Government Jobs is they offer lower salaries compared to jobs in private companies. But of course, if you are more interested in serving the public than earning more than everyone else every month, Civil Service Jobs in Singapore are the best for you.

The public sector of Singapore is currently on the lookout for talented individuals. Openings are available @ JobsDB Singapore's website.

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