Monday, May 31, 2010

Yet another job interview-related post from Singapore. But this time, we're offering a BONUS with it. A big one.

Job interviews comprise of three stages: before, during, and after.

It takes self confidence to conquer the 'during' stage. You have to communicate with the interviewer your whole skills set and bravado in not more than 20 minutes. That's the usual limit. To be self confident is the only way to accomplish such a task.

Self confidence will not work without proper preparation, though. Preparing needs to be done in order to ace a job interview - it's the only way to get yourself to formulate good answers. This is where the 'before' stage comes in. Study your resume thoroughly and look for information about the company that invited you.

Of course there's also the need to prepare in terms of appearance. A neatly pressed polo shirt can do wonders. Preparing is also the key to punctuality, which companies give a lot of importance to.

What about the 'after' stage? Send a thank you note to the employer, a day after your interview. Why do such a thing? Because it can strengthen your chances of being invited for a second interview or give you another shot at the job. A thank you note will characterize you as professional and appreciative, so Singapore greatly encourages sending such an 'old-fashioned' thing. We also want you to follow up. Doing so will continue to show your enthusiasm and desire for the position.

Now, you know how to handle your next job interview. Let's proceed to the BONUS. Wong Kok Wah, a specialist of career counseling and career development, is scheduled to talk about acing job interviews on June 12, Saturday courtesy of Career Events. Yes, you read that right. We figured, it's about time! Why attend? Peak your Interview Performance will highlight the key points to remember for one to prepare, attend and follow-up when one gets invited to an interview. It will also tackle body language, intonation and dealing with Frequently Asked Questions at an Interview. It's going to be a very informative event for job seekers.

Details are as follows:
Date : 12 June 2010, Saturday
Time : 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Price : S$28 (incl. 7% GST)
Venue : National Library Building, 100 Victoria Street, Level 5, Possibility Room

For more information, please call Pei Yan or Linc at 6861 1000 or email us at

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