Friday, August 6, 2010

Tips for budding entrepreneurs and prospects for food safety industry job hunters

Entrepreneurship has many perks; the fact that it'll make you your own boss holds the highest appeal. It's the one thing that encourages many people to pursue their own businesses, really. Singapore believes that entrepreneurship is a good career pursuit. We've already written a ton about the topic -- that's probably enough for proof.

Looking to enter the business scene someday? This isn't really a warning per se, but we don't want you to take things -- the transition, preparation, and learning -- easy. You have to network a lot to get information -- there's no other way. Stories from experienced business people will give you the best hints on how you can run your business the smoothest and less-riskiest way possible.

The more experienced the business owner, the better advice you'll receive. If given the opportunity, would you listen to the stories of the winner of the Successful Entrepreneur Award 2010? We don't even have to ask, right? No business aficionado would want to miss the opportunity of hearing from an entrepreneur as skilled as Charles Chen. That's right. Singapore has recently interviewed the founder and Managing Director of FoodNet Consultants for Career Advice. Get your notepad out as this is going to be insightful.

Remember our post about Wendy Kwek? She's a great entrepreneur too and in the feature we've made for her on this blog, we've left a message that goes something along "gain experience as a working professional before you test the waters". This isn't just something we've made up to make her feature longer -- we've got basis on this. Charles here had worked as a Business Development Manager for an Australian food safety company before he established FoodNet Consultants.

The first few months are the most crucial when it comes to business management. "It was quite tough in the beginning as business was slow and we only had a handful of clients in the first few years, and I even went by without taking a salary at certain times", Charles has shared with us. As an entrepreneur, you should always be up to date -- it's the only way to gain foresight and be able to ride the proper momentum. Charles was able to beat his starting blues in 2004 when food hygiene became a hot topic in Singapore. "From then on, our business has been steadily expanding and growing and we have not looked back since."

A rightful winner of the award, Charles' determination is really admirable. What's his advice for budding entrepreneurs like you? He's given us five easy pointers: KEEP ON LEARNING, KEEP AN OPEN MIND, BE WILLING TO TRY NEW THINGS, DON"T BE AFRAID OF HARDHIPS, and CULTIVATE A KEEN SENSE OF FORESIGHT. Very well said.

And oh, Charles has one more tip: "Remember to have a banker, lawyer and a doctor among your close friends!" Why? It's quite a no brainer, really. Charles invites you to figure it out for yourself.

Charles has given us good news for job hunters as well, particularly those focusing their search on the food safety industry. With Singapore striving to become a food safety hub in the Asia Pacific Region, prospects are good and getting better all the time. Who does Charles hire, you ask? "Many of our staff that I've hired at FoodNet Consultants are from Generation Y and are in their early and late twenties. I like working with them as they are vibrant and always think of new and innovative ideas and solutions to increase our clients' productivity."

You can read our full interview with Charles on Career Advice at

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