Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tips for a Safe Online Job Hunt

Gone are the days of tiring job hunting. Today, job seekers only need a working internet connection to get a hand of great career opportunities. However, there is danger in conducting a job search using the internet -- scam artists operate online. In the employment industry, scammers do phishing, an online activity of stealing important information through fake emails. Knowing how to spot fraudulent emails will ensure that you are making safe job hunting moves. How?

Aside from great job offers, JobsDB Singapore also provides career advice articles to job seekers. In an effort to keep job seekers in Singapore away from phishing, JobsDB Singapore shares Teena Rose's article on how to make safe online job-searches.

In this article, Teena Rose, a popular columnist, gives tips on how to protect your identity from online frauds. To summarize, here are her tips:

1. Be leery of submission invitations.
2. Avoid responding to requests for personal information, such as a social security or credit card number.
3. When purchasing from a resume writing or resume submission service, for example, ensure information is encrypted upon hitting submit.
4. Read and understand the privacy policy of sites you patron.
5. Tell!

The complete article is available at JobsDB Singapore's Learning Resources library.

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