Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Headlines that Matter | JobsDB Singapore || Cycle 2

We told you we were serious. Here goes the cycle 2 of our headlines that matter project.

"Experts say such social networking websites [pertaining to facebook] can be useful for sharing information beneficial to the company." -- Facebook: A growing force in the office, May 3, The Straights Times.
We believe that social media sites are great career resources, not just for office professionals but also for job hunters. Facebook, twitter, and linkedin are a great source of career advice articles and working tips. If you're a job seeker, they can lead you to "hidden" jobs. Are we on facebook? Yes. And we also have accounts on twitter and linkedin. Here you can view the links to all our social media accounts. Add us up. We'll be waiting.

"AROUND 65 per cent of Singapore's finance and accounting professionals are looking for better job opportunities as the economy recovers and hiring sentiments improve." -- 65% of finance execs looking for better jobs, May 1, asiaonebusiness
This article reports the results of the latest Robert Half survey. Yes, you're right; we've published this press release back @ too a couple of weeks ago. Nevertheless, what inferences can we make out of these reports? The economy is already giving favors to job seekers -- industries are getting their momentum back, especially accounting and banking & finance. Robert Half's survey didn't mention which industries to look into for jobs aside from the two aforementioned, but another press release from Hays Singapore did. Clerical Jobs, Civil Engineer Jobs, IT Careers, Marketing Positions, Jobs in Pharmaceutical, and Real Estate Jobs are some of the positions currently in high demand reports Hays. You can read these press releases @

"It is an open secret in the recruitment industry that employers do not want to hire those aged 35 and above. They also have other biases, like wanting to hire only young, pretty women, or the perception that some ethnic groups are more prone to absenteeism." -- They get others to do their discriminatory hiring, May 3, Today
Candidate selection has always been an issue in the recruitment industry. Recruiters and Companies have their own biases and so, it is imperative that you show them that there is more to you than your age or appearance. Whether you are hoping for a career in Direct Marketing or aiming to be a Receptionist, enhance your profile by establishing a personal brand, for instance. You can always go to our career advice section for tips to improve your chances at landing a job.

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