Friday, August 13, 2010

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It's never easy to write about career. Some will thank you which is good for morale, but there's always the problem of "conflicting views" to worry about. Ignoring the dangers of internet spam, we didn't close this blog's comment option for nothing. We're as free to share what we think are good career tips as much as you're free to criticise them. "We're All Entitled To Our Own Opinion", as the saying goes. No winners nor losers, just a healthy exchange of ideas.

...or at least, that's what we're aiming to achieve through this blog project. What do you think? We keep in touch on facebook, twitter and linkedin for this purpose. We go with the trend -- the hottest earns a write up. We're taking today to speak about generality. Call this another disclaimer post or what, it's okay.

Jobs. We don't call this blog "Singapore Jobs" for nothing. But of course, there's more to this blog than being an announcement board for the latest additions to our database. We try to be as insightful as possible when we offer jobs on this blog. We feel inclined to; we have enough resources to do so after all. For instance, our latest post with regards to this trend, which we've published last July 26, also discusses options and tips that job hunters like you can use with your pursuits alongside the latest HR jobs, SME jobs, banking jobs, manufacturing jobs, legal jobs, hospitality jobs, and IT jobs in Singapore.

News. We tend to be a little bit pushy when we write about the news. Why are we encouraging you to make reading the news a hobby, anyway? For you to know what's hot and not in the jobs market. Use the news to find out which industry's the most accommodating for job seekers like you at the moment or to know which companies in your choice of industry are hiring. The idea is that simple -- we want to make your job search easier. We've decided to make Headlines that Matter a regular on this blog for this reason. We're already preparing for cycle eight. Stay tuned.

Breathers. Writing about soft stuff is out question in blogging. We abide by this rule too. There's nothing wrong with writing about random things once in a while, right? The purpose of this blog, by nature, is pretty serious, and so we try as much as possible to be fun to read and informative with out posts in order to not bore you out. From cool jobs to the Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010 -- it's not like Singapore isn't giving us fun things to write about here, anyway.

Advice. Something we've been doing since the birth of this blog, the year 2008. But of course, we're evolving. Now, we also write our own articles, the ideas of which we extract from our first hand experiences with job hunters, insights from our partner experts, and the experiences of the working professionals we've talked to for Industry Focus.

If nothing else, advice is our most preferred trend on this blog. This is where we get to actually exchange ideas with our followers -- they tell us what they think are wrong with our logic and we answer them. This trend also makes up a large part of our motivation -- receiving kudos for a job well done makes us feel great. Who wouldn't, anyway?

Opportunities. You can classify jobs under this, but there's a reason why we think of these trends as separate entities. Opportunities is a broad word, especially with regards to career. Job hunting is stressful in itself; we don't want to bombard you with offers that you don't need yet. If you need jobs, then we'll give you jobs. We'll give you learning opportunities come the end of your search. Every week we feature the latest from our official training arms, Career Events and These offers are too good to miss so we greatly encourage you to bookmark this blog.

Surveys. We've been featuring survey questions back @ for as long as we can remember. For what purpose, you ask? It's no brainer, really: we want to know what our followers think about certain topics. We make companion write ups for these questions on this blog to help you decide what to answer as well as to make our points clearer. Do you have questions that you'd like us to feature under this project? Just drop a comment. You'll be heard.

Snippets. Random stuff but still relevant to share. Wait for them every weekend. Right now, we're finishing our career mistakes to avoid series.

Media. We don't do this often, but when we do, everyone likes it. Proof? Our past photo posts. One highlighted JobsDB Career Expo 2010. Another featured's newest technology: Quick Ad Preview.

So, there. These are the trends/categories we use on this blog. Do you want us to add another one? Don't hesitate to send your suggestion to us. Singapore
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