Thursday, August 26, 2010

Motivation when looking for a job -- It’s no different than the need for speed in the practice of F1.

We feel inclined to write about job hunting, job search, or whatever name you prefer to call the task, at least once a week. From Singapore job updates to commentaries on the task itself. To keep the motivation flowing on the part of job seekers is the main goal -- writing about it on a regular schedule can satisfy this need nicely. We get people to discuss things with us when we post anything about looking for a job on this blog, secondly. With other people also sharing their thoughts, Singapore is able to create a portal of ideas, from which readers can get an assortment of tips to better their chances for a job. A strategy so simple yet, brilliant.

Okay, enough with the intro. This blog's been featuring job hunting since its birth, how are we going to fill in the need without sounding redundant? The possibilities are endless, really. We're taking today to discuss the difference between job hunting with a support system, technical or otherwise, by one's side and without. You didn't see that coming, did you?

If nothing else, job hunting is a big yarn ball of frustration. In today's competitive job market, having few people by your side to draw inspiration from will make you mutter "I give up" and "This is pointless" in no time. Giving up is the mother of all failures -- job hunting is no exception to this rule, needless to day. We're just making things complicated? You know very well that we're survival junkies when it comes to career (with career building being as tricky as it is, there's no other way to get the figures rolling to your favor but by playing commando, really).

Looking for a job in Singapore is never easy because of competition. The Singapore job market isn't popular to foreign workers for nothing. Family and friends are the best source of motivation for job seekers like you. It's not about keeping your ego intact, but rather getting the most help to stay motivated. Let your loved ones support you. You can be sure their support is genuine. Some of your friends can even give you access to hidden jobs -- maybe their employer is looking to hire someone like you. You never know.

Interest/hobby groups are also a great source of motivation. Join now, be it a fan club or a bookie group. Time is of the essence in job hunting, but that doesn't mean taking breaks is not advised.

Professional support refers to your network and if you're willing to pay, a career coach. We've said it many times on this blog -- there's nothing for you to lose in networking. The fact that many jobs are not advertised makes the strategy very appealing, if nothing else. More than 50% of jobs are found through networking, it's been stated by many recruitment professionals. But since our topic for today is not about how much networking can increase your chances of landing a job, allow us to get to the main point now. The bonus in doing networks is getting professional support -- the reason why we've included networking here in the first place. A healthy network is achieved when its members are actively helping each other not just through giving referrals but also advice. If it's been a while since you've last updated your contacts list, it's worth it to pause your pursuits for a while to make updates. If you can spare more time, try attending career events such as Singapore job fairs to meet new people. Troublesome? Again, you're doing this not just to tap the hidden jobs market but also benefit from other peoples' true stories.

Hiring a coach is going to bring unspeakable inputs to your job hunting, so yes, it's a move we suggest despite its cost. It works just like networking, only you get all the support and attention. A career coach will help you to reach your potential and teach you how to achieve results -- You'll find the lessons applicable for working professionals as well (something you can use when you're done with the searching too). We've already featured career coaching on this blog, but since we're all for your convenience, here's the main point there: A career coach can not only give you effective tips on career advancement and development, but also stand as your emotional support during times of uneasiness. Right, motivation. Professional.

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