Friday, August 27, 2010

More than just inspiring stories.

Is it really difficult? To stay positive amidst job hunting difficulties and working troubles, me mean. The situation in our inbox is still as gloomy as ever, despite the hype over the renewed optimism in the job market. So many factors push us into finally believing that it's impossible for the work world to have a room for breaks, but we insist on the idea of "As you sow so shall you reap". As you sow negativity so shall you reap negativity. Call us what you will, but in as much the same way as we value Gandhi wisdoms as life lessons, we believe that there's nothing impossible to people with motivation, even in the tricky and complicated realm of career. Motivation is the mother of all excellent ideas, whether it be an invention or a theory. Alexander Graham-bell was motivated by his want to talk to his friends without having to move. Other investors had their own "muses" too.

Here we go again with motivation. In case you're starting to think of us as emotional freaks, allow us to re-instate our belief on the importance of tact in career. There are many things which go into making a great working professional and the most prominent among these is tact. This isn't revelation: we've been incorporating this idea, albeit in different word combinations, into our posts for as long as we can remember. However, if you have any kind of psychology background at all (those still feeling skeptic towards us can stop reading now), there are two factors that make humans brilliant, not just one. Alongside tact is sensibility. This is not moon-talk – it’s no different than the balance of ying and yang or the relationship between the sun and the moon. Solely working via tact can be consequential. Nature works in balance -- your emotions are of the essence too.

If you're influenced by negativity, you'll perceive just about anything to come to your grasp, no matter how "orange", as dull . In Singapore's competitive job market, how are you going to succeed without a touch of heart to keep your tact in working condition? Your heart should always be there to work for you as well because human factors move in balance.

And in case you're thinking of arguing with the idea of emotion equals instability, the notion's wrong. Having a heart isn't a sign weakness; in fact, it's something that top companies consider as an employee asset -- it shows that you have personality, not a robot with limited capabilities and no potential at all. Allow us to extract something from Emily Kirkman's The Factor Model: "[HR professionals] are adopting new technologies and methods to select and recruit people who are not only qualified for the job but who will fit in the organisation and help it grow. One of these methods is personality assessment".

Now that we've said all those, we feel compelled to add that, of course, there's no scientific basis that reading inspirational stories have a direct impact on how humans function for work. Losing focus is detrimental in career -- what we're getting to here is when you're having issues with how your work life is progressing, it's a good suggestion to read heart-warming snippets to bounce back. Right, a suggestion. Think of it this way if you find the idea of having to get in touch with your sensibilities to reach the stars absurd.

We're hoping you already understand the point of this "emotional" sequel (if you need more clarifications, we'll be glad to accommodate you in the comments section). We've missed out on a lot of things yesterday, really. Allow us to feature all the good articles Career Advice has about inspiration today. Read on and get inspired!

Julian Wee overcame cerebral palsy to have a successful career. Julian's childhood consisted of lots of therapy, but these conflicts didn't stop him from moving forward, partly thanks to his supporting classmates and teachers. Now a senior economist with IDEAglobal, Julian has told us when we've interviewed him for JobsDB Campus that he aims to contribute to society by helping Singapore policy makers develop better programs on social awareness and disabilities. Julian has left us with a great advice for fresh graduates and confused working professionals: "As the world still values virtuosity at some level, it’s important to find something that you really enjoy doing because there is a higher chance that you will excel in it. If you are good at something, you can definitely make money."

At only in her late 30's, Audrey Quek, founder of Audrey Quek Image Consultancy, and winner of Junction 8’s Most Beautiful Mum contest 2007, has already done lots of things. To women who are afraid to pursue their passions, reading our interview with Audrey can be a revelation. Audrey has left us with this inspiring message on building a personal brand: "If you really want to succeed in your career, grooming and communication skills are just as important as your work performance results. Without a doubt, people do judge us based on our external appearance, and we are like walking brands, therefore we need to brand ourselves well."

"I have always wanted to be part of a successful business, even from a very young age", Shazlan Sufian has told us when we've also interviewed him for JobsDB Campus. If you feel that entrepreneurship is your fate, don't be scared to do something about it. You just need to take note of two things: focus and discipline. Check out Shazlan's website at and be inspired by his hard work.

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