Monday, May 17, 2010

Of Job Satisfaction and Yoga Teaching

"Enjoying my job is the most important thing, rather than how much it pays", says Tane Lee. There goes a good career advice for job hunters and career changers, but this isn't another one of our short commentaries, mind you. We admire Tane, really -- she understands what job satisfaction is by heart and has a remarkable career. Tane is a full time yoga instructor at Absolute Yoga and we're featuring her here today to share to our followers her outstanding working philosophy and cool job.

Some people may think that teaching yoga is too tiring to be considered a cool job, but we digress. It pays good and keeps you fit. Plus, it brings forth personal satisfaction: nothing beats the feeling of being able to help people feel better. "As a hot yoga instructor, it makes your day when your students tell you that you have made their day better and they feel great after a class. Some of my students have also become friends and we even go out together at times", Tara told us when we asked her what she enjoys most about her job.

There are two things that we want you to pick up from this post. One is, of course, the idea that good careers don't always come with high salaries. If you're currently looking for a job, don't disregard a good offer just because it doesn't pay good. You should already know this if you're a career changer, but this reminder is for you too. What's the other lesson? Yoga jobs are cool. :D

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