Wednesday, August 14, 2013

High Potential Programs: Boosting Retention and Maximizing Talent

The science of finding the right talent has evolved considerably from the usual practice of visiting every job website Singapore has to offer, consulting career centers, and interviewing qualified job seekers. More and more employers are looking to High Potential Programs to build employee capability, retain the best talents, and drive business goals.

According to the latest Hudson Report, 65.3% of employers currently utilize High Potential Programs. This serves as testimony to the fact that these programs are a sound business decision.
Tony Pownall, General Manager of Hudson Hong Kong, shares: “The war for talent is still very much on, so it is now more important than ever for employers to reframe their approach to talent management, re-evaluating the skills and capabilities required within their teams and build a talent pipeline that will assist in meeting the challenge of current and future talent shortages.”
“As a result, we’re seeing a higher incidence of employers using High Potential Programs to boost engagement and retain staff which is key to driving efficiency, productivity and minimising business disruption.” 

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