Saturday, May 22, 2010

Let's talk about bosses

One of Singapore's biggest passions is blogging --it's a great way to reach job seekers and employees. What do we love to blog about the most? The list is long, but our posts usually go around the following focals: career change, resume writing, job interviews, career advancement and bosses. Yes, you read that right, bosses. We're pretty well-versed when it comes to discussions involving our country's hardworking top executives, really.

How do we define tough bosses? A recent article from asiaonebusiness, has featured what our senior web editor has to say regarding such colorful corporate characters:

Mr Mark Lim, senior web editor of Jobs DB Singapore, felt bosses need to be tough sometimes.

He said: "They have to ensure that deadlines are met, good work is produced and the company's targets and objectives are achieved."

The article is about how tough bosses thrive the Singapore workplane. It's a very good read for fresh graduates. You can read the complete article @

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