Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Communicate Your Way to Success with Effective Interpersonal Skills

You have the right skills to be successful in your job. You have served your company loyally for years. Why are you not the boss yet, then? Probably, you lack interpersonal skills. You may be impressive in accomplishing papers but not in interacting with people. It does not matter how superior you are intellectually. You should understand that using smarts alone, is not going to lead you to success. Having interpersonal skills is a big plus in today's corporate world. It helps you leave great impressions to people and could thus serve as your stepping stone to success.

Some people were born with great interpersonal skills, but techniques on how to effectively communicate with people can be learned. Not all of those people who could communicate properly were born with that skill -- some of them might have just learned it by going to interpersonal skills seminars. You too should attend one! There are many organizations out there that offer such seminars to those who are willing to learn., JobsDB Singapore's management training and development arm will be having an interpersonal skills seminar aptly named "Powerful People Skills" this December. Right now, they are accepting people! With Heather Hansen, Professional speech and language trainer, public speaker and voice-over artist as speaker, this seminar aims to teach its participants how to build powerful relationships and strong rapport with anyone from the moment of meeting.

Why choose to go to this seminar when there are thousands of others out there? For one, it features Heather, a well-known figure in the industry of public relations and communications. You will be learning a lot from her. Another is that attendees will be receiving Heather's brand new book about improving interpersonal skills.

View the complete details of Powerful People Skills here.

Powerful People Skills - Improving your interpersonal skills