Wednesday, May 12, 2010

JobsDB Singapore features a cool job: Being a magician

A magician job pays good and makes people happy. It's an entertainment job that brings forth financial and personal satisfaction, so yes, it's a cool job. And we're featuring someone making a living out of this coolness in this blog today.

"Singapore's Most Famous Magician", "The Ace in Asia", and "Singapore's Best Known Illusionist" are just some of his mainstream titles. Who else are we featuring here but JC? We're pretty sure many of you are interested to know how he started his career. Here's what he has told us in our interview:

Magic started off as a hobby. I started doing magic when I was 12. Essentially self-taught, I learnt what is known to be 'close-up magic' (or now known as 'Street Magic') from books. At 17, I joined the local magic club, International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) Singapore Ring 115. I won several awards as a performer in close-up magic competitions and also won international awards for original magic creations that have been published in international magic journals and magazines, which are distributed to over 70,000 magicians worldwide.

While it takes many years of training to become a magician, JC's story is enough to inspire people to pursue their dream jobs. We've said yesterday that the concept of cool jobs is subjective, right? How do you define cool in relation to your career? Copywriting? Events Management? Working in a hotel? Athletics? Fashion? Whatever is your idea of a cool career, don't be discouraged to pursue it. We have tons of articles in our database that can help you out. And also, we'll be featuring headlines about job hunting tomorrow, so stay tuned; you may find valuable tips there.

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