Thursday, May 6, 2010

How is the Singapore job market doing?

Pretty much, okay, we're telling you. Surveys are conveying good results. Job hunters and employees have a lot to look forward to this month and the next, really. Companies are planning to hire again -- that's one thing. Bosses are willing to increase the pays of their staff as a strategy to counter retention issues as well.

Three in five bosses are ready to make a counter offer to save a quitting employee, according to the latest poll by recruitment firm Hudson. A good 80 per cent of the respondents see this as the most effective counter offer measure. As for job hunters, an average of 54 per cent of the respondent companies intend to increase headcount in April to June. You can expect a surge of job openings this month until the next. Our jobs database is a great way to see how companies are acting in relation to this report. (you can read more about the results of the survey in this The Business Times article)

BTW, the news headlines we've shared yesterday are a testament that the Singapore job market is ready to hand full favors... Have you read it? If not, do so.

This report from Hudson didn't mention which industries in particular are at their very peak as of present; we suggest you read Hays Singapore's latest press release that we have posted in our website a couple of weeks ago to know which jobs to consider for faster results. Whether you are currently looking for a job or planning to change careers, here is a quick rundown of jobs that are currently in high demand according to Hays: Accountant Jobs, Job in Finance, Construction Engineer Jobs, Jobs in IT, Marketing Positions, Specialist Jobs, and Pharmaceutical Job.

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