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Steps to a successful job hunt. And freebies from Singapore.

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Can we interest you with another contest? What's your dream job? was first announced on this blog two or so weeks ago. But because we're enthusiastic to get more entries for it, well, there's nothing wrong with repeating the announcements over and over, right? We've long shared our career fantasies on this your entry ready?

And so, the announcements end there. Today isn't supposed to be about them, anyway but rather, about a curious question one follower has posted on our mailbox last Monday. We might as well start with what's really scheduled for today, before you lose the appetite to read more.


"How do you define a job application that's spotless?" is our understanding of his query. We haven't answered something like this before, come to think of it. So, here it goes, explained in steps... from searching for Singapore jobs to accepting a job offer.

Our views resemble those of realists when it comes to the concept of job hunting. In our years of taking advice from different career experts, we've come to the conclusion that there's no such thing as a risk-less approach in looking for a job. And so the challenge is how you can avoid as much pitfalls as you can and reach the end still breathing.

If we were to job hunt, how would we go about it? With class. Heck, kidding aside, we'd go about it carefully. Research would govern our actions and anything unnecessary to come our ways would be ignored.

As simple as that may sound, our idea of a perfect job hunt is one that follows a fixed goal and involves lots of researching. Whether you're just starting your career or have been searching for employment for quite some time now but to little avail, maybe this step by step guide can help you.

Step 1: realising one's goals
For a job search to be successful (heck, any kind of career pursuit), there needs to be a destination that's eyed. Having difficulties with your pursuit? Well, do you follow a goal? In our understanding of the concept, goals setting is right there on the top and is something anyone who wants to achieve career success should do.

Your lacking of a goal could be the reason for your misfortune. Did you apply for two different jobs from the same employer? And so for those who are still on the first stage, we advise you be specific with your goals before you ready your resume for the fight.

Be specific. Setting your desires against your employee skills, which place do you stand the biggest chance to prosper? Is it in an accounting job under the hospitality plain? Or perhaps it's an engineering work in the telecom industry? Maybe you'd be better off in a writing job in the IT industry in Singapore rather than in Media? Will you need additional credentials via training seminars and career workshops to reach that plain?

Allow us to quote Licensed Counsellor, David Helfald: "The most important piece of advice I can offer today's job seeker is to first figure out, as best as you can, exactly what you want to do."

After realising your goals, you'll find it a breeze to go about resume writing and job interviewing. Which leads us to step two...

Step 2: looking for job ads
Don't apply to jobs you're not qualified for. Doing otherwise will put your personal brand on the rocks. You don't want to end up in black lists, do you?

If you're guilty of having done this before, stop now before it gets worse. Starters are greatly advised not to succumb to the temptation.

That's why this is step 2 in our book. Having a goal will keep your actions in line and prevent you from doing things that can take a toll at your pursuit.

There's a reason why employers make their job ads as detailed as possible. It's for you to have things to contemplate on. So, we say, always remember your goal. And also, the next time you use Find Jobs to look for jobs in Singapore, go beyond the ad title. Then make a list.

Our favourite quote from regular and career expert Sandra Sandu-Reeves: "If you don't meet the requirements, wait for a suitable job opening. Aimless applications can frustrate the job seeker as much as recruiters."

Step 3: resume marketing
Whether you're job hunting for the first time or have been doing so for weeks or months now, this is our advice: Make your goal the foundation of your resume. Whatever you have right now, edit it until it echoes your goals. This will serve as your draft.

Draft? Yes, because if nothing else, using a generic resume won't do you any good. Personalise your resume to suit every job ad in your list, the one we asked you to do in step 2.

"Don't make the decision any tougher to hire you over the hundreds of other people that are just as eager and have been honing their resumes for years", says recruitment expert Jonathan Kwan.

If this won't work, then we don't know what will.

Step 4: job interviewing
We wrote about this yesterday. Plus the fact that job interview is one of our most favourite topics on this blog. we still need to elaborate on what we want you to do here and how you can make your goals work for you in this aspect?

But because we're all for your convenience and happiness, we'll repeat them anyway. For all the aspects in this step, from the answers to what you'll be wearing, prepare.

Don't waste any time. Once you receive an interview invite, research about the company and its pursuit. Using the information, search for interview questions that may be asked by that company's HR specialists. Ace the interview with a stock of intelligent answers.

If you're not familiar with the place, find your way before the interview to avoid hassles. This is for punctuality and is something you should definitely do if your personal brand's built upon this character.

Your goal is what will lead you to success during the interview itself. This will save you from unexpected questions.

Words of wisdom from Ms. Aimee Young, Consultant at Robert Walters, "The conversation will essentially be about you and the company/role, so take your time, know your resume (and yourself) and know the company. If you are relaxed, you will be able to present yourself in the best light. "

Step 5: evaluating the job offers
If it's a career that you want to achieve, then we're assuming you understand the reasoning behind the inclusion of this step. Just because it's the first thing to come along, doesn't mean it's the angel that you've been waiting for all this time. Consider the odds too. Is the pay enough? Is the job description promising? Does the job offer advancement opportunities in the form of salary increase or skills training?

Ask yourself these questions before you say Yes. And most important, is it in line with what you really want to achieve in life?

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