Friday, May 14, 2010

Career tips for fresh graduates, campus offerings, and more.

Job hunting can be as overwhelming as visiting Escape's Haunted II or Haw Par Villa's 10 Courts of Hell for the first time, for fresh graduates. Given the state our country's job market is currently in (it hasn't recovered fully yet), it can be said that lack of work experience is a handicap. Even experienced professionals are competing for fresh graduate jobs. This is why if you're a fresh graduate, it's imperative that you give everything you've got when applying for positions and when making resumes to accompany those applications.

We in Singapore understand this. Campus is designed to assist fresh grads and students (looking part time jobs or internships) with their endeavors. Campus is updated everyday not only with job openings but also with helpful career resources. We've interviewed Annie Yap, founder and Managing Director of AYP Associates for our latest Campus offering. We've already posted the video of this interview here before, so you probably already know the gist of her tips. Nevertheless, we've written an article about it for better understanding. She has three tips for students: "know what you want", "be disciplined", and "be flexible".

"Sharing from my own personal experience, I worked at GMP for 15 years since I graduated. The truth is, fresh graduates will definitely face many obstacles and challenges in the working world, but it’s important to persevere, endure, and resist the temptation to job hop every time we face a problem, or join another company for small salary increments", Annie shares.

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