Monday, November 8, 2010

Career Resources for HR Professionals.

Dedication beyond compare. That's how we see ourselves and what has been done for this blog since yours truly came in command. Though, it's not that we see ourselves as equals to HR professionals. HR executives and HR directors are easily the best career professionals when it comes to dedication what with the fact that HR Jobs require the use of many types of skills (including but not limited to people skills, intellectual skills, communication skills, and planning skills). Saying that is close to suicide. But well, we battle writer's block every now and then and effort every time there's a brainstorm session. Surely, those actions account for something that even you cannot deny.

Call us self glorifiers or what you will, but we hope you catch the drift. We're set to discuss the available career resources for human resource and recruitment professionals at for today. What do the self compliments have to do with HR Officer Jobs and HR Manager Jobs? We just feel that it's in the line to start the task with a self compliment after the battle against the much distressed writing repression last Friday and all that. The comparison just occurred.

And the drama ends there. We don't intend to bum you with too much suspense (and romanticism). So, we're not holding you any longer. What do we have in store for HR Professionals and job seekers of Recruitment Jobs and Human Resources Jobs?

Recently, we've been receiving messages from job seekers and working professionals on Linkedin and Facebook, asking about how HR Jobs in Singapore are faring in the Singapore job market, against the so-called pillars, namely Accounting Jobs, Banking Jobs, Admin Jobs, and Manufacturing Jobs. Of course, we've replied good to all of them and we're intending to do the same for similar mails that are yet to come. HR Positions are never out of our database's top jobs list for nothing.

We've been giving HR advice as well. Although we're perfectly capable of writing our own, it's a good thing that Ms Joanne Chua of Robert Walters has shared this article to us: How to make your HR Career Switch. Something that we can use as a back up to our points.

  • What are the basic requirements of HR Jobs?
  • What skills are the most advantageous to have in the field?
  • What are transferable skills and what do they have to do in the HR career route?
  • How can career changers make a successful switch to HR?
  • What's in store in the field for the coming years?
  • How to work with recruitment agencies?
  • What do employers in the field look for?
Above are just some of the many questions the article can help you put to light on. We've featured it on this blog for many times already. Have you read it? If not, you're missing a lot. It could be the one to finally end your job hunt or career rut.

The main reason for this HR tribute is, actually. Singapore's training and development arm is continuously finding ways to make its services better, you know that for sure. And it has just announced its latest line of seminars for HR Offices from Human Capital Singapore. If you've visited recently, surely you've noticed. Consider letting your HR staff attend one of two of these new seminars:

  • Administer Performance Review Process (HR-PM-201E) -- For managers and supervisors. They will learn how to monitor staff performance, develop their capacity to perform, rate their performance and reward good performances.
  • Implement Recruitment and Selection Methods (HR-RS-301E) -- Learn how to apply the principles of your organisation's recruitment process. Hands-on role play sessions also allow participants to develop and practise interviewing techniques to assess a candidate's suitability
  • Implement Talent Management Programme (HR-TM-401E) -- It will cover how management can determine organisational talent capability and integrate talent management programmes into human resource and business function.
  • Support Industrial Relations (HR-ERC-301E) -- This module provides an overview to understanding how human resource (HR), management and unions can work together to promote better industrial relations (IR) and achieve win-win conclusions.
  • Process Payroll (HR-CB-201E) -- It will benefit anyone who have direct responsibility in payroll management, are involved directly in payroll function or have a supervisory role in payroll management.
All these seminars have scheduled sessions this coming December. View the calendar for complete info. You can also contact HCS at 6423 0388 or email

Some of Career Advice's latest uploads are also a good read for HR professionals and managers. Positive Expectations by career expert, Brian Tracy discusses what transformational leadership is and how it motivates staff into doing more. Another is Effective Communication by the same author, which lists down the four types of communication and how important it is to embrace them in one's business plans.

Another article by Brian Tracy, Maximum Achievement discusses the seven ingredients of successful organisations; HR people can use this as reference for their future modules. HR managers are also advised to read 15 Tips for Thriving in a Cubicle Environment by HRNExt to defuse potential problems in this 'intimate' office setup. Local Trends In Work Life Balance by career coach, Kamal Kant, on the other hand, gives out suggestions on how the setup can be achieved for the staff's happiness.

We'll update you as soon as we get new resources for your HR career! Singapore
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