Friday, May 7, 2010

How to improve your email writing skills

Just because an electronic medium makes it easy to send your collection of fuzzy messages, that doesn't make it a good idea. Convenient and user friendly, email is indeed an asset in the corporate world; however, it has pushed employees to develop careless habits that are not only irritating but also risky for the companies involved.

Sharing professional information is suggested, joking is not. But just because you're very professional when you use your email, that doesn't make you an exception to this. Poor writing skills can also be a annoying and damaging for a company's reputation.

They say that we are what we write. Although it doesn't seem so, emailing is not an exception to this common knowledge. Singapore and its training and development arm,, is inviting you to this powerful one-day workshop on email writing.

Energise Your E-mail Writing Skills, with author and popular trainer, Shirley Taylor, is a comprehensive workshop that will help you make the most of email. This program aims at helping participants to:

  • Appreciate the highs and lows of email.
  • Understand the main problems in composing emails.
  • Identify old-fashioned phrases and overused jargon commonly used in emails.
  • Use modern business language when composing emails.
  • Apply the main rules of good writing to email messages.
  • Structure email messages logically using Shirley's 4 Point Plan.
  • Compose effective emails that will get results.
  • Improve the tone in email messages.
  • Improve corporate image through effective emails.
  • Analyse business emails to improve style/tone/wording/structure.

Department heads, executives, secretaries, and clerical officers from the fields of Human Resource, Recruitment, Banking & Finance, Media, and Marketing are encouraged to attend.


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