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Your guide to writing in career || Writing in response to complaints, emailing, reports preparation, handwriting analysis, and more.

No matter what career you're planning to embark on, whether it's an IT job that you're fancying or a banking career or what, you can't get away from the task of writing. It just seems inevitable for you to sharpen your writing skills through various resources such as study groups and skills training to continue moving. Most job openings, if not all, comprise of writing tasks; to achieve career success, you'll have to do these things marvelously, needless to say. Progress reports for admin professionals, stock studies for bankers, medical reports for those with doctor jobs and law memorandums for lawyers -- there's no going away from having to play words to get rewards in the work world. Plus the fact that email is now considered a major means of communication. Especially to a boss who prefers the medium for talks, how are you going to make yourself heard without good enough writing prowess?

But we're not suggesting you transform yourself into a writer. There's a big difference between improving your writing skills to perform better and making your head bleed for trying to sound like the late Goh Poh Seng. Might as well get a writing job if that's case.

The same goes for those already working and finding themselves in a writing hiccup. They say that not all people are born with greatness with regards to writing. Not being a part of this group of individuals doesn't mean you're stuck with satisfactory writing skills all your life. You CAN do something. LearningDB.com and Career Events are ready to give you a hand anytime. Career Events is having an interesting writing seminar this coming Sep and LearningDB.com has made Oct a galore for seminars on writing. These two will be keeping you busy.

We're sure you've seen the ad already. Career Events is having Everything you always wanted to know about handwriting analysis on Sep 4. You may ask, what does handwriting have to do with job hunting or career development? A lot, actually. Some employers use handwriting analysis in evaluating candidates. One can use the technique to improve his standing in the office e.g. relationships with boss and peers and handling some tasks, similarly. William Pang is also going to help you find out the type of jobs you're most suited for and teach you how to identify forged documents. For more information, please call Pei Yan or Linc at
6861 1000 or email us at marketinginfo@jobsdb.com.sg. Sign up at www.jobsdb.com.sg/StaticContent/SG/CareerEvents/events/Everything-about-handwriting-analysis.htm

Writing emails is complicated, it just seems simple. No matter which job industry you're in or eying to enter, being armed with sharp emailing abilities can be very powerful. The ever popular Shirley Taylor is set to have Energise Your E-mail Writing Skills again on Oct 22. A comprehensive workshop to help you make the most of e-mail! You'll get your money's worth.

Customer service jobs, telesales jobs, manager jobs -- These jobs require that you know how to do two things perfectly: respond to complaints and compile them in a good report. Have one of these jobs as your job? Planning to lead your career to one of these paths? Writing in Response to Complaints by popular trainer Jolynn Chow through LearningDB.com can teach you many things. Learn how to reply to customers effectively and turn complaints into opportunities. Jolynn will show you how to use empathy, how to structure your message logically, how to choose words that convey positive emotions, and how to repair and build relationships. The date to mark is Oct 14.

Admin jobs have evolved into being much more challenging in recent years. One reason for this is the addition of minutes writing in such jobs' roster of tasks. Whether you're focusing your search on HR jobs or office manager jobs, you might want to consider attending Writing Effective Minutes by Jolynn Chow. Learn how to record accurate notes at meetings and present clear and useful minutes. The date to remember is Oct 15.

For more information, please contact LearningDB.com at 6861 1000 or email to learning@jobsdb.com.sg.

LearningDB.com also offers seminars on Management and Leadership, Customer Relations, Sales & Marketing, Communication Skills, Personal Development, Finance, and Microsoft Office. See the training calendar for more information.

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