Thursday, November 4, 2010

What is your dream job? Finding your dream career.

If our estimate is right, it's been six months since we last wrote something creative on this blog. Remember the time when we talked about cool jobs? When we shared to you guys our views on the concept, pitting certain Singapore jobs against each other to prove the point? That was the last time. Dig our archives to reread its glory. We're proud of it like that. As to the exact date, we'll leave the rediscovering to you. We're never good at reminiscing (we wish we are), but oh well, what we're sure of is that it's in the archives somewhere and we have proof that we're not just faking memories to catch your attention. We're guilty of having used that blogging device a long time ago, but we've changed (another challenge to you... when did we invent a memory and which one?).

We don't want you guys to expect too much, but really, we've sworn to make today as creative as 'cool jobs'. To take a break from the seriousness of career building and job hunting as topics of discussions and make way for pure awesomeness. We need it badly. Can you feel the pressure that's tickling our stomachs right now? What? We don't believe in our writing prowess anymore? You can say that, but writers are very insecure beings, really. Read about the cause of deaths of some of the best writers to ever walk the face of earth and you'll appreciate the 'radiance' of our souls. Kidding aside, the thing is, we've performed unsatisfactorily last October, having received anything but appreciation for feedback.

A new contest from our editors has sparked us some hope. And so we continue with our task of instigating conversations like nothing is bothering us (but, there is, as we've confessed just a while ago). Now we're off to testing whether we're still capable of writing humor professionally or not.

We're referring to the Dream Jobs Contest. The "Do you have your dream job?" survey (the one before what you can see now at was put up to get you to a dreamy mood so you'd be inclined to join. It got us into a dreamy mood... we're assuming it did you the same thing. Isn't it refreshing to think about your dream career? We're asking job seekers all over Singapore what their dream job is. Share your thoughts with us and stand a chance to win any prize of your choice worth $388.

But wait, this wouldn't be complete without us sharing to you guys our answer to the question. The survey got us into a dreamy mood, remember? Anyway, you may think that we're living our dream career, judging by how much we effort on keeping this blog alive. But really, our fantasies don't the least bit involve the use of grammar or the construction of sentences. What is our dream job? Clue... it's all about leading. we like conflicts and most especially, getting people to work for a common purpose. That's why.

When we were kids, we used to daydream about being the head of a company, a decision maker, no less. Sometimes even, we'd go further into our fantasies and think about being a prime minister or president. They say that you are what you dream about. So, does this mean that we're power hungry? That we desire anything but followership? Maybe...but let us tell you, when we moved into adulthood, the dream changed into something more practical and achievable. And until now, we still hold that fantasy. What's that fantasy?

We usually find ourselves fantasizing that we have a career in hotel, that we're owners of an integrated resort like Resorts World Sentosa, helping the economy by providing hotel jobs, casino jobs, restaurant jobs, and travel jobs and contributing to the tourism sector. A job that wouldn't just challenge our intellectual skills and decision making but also our people skills....a very well rounded hospitality job that left no room for boredom. Such a perfect job, ain't it? Still a job of power, but more achievable. So, do you still think we're megalomaniacs?

Not that we don't like what we're being paid for now. Might as well make that clear before you get the wrong idea. Dreams exist to keep us motivated in whatever we do, and so we keep going, holding on to the hope that someday, we'll get a chance to take a bite from the hospitality management cake. Whatever your dream job is, you should do the same. See your dream job as a positive influencer, not as something that makes you feel pathetic. You'll see...not only will your performance improve but also have a better work life balance attitude.

We can hear you questioning...are there people who work their dream jobs? Yes, and we remember featuring some of them in 'cool jobs'. JobsDB Campus serves as a home for their inspiring stories.

"I’ve always wanted to be a DJ since I was young, and I would often make my own recordings on cassette tapes", DJ Glenn Ong has shared to us when we've interviewed him for Time Out. It was determination (and encouragements from his family, of course) that got him his dream job. That's why his main advice for job seekers is to be patient. "Many job seekers these days are just in it for the short term. My advice to them is to be patient as it’s definitely a virtue."

Singapore's most famous magician, J C Sum, shares the same story. Magic started out as a hobby until he joined the local magic club, International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), and became pro. His advice for job seekers? "You have to be creative and resilient."

The lesson? That you can get your dream job with patience and determination. We're determined. How about you? BTW, J C and Glenn's complete interviews can be accessed via these links:

Cool Jobs - Magician

Glenn Ong - Radio Work Articles & Radio Broadcasting Jobs

We've shared long enough. Now it's your turn to share your career daydreams. Is your dream job also in broadcasting like DJ Glenn? Is it a TV job? Or perhaps it's a journalist job? Or maybe your dreams are as ambitious as ours. Tell us, is it a CEO job or a hotel management job? We'll be waiting for your entries! Be as creative as you can get.

Find Jobs is a great reference. Feel free to browse it if you don't know how to call your fantasy. =) Singapore
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