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Improve your office skills to reach the stars. Consider attending these admin seminars from

Office jobs are office jobs. Whether you're a receptionist or a customer service representative, you'll need administrative skills to be able to answer all the demands of your job and succeed. Office skills are essential to most (if not all) job functions in the first place. Even bankers need theirs honed to function properly. IT professionals too.

What we're saying here is this: Like it or not, your admin skills will play a part in your journey to success. If you're a job hunter, just because you're not after admin jobs, doesn't mean that satisfactory office skills can pass up. Similarly, working professionals will need good admin skills so that they can show their boss that they're rightful for a promotion.

Just like marketing skills, communication skills, negotiation skills and computer skills, top companies and employment agencies also give a lot of importance to admin skills. Having all these skills will make you a perfect candidate for a job or a promotion, actually. Without proper training on admin functions, you can still call yourself an asset to companies of course, but the entourage just isn't complete without such a qualification in your CV.

All those having said, we suggest you consider attending one or two of these seminars from our training and development arm, whether you're lacking a lot in this department or not. If you're in the admin industry, the more reason why you should invest in these.

Career experts Shirley Taylor, Christian Chua, Jacinta Noonan, Tina Altieri, Karen Leong, Tom Abbot, Pang Li Kin, and Tremaine Du Perez is set to have Success Seminars for Secretaries and Support Staff again on 18-19 Aug. For only S$1,000 (+/-), attending this is certainly a good career investment. This is a series of special seminars that will equip you with essential skills for professional development with topics ranging from writing skills to business etiquette. Here's a rundown:

  • Seminar A - Don't Let Writing be your Weakest Link - Shirley Taylor
  • Seminar B - How to be a Success Magnet - Christian Chua
  • Seminar C - Assertiveness at Work - Jacinta Noonan
  • Seminar D - Business Etiquette and Professional Protocol - Tina Altieri
  • Seminar E - Effective Influencing Skills for Women - Karen Leong
  • Seminar F - Time and Stress Management - Tom Abbott
  • Seminar G - Professional Image: Your Roadmap to Success - Pang Li Kin
  • Seminar H - Essential Emotional Intelligence - Tremaine Du Perez
Attending this seminar will also allow you to network. Breaks are designed to have the participants socialise. It's really worth the money! Register here:

Another good suggestion is Sandra Sandu-Reeves's Mind Mapping at Work. Surprise your boss or your future interviewers with witty liners through quick thinking. Sandra is set to have another session of this on 25 Aug.

Tremaine Du Perez's Think Smart Work Smarter is a cheaper alternative. A seminar that will improve your problem solving and decision making skills, she's set to have this again on 15 Sep. Mark your calendar. Sandra Sandu-Reeves is also scheduled to organise a related seminar on 21 Sept. Think Fast, Think Smart is for executives who need to unleash ideas and capture thoughts for problem solving, decision making, sales and marketing.

These are's other seminars for September. You might want to check them out too.

For more information, please contact at 6861 1000 or email to

Let us end this post with a message we've got from Kamal Kant of Next Transition: "Take an action (however big or small) every single day that supports your goal -- until you reach it! Never give up!". We hope this will inspire you. Singapore
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