Monday, August 2, 2010 wishes Singapore a Happy 45th Birthday.

For Singapore, there's no better way to celebrate Singapore's 45th year anniversary than to spend it sharing advancement opportunities for working professionals and job seekers. This is a birthday party where everyone gets career favors!

What good news do we have for job seekers, fresh grads or otherwise? The job market's doing great. We spent most of our time last week delivering reports about this, remember? Missed them? We don't mind repeating them here -- Singapore's celebrating 45th and it's for a good cause after all. The latest Hays Quarterly Report, which you can read back @, reveals that information technology jobs, banking jobs, human resources jobs, manufacturing jobs, jobs in hospitality, and legal jobs have the highest demands right now. Other sectors are pretty much in an accommodating mode too, we've read from several of our most trusted news resources, but we've concluded that these industries offer the best job hunting results.

There's a big demand for candidates with strong IT backgrounds due to an increase in number of large scale projects in the sectors of banking, telecommunications and energy. More and more companies are looking to re-hire this quarter, on the other hand -- the reason for HR industry's sudden boom. Vivian Ng, division director of Robert Half has shared with Today that she's seeing a 20 percent increase in banks' hiring moves especially in sales -- she's named HSBC, Citibank, DBS, and Standard Chartered for this. Increased activity is being experienced across the industries of manufacturing, legal and compliance and hospitality right now too, we've read from some periodicals.

Our jobs database is a testament to this "renewed" optimism. Apply for jobs from our 20,000 job listings here: Looking to change jobs? Go ahead and use what we have to find your answers too.

Anticipating Singapore's 45th, Career Events and has lined up their finest skills trainings and career workshops for August. Career Events is discussing "the real secret of career building" this month. Whether you're job hunting or just looking for ways to advance your career, attending Network like a Professional will benefit you a lot. Networking is a good way to open yourself to new opportunities. Don't miss this chance to learn how to maximize your opportunities at any event! August 21 is the date to remember. For more information, please call Pei Yan or Linc at 6861 1000 or email us at is celebrating Singapore's 45th with great seminar offers. It will be offering seminars on writing skills, communications skills, presentation skills, and business kills for August. A very well-rounded month, indeed! Something for your writing skills: Writing Proposals & Reports will benefit all levels of executives who have to write clear, convincing and complete business reports and proposals. Sandra Sandu-Reeves is scheduled to have it again tomorrow, but you can still sign up! Nishant Kasibhatla, Singapore's Grand Master of Memory will be sharing his expertise on Aug 11. Achieving Peak Performance by Improving your Memory will equip you with all the tools and strategies you need to unleash the full potential of your brain power. These are the others has in store this month:

For more information, please contact at 6861 1000 or email to

So, how are you planning to show your love to Singapore on its 45th birthday? Why not do it by attending one or two of the seminars we've mentioned above or start using our database as a job hunting resource? Singapore
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