Thursday, August 5, 2010

In the spotlight: Advice for advertising, marketing and management professionals. Sports jobs. The Singapore Sports Council. More about YOG 2010.

Before anything else, we'd like to point out our reasons for posting this. The Singapore Youth Olympics 2010 is getting closer and closer; we can't help but make today another sports day. Hey, it's okay to take a breather once in a while, right? And besides, YOG has been an "in-thing" on Facebook since the start of the year -- going with the trend is a blogging strategy that even professionals use with their own web spaces.

But it's not like what we're talking about today is a far cry from our "career" brand. Have you always wondered who's responsible for developing sports and athleticism in the country? Wonder no more. Singapore has recently interviewed a professional from the Singapore Sports Council (SSC). A statutory board under the purview of the Ministry of Community Development, SSC has been developing sports champions and creating enjoyable sporting experiences for Singapore in a variety of ways since 1973. STELLA WONG, senior manager, sales and sponsorship (Sports Marketing Group) is going to give you a preview on what's it like working at SSC and more. `

As a senior manager for sales and sponsorship, Stella's job is to drive partnerships and sponsorships to support revenue generation for sports. She also leads a team whose job is to create better platforms to increase their sponsors' advertising mileage. Stella is indeed a very experienced advertising professional; why has she chosen to join the sports industry, you ask?"The job scope along with the increasing support by the Government for sports has fueled my desire to be part of the sports scene", Stella has shared with us. Being a people-person who loves to share her knowledge and experiences, the job is a just a perfect fit -- something not to let pass.

And according to her, she's made a great choice. "Working in SSC is like being part of a big family. We are a closely knit team that believes in helping one another...This is important as it spurs me to take on more challenges at work." SSC has also been a great training ground for her. It has honed her communication skills, enabling her to interact with people at varying leaders. She's also picked up excellent leadership skills and creativity. You can read more about Stella and her wonderful job at SSC on Career Advice at

Want to be in the sports industry but don't have "that" athleticism factor? This interview shall make it clear to you that not all sports jobs require athletic endurance and strength from candidates -- any working professional can enter the field as long as they've the desire for action. It doesn't matter if you'll be coming from a sales job or a marketing job or an HR job; there's more to a job in sports than being good at throwing balls or running. You can be a fitness trainer or a sales manager like Stella -- there are tons of possibilities. You can browse for sports career on our database at

Stella's interview is also a great read for advertising, marketing, and management executives, what with her vast knowledge on sponsorships and team management. If you're currently looking for an advertising job or a marketing job, we also suggest you read our complete interview with her.

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