Sunday, November 29, 2009

Forecast: Top Career Industries for the Year 2010

Assuming that you are planning to change your career next year, you should know the industries to focus your search on in order to avoid disaster. There's an ongoing economic depression; it's best to read a bit of the future when it comes to switching jobs. Fresh graduates are also advised to be careful in their job hunting.

There are five directions we in JobsDB Singapore advice you to focus your job search on: Audit & Accountancy, Administrative, Information Technology, Banking & Finance, and Engineering.

Audit & Accountancy

The field of Audit & Accountancy does not bow down to economic pressures. It's indeed one of the safest fields to work in. The most recent effects of the economic downturn will teach companies more lessons on finance; they will surely be needing people who can make sure that they keep up their good this time, for sure.

Careers in Audit& Accountancy are available @ JobsDB Singapore's website.


Administrative Jobs will always be in demand. And that's good news, of course. However, you shouldn't accept administrative jobs thinking you will just be in charge of the company phone. There is more to being an administrative assistant than that. It's a challenging job, actually. You will need to know how to use many computer programs as well as how to effectively deal with people of different kinds.

Administrative Careers are available @ JobsDB Singapore's website.

Information Technology

While other industries are discarding jobs, the field of computers is doing the opposite. If you will be graduating on 2010 with a diploma in Information Technology, you have a bright career ahead of you. If you are looking to change your career next year, entering the IT field is a good idea. However, you should be informed that this field is very hard to predict. Computers are constantly being upgraded, with new advances being made every day. Take this as a preparatory note, people who expect to succeed in IT should be adaptable and open to new ideas.

Information Technology Jobs are available @ JobsDB Singapore's website.

Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance is a very stable field. Banks will always be there, no matter how bad the economy gets. However, as stable as it is, the field of banks is very picky when it comes to hiring people. This sector will require you to have every kind of skill. Banks need well-rounded individuals -- those who can sell, are operational, and have managerial and IT skills. Nevertheless, if you think that you can carry on leading a very busy career life, the field of Banking & Finance is the best suggestion we can give to you.

Careers in Banking & Finance are available @ JobsDB Singapore's website.


The field of engineering also promises stability next year. It's a great field to work in, needless to say. If you specialize in this field, a fresh graduate or otherwise, you will not have a hard time looking for jobs. Starting salaries for engineers, regardless of specialization, are also relatively high compared to other professions.

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Happy hunting!

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