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Talent and career development for fresh graduates. The importance of skills training.

"Managing one's own talent and career development is important too, and I think this is especially important for new graduates about to enter the job market", Darryl Wee, Country Head of ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified accountants) has shared with Singapore through a press release. In line with this, we'd like to ask you something. If you're about to graduate soon, what's the status of your skills set?

Darryl, isn't just referring to future accounting professionals here of course. It doesn't matter which industry you're planning to enter -- whether you're eying information technology or probably engineering, your skills set will play a major role in your job hunting. Whether or not you'll get a job asap, to be more precise. Competition is a constant in the work world -- especially if the job title you're eying rewards good in a nutshell, even though it's a starter post, you'll find yourself competing with experienced professionals for it too. Develop the right skills set for the job and you won't find yourself playing a second fiddle to someone a whole lot more experienced than you. How can you do that? Let us provide you scenario examples.

According to the latest Hays Quarterly Report, currently, there's a high demand for project managers and business analysts with specific product knowledge in banking. A strong knowledge in management is what's needed to succeed in these posts, we need not even say. If you're planning to join this sector and are interested to go with this banking jobs momentum, joining as much business seminars and management trainings as you can is the best strategy that you can employ for now.'s finance workshops are a great means to learn about management in banking. Spearheaded by George Goh and John Ho, you'll definitely get your money's worth. This coming Sep 17 and 20, George Go and John Ho will be having The Art of Collecting Debts Through the Telephone and Effective Business Cashflow- The Practical Way again, respectively. For lessons on credit control, you'd have to wait until Oct 8, though, but well, a month won't hurt.

Many firms are investing in sales and marketing talents right now, Hays has also shared with us through their latest report. We know, experience is very important in sales executive jobs. How can you get hired if you don't have a track record to boast for yet? We're suggesting you to do the same thing as above. Attend skills seminars, but this time, about marketing and networking. Mark your calendar as Sandra Sandu-Reeves is scheduled to have Winning and Retaining Clients in Tough Times again on Sep 1. You'd probably want to attend her Polished Presentation Skills seminar on Nov 16 as well. If you want something to go to right now, Career Events is set to have Network Like a Professional on Aug 21. They're still accepting sign ups.

"While some areas of HR saw a greater number of redundancies than others, the number of HR professionals retrenched was relatively low", Joanne Chua, a Manager at Robert Walters Singapore has shared with us when we've interviewed her for Career Advice. HR jobs in Singapore rival accounting jobs when it comes to stability, really. If you're planning to enter this field after you graduate, you have a bright future ahead of you. That's for sure. But how are you going to make yourself more marketable? Joanne has noted that it's absolutely necessary for HR professionals to possess a genuine passion for people development. An HR career, according to her, is all about soft skills, as well as having a high level of emotional intelligence (EQ). Suggestions: On Sep 17, Leslie Choudhury is going to have Emotional Intelligence at Work again. Another relevant seminar for you is Making Great Connections by Shirley Taylor & Alison Lester. They're set to have it again on Oct 21.

Admin jobs and HR jobs have a lot of things in common; their resistance to economic hiccups is just one. These seminars from can help you a lot with your pursuits of entering this field after graduation:

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